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Guests of Honor


Steven Brust, Guest of Honor
Charles Lang and Wendy Snow-Lang, Official Artists
Maya and Jeff Bohnhoff, Featured Filkers
Robert K. Wiener, Special Guest
Dave Clements, Science Speaker
Vincent DiFate, NESFA Guest

Do you love science fiction and fantasy? Join us at Boskone, the longest-running science fiction convention in New England!

Meet an impressive array of well-known figures in the field—including writers, artists, editors, publishers, musicians, scientists, gamers, bloggers, conrunners, reenactors, and fanzine editors.

Join more than 1000 fans and pros for a weekend filled with fannish things to do—panels, readings, kids activities, demonstrations, small-group discussions, filksinging, videos, games and more!

Our innovative no-boundaries layout is designed to stimulate conversation and to support a warm, family-friendly, fannish community.


People interested in being considered for the Boskone 52 program should contact our Program Committee at

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Boskone has a Code of Conduct.

Visit the Boskone 51 website to see what Boskone is like, read some of the LiveJournal review, or view the Flickr slide show of past Boskones. Follow us online—we'll be Tweeting from Boskone (hashtag #boskone).

Boskone is brought to you by the New England Science Fiction Association. NESFA® has frequent meetings and maintains a clubhouse and library in Somerville. Stop by the NESFA Web site for more information—visitors encouraged!

For more information on NESFA and Boskone:

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