History of Science Fiction Organizations of the Northeastern States and Maritime Provinces
by Anthony R. Lewis

NOTE: some of the data are obsolete—any errata, addenda, and corrigenda are appreciated.

  Alien Nation Fan Club A club oriented toward the television series of the same name.
Ursula Boyle
15 Forest Street #138
Medford MA 02155
Arisia logo Arisia, Inc. a club that runs a convention of the same name. This convention is heavier into media, costuming, gaming, etc. than is Boskone.
Building 600, PMB 322 1 Kendall Square
Cambridge MA 02142
  BASH The was an annual Boston-area Star Trek Convention run by BASH Conventions
Post Office Box 266
Quincy MA 02269
  Boskone The annual convention of the New England Science Fiction Association, Inc.
  Boston Japanimation Society This is now an informal group that meets monthly  to watch anime at Harvest Cooperative Supermarkets's Community Room (Central Square), Cambridge, MA.
BSTA logo Boston Star Trek Association, Inc. Established 1973. Emphasis on Star Trek™ fandom.
Post Office Box 1108
Boston MA 02103-1108
(617) 894-BSTA
Boxboro Fandom logo Boxboro Fandom came into being to throw an open theme party for Noreascon Two. From then until Noreascon III they threw many parties.  They self-destructed as planned at Noreascon Three; but stay tuned...

c/o Mark Norton
21 Reeves Road
Bedford, MA 01730
  Brandeis Comic Book [& Science Fiction] Club ran a one-day convention Universicon. Apparently it no longer does so. Science Fiction is no longer in the club name. 
Student Senate
Brandeis University
Waltham MA 02254-9110
Bunch o' Fans logo Bunch o' Fans central Massachusetts SF organization.
61 Pelham Road
Amherst MA 01002-1648
  Capital [New York] District Gaylaxians This no longer appears to be in existence. 
  CCSUniverse Central Connecticut State University group.
1615 Stanley Street
New Britain CT 06050
no logo, emblem, nor symbol Codclave (formerly Wintercon) see NESFA, Inc.
  Connecticut Science Fiction Society
Post Office Box 855
Danbury CT 06810
Forever Knight fan club logo Sanctioned Forever Knight fan club.
Post Office Box 1228
Boston MA
  Franklin Pierce College Science Fiction Club ran the MonadnoCon; still in existence.
Franklin Pierce College
Rindge NH 03
  The GANG (Rhode Island Science Fiction Club)
Post Office Box 9517
Warwick RI 02889
Gaylaxian logo The Gaylaxian Science Fiction Society /Gaylactic Network A group for gay fans and their friends in the Boston area. They run Gaylaxicon when it is in the Boston arera. 
Post Office Box 1059
Boston MA 02103
  Gaylaxicon see The Gaylaxians
  Genericon see RSFA
  Halcon Science Fiction Society The group sponsored the annual convention Halcon in March. Appears to be defunct; the website is the Dalhousie University archives.
HRSFA logo The Harvard-Radcliffe Science Fiction Association Runs the annual Vericon in January between Arisia and Boskone. 
Post Office Box 78
Cambridge MA 02238
Humanacon logo Humanacon was a New Hampshire convention; see Humanalo
  Humanalo A southern New Hampshire SF organization. The name is made up of the initial letters of the towns in their area - HUdson, MAnches-ter, NAshua, LOndonderry They ran the Southern New Hampshire Science Fiction Fair, Humanacon, and SonuvaCon. They disbanded February 1986. The website is Manchester College archives.
  Infinity, Ltd. A New Jersey fan group. This is now the Princeton University science fiction and fantasy club. email to: infinity@princeton.edu.
  Knights of the White Guardian a Doctor Who/ Science Fiction Fan Club
107 Cobb Avenue
Chicopee MA 01013
no logo, emblem, nor symbol Lexicon see NESFA, Inc.
The Lovecraft Societo of New England Dedicated to the works of H. P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos. Runs the Necronomicon
Post Office Box 1320
Back Bay Annex
Boston MA 02117-132
Lunarian logo The Lunarians Officially the New York Science Fiction Society, Inc. (although they are rarely referred to by that name) meets on the third Saturday of the month. They hold the annual Lunacon convention; this convention is not covered in this publication. The 1991 Lunacon was held in New England (Stamford, Connecticut); others have been held in New York and New Jersey.
Post Office Box 3566
New York NY 10008-3566
MASSFILC Vampire Notes logo MASSFILC Dandelion logo M.A.S.S.F.I.L.C. A science fiction and fantasy folk music club founded in 1990. They meet monthly to sing, trade lyrics, and discuss related topics. They run ConCertino, the Northeast Filk Convention, when it is in the Boston area. [The initials stand for Massachusetts Associated Silly Singers Fannishly Inflicting Lyrical Chaos.] The dandelion symbol is used as a generic filking emblem.
no logo, emblem, nor symbol Massachusetts Convention Fandom, Inc.  MCFI is a Boston-based group that has run the Worldcon (Noreascon) and the Smofcon when they were in the Boston area. 
Post Office Box 1010
Framingham MA 01701
MITSFS logo Massachusetts Institute of Technology Science Fiction Society MITSFS is the oldest college SF club in the country having been formally organized in 1949. It runs no conventions but has the largest open library of SF in the world—so there! "We're not fans, we just read the stuff." They meet at 5 pm Fridays during the academic year.         (617) 225-9144

W20-473, M.I.T.,
84 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge MA 02139
  NEcon  This is the North East Writers' Conference, a regional horror & fantasy convention, like a smaller version of the World Fantasy Convention. It is held on Roger William College campus and is very sercon.
P O Box 3251, Darlington Branch
Pawtucket RI 02861
Necronomicon logo Necronomicon A convention dedicated to Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos; run by The Lovecraft Society of New England.
  New England Science Fiction Association, Inc. NESFA runs the annual Boskones and two relaxacons - Codclave in the Winter and Lexicon in the Summer.
(617) 625-2311
Post Office Box 809
Framingham MA 01701-0203
  New England Costumers Guild The Greater Boston-area chapter of the International Costumers Guild. This organization is composed of people who doing costuming at SF (and other) masquerades. The organization is also known as Northern Lights (NoeL)
Northern Lights
c/o Dina Flockhart (Chapter President)
61 Gilson Road
Littleton, MA 01460-1300 USA
  New Haven SF & Fantasy Association Known informally as FRED. We understand, that as of the end of 1989, FRED is dead.
no logo, emblem, nor symbol Newton North High School Science Fiction Club High school club for students at Newton North High School, Newton, Mass. With the death of sponsor Monty Wells, the club is probably no longer in existence. If it does exist, the address would be
Beals House, Newton North High School
460 Lowell Avenue
Newtonville MA 02160
New Jersey SFS logo New Jersey Science Fiction Society This group, founded ca. 1977, meets on the third Saturday of each month in Belleville, N.J. They ran ConCoction.
(201) 438-3990
Post Office Box 65
Paramus NJ 07653
no logo, emblem, nor symbol Noreascon see MCFI (no overall logo although each Noreascon had its own).
  Outpost Andor a Star Trek club.
6 Southcott Place
St. Johns NF A1E 4B4 Canada
Readercon logo Readercon a club that runs the annual convention of the same name; Readercon is serconnish and highly-oriented towards SF as literature.
(617) 776-6508
Post Office Box 381246
Cambridge MA 02238
  Rensselaer Science Fiction Association A college club, at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, they sponsor the gaming, anime, and sf convention Genericon.
Box 66, Rensselaer Union, RPI
Troy NY 12180-3590
  Rhode Island Science Fiction Alliance An informal SF group that meets the second and fourth Saturdays of every month.
c/o Don & Sheila D'Ammassa
323 Dodge Street
East Providence RI 02914
  RISFA North A very informal SF group that meets the first Saturday of the month.
c/o Beth Cohen & Topher Cooper
15 Wellington Street
Arlington MA 02174 
(617) 646-4018
Morris Keesan & Lori Meltzer
9 Surry Road
Arlington MA 02174
(617) 646-4834
  Science fiction Conventioneers of UMass (SCUM) This organization currently runs the NotJustAnother Cons.
SAO, RSO 116
University of Massachusetts
Amherst MA 01002
(413) 545-1924
  Smith College Science Fiction Club
Stoddard Annex
Smith College
Northampton MA 01063
no logo, emblem, nor symbol Smofcon see MCFI
  SonuvaCon see Humanalo
  Southern New Hampshire Science Fiction Fair see Humanalo
  StarBase: Boston A computer bulletin board system for science fiction fans
  Technicon seeWPISFS
  Tesseract—University of New Hampshire Science Fiction Society
The Mub,
University of New Hampshire
Durham NH 03824
  Universicon a one-day convention run by the Brandeis Comic Book & Science Fiction Club. It is heavily oriented towards gaming and comics with a bit of SF
  University of Connecticut Science Fiction and Fantasy Club
c/o Karl L. Hakmiller
Department of Psychology
University of Connecticut
Storrs CT 06268
  University of Massachusetts Science Fiction Society Founded by A. Joseph Ross, this club built a large SF and fantasy library and started the NotJustAnothern Cons. For legal and financial reasons this con is now run by a separate student organization: Science fiction Conventioneers of UMass (SCUM).
SAO, RSO 352
University of Massachusetts
Amherst MA 01003
US Branch of UNIT logo U. S. Branch of U.N.I.T. Established May 1986. This is a British media SF fan club.
(617) 986-9952.
Paul Scott Aldred
22 West Druid Hill Avenue
Randolph MA 02368-5211
There is also another UNIT division in New England
Tri-State Division
c/o Carol Westover
3 South Main Street #410
Concord NH 03301
  Western New England Star Trek Fan Club
Douglas van Newenhoven
43 Simpson Circle
Agawam MA 01001
  When Worlds Collide. An attempt, led by the Boston Star Trek Association to foster inter-society social activities.
  Williams College Science Fiction
SU Box 1186
Williams College
Williamstown MA 01267
  Wishcon An organization that runs a convention oriented towards Star Trek: The Next Generation. See United Fan Con.
Post Office Box 478
Northford CT 06472-0478
  WolfconAn organization that runs a general SF convention in Nova Scotia.
Post Office Box 37
Site 13 R. R. #3
Armdale NS B3L 4J3, Canada
  Worcester Polytechnic Institute Science Fiction Society Founded by William C. Carton the organization has run an annual campus-based sercon SF convention annually in January since 1973.
WPI Box 2544
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Worcester MA 01609
  Worcester State College Science Fiction Society
c/o Nora Barraford
202 South Main Street
 Sherborn MA 01770

No longer active

  Reportedly defunct since 1994 Northeastern University Tactical Society A college club that emphasizes fantasy gaming, role-playing, and tactical simulation; meets frequently on NU campus.
c/o Jim Anderson
60 Alden Street
Foxborough MA 02035
Not Just Another Con logo Inactive since 1997, with one revival attempt (linked here) in 2002. Not Just Another Con A central Massachusetts convention run by the Science fiction Conventioneers of UMass (SCUM).   
RSO 16 - 416 SUB
University of Massachusetts
Amherst MA 01003
    Western Massachusetts Irregulars an irregular group dedicated to scavenger hunts.
Michelle Lee
23 Puffton Village
Amherst MA 01002