The NESFA Clubhouse

504 Medford Street, Somerville, MA 02145


Telephone 617-625-2311

(Note: There is usually no one at the Clubhouse to answer it, and the call will usually go to voicemail. See our calendar for more information.)

Location of the Clubhouse/General Directions

The NESFA Clubhouse is at 504 Medford St. in the Magoun Square area of Somerville. It is between the White Sport pizza/sandwich shop and a liquor/wine shop. Get a map from MapQuest.

It is a little more than a block from Magoun Square, which is the intersection of Medford St. and Broadway.

General directions (click links for more detailed directions)

From the West, the easiest route is to take Rt 2 to Alewife and then head north (left) on the Alewife Brook Parkway for about a half mile. Turn right onto Broadway. Follow Broadway about a mile and a half. (Don't take the right fork onto Holland St at Teale Sq, and do take the exit from the traffic circle at Powderhouse Sq. so as to stay on Broadway.)

Take Medford St. where it forks off to the right from Broadway at Magoun Sq. and it's just a bit over a block on the right.

There is unlimited free on-street parking after 8 pm and on Sunday (one hour limit with meters at other times), and you can park in back by turning down Lowell and going in the second driveway on the left.

From Cambridge, take Prospect St. out of Central Sq to Union Sq in Somerville. Go west out of Union Sq along Somerville Ave until you come to Central St. Turn right onto Central and go to Medford St. (the second traffic light). Turn left onto Medford and the Clubhouse is between 4 and 5 blocks on the left. If you want to park in the back driveway, drive past the Clubhouse and turn left on Lowell St. Otherwise, turn right and park in front.

From the North and East, get on Medford St. from McGrath highway (Mass 28) and follow it to Lowell St.

You could also get on Broadway going west and then make a hairpin left onto Medford where they join at Magoun Sq.

It's easier than it sounds....

Eastern Massachusetts has recently been divided into four (soon to be eight with the overlays) area codes. Medford, and other towns neighboring Somerville, are in a different area code. Please remember to dial the 617 area code (all 10 digits) if you get lost.

In general, streets are poorly marked and squares are worse marked, so watch carefully. (People have been known to miss the Clubhouse and drive for days before they found their way out of the mazes of East Somerville. No one, however, has died.)

Nothing can go wrong!