NESFA® — Current Officers, Committee Members and Other Positions
Last Updated 18-Mar-2018

A history of all positions is also available.


The officers were elected in May 2016 and were re-elected in May 2017. Their terms expire when their successors are elected, usually at the next Annual Meeting (in May).

No-one may serve more than three consecutive terms in the same Office.

President [rs] president[at]

Tim Szczesuil

Vice President [rs] vice-president[at]

David G. Grubbs

Treasurer [rs] treasurer[at]

Suford Lewis

Clerk [rs] clerk[at]

Mike Kerpan

The four Officers together form the Executive Board, eboard[at]

Committees and Other Positions

Appointments to committees and other positions were made in June 2017 unless a different date is shown as [mm/yy]. In most cases their terms expire when their successors are appointed, usually at the next June Business Meeting; when there is some other known expiration date it is indicated as [to mm/yy].

Standing Committees:

Clubhouse Committee [a] clubhouse-committee[at]

David G. Grubbs, pro tempore(c), Chip Hitchcock, Mike Kerpan, Rick Kovalcik, Robert Luoma, Kelly Persons, Tim Roberge, Michael Sharrow, Tim Szczesuil, Bill Todd

Computer Committee geeks[at] (more)

Rick Kovalcik (c), Dave Anderson, Wes Brodsky, David G. Grubbs, Mike Kerpan, Robert Luoma, Tim Roberge, Sharon Sbarsky

Finance Committee [3frt] finance-committee[at]

Ann Broomhead (c), Wes Brodsky, Suford Lewis(+), Tim Roberge, Sharon Sbarsky, and Tim Szczesuil

Hotel Committee hotel-committee[at]

Gay Ellen Dennett (c), Rick Kovalcik, Jim Mann, Erin Underwood, Ben Yalow

Index Committee


Library Committee library[at]

Claire Anderson - Librarian (c), Lis Carey, Gay Ellen Dennett (Asst. Librarian), David G. Grubbs, Chip Hitchcock, Mike Kerpan, Paula Lieberman, Robert Luoma, Kelly Persons, Bill Todd

Library Cataloging Project: Mike Kerpan

Membership Committee [3orsb] memb-committee[at]

Dave Cantor (c), Wes Brodsky, Gay Ellen Dennett, Sharon Sbarsky

Nominating Committee [j] nominating-committee[at]

Sharon Sbarsky (c), Ann Broomhead, Dave Cantor, Richard Duffy (x) [03/18]

Rules Committee [3orsb] rules-committee[at]

Tony Lewis (c), Dave Anderson, Rick Kovalcik, Joe Ross

Web Committee web-committee[at]

David G. Grubbs (c), Dave Anderson, Dave Cantor, Sharon Sbarsky (e-commerce), Tim Szczesuil, Erin Underwood

Ad-Hoc Committees:

Outreach Committee

Bill Todd

Book Reduction Committee

Gay Ellen Dennett (c), Tony Lewis, Dave Cantor, Sharon Sbarsky

Archive Review Committee [10/16]

Gay Ellen Dennett (c), Brad Verter, Erin Underwood, Kelly Persons, Joe Ross, Rick Katze


Boskone 54 Chairman [5s]

Erin Underwood

Boskone 54 Treasurer [s]

Ann Broomhead [4/16]

Boskone 55 Chairman [5s]

Gay Ellen Dennett [12/16]

Boskone 55 Treasurer [s]

Ann Broomhead [4/17]

Boskone 56 Chairman [5s]

Richard Duffy

Office of the Clerk
(appointed by the Clerk)

Mail Room (including incoming FAX documents)

Dave Cantor (primary) and Mike Kerpan

Mailbox Pickup

Suford Lewis [12/16] and Gay Ellen Dennett [9/16]

Membership Data roster[at]

Dave Cantor (primary), Mike Kerpan, and David G. Grubbs

Office of the Treasurer
(appointed by the Treasurer)

Assistant Treasurers

Dave Cantor

Check Deposits

Tony Lewis, Suford Lewis, and Dave Cantor


Sharon Sbarsky, Robert Luoma

Website Management:

Webmaster webmaster[at]

Sharon Sbarsky

Assistants webmaster[at]

David G. Grubbs, Rick Kovalcik

Boskone 55

Erin Underwood

Online Calendar calendar[at]

Dave Cantor

NESFA Press updates

David G. Grubbs, Tony Lewis, Sharon Sbarsky

Internet Management:

DNS administrator

Dave Anderson, David G. Grubbs [all held over]

Domain Registration

Dave Anderson [held over]

Email administrator postmaster[at]

David G. Grubbs, Sharon Sbarsky, Rick Kovalcik

Mailing-Lists administrator listadmin[at]

David G. Grubbs, Sharon Sbarsky, Rick Kovalcik

ISP Contacts:

BulkRegister (Domain Registration)

Dave Anderson [held over]

Dreamhost (DNS, email, website)

David G. Grubbs, Sharon Sbarsky, Rick Kovalcik, Dave Anderson

Joel Lord (mailing lists)

David G. Grubbs, Sharon Sbarsky, Rick Kovalcik

Miva (eCommerce)

Sharon Sbarsky [held over]

RCN (connectivity)

Dave Anderson [held over]

Telephony contacts:

Vonage account (voice line)

Dave Anderson [03/18]

eFax account (Fax line)

Dave Anderson [03/18]

Social Media contacts:

Coordinator (all media)

Sharon Sbarsky [04/18]

Facebook contributors

Lis Carey, Mike Kerpan, Rick Kovalcik, Mike Rasnick, Tim Szczesuil, Sharon Sbarsky, Erin Underwood

Live Journal liaison

Rick Kovalcik

Meet-Up administrator

Mike Kerpan

Meet-Up contributors

Rick Kovalcik, Robert Luoma, Mike Sharrow, Bill Todd

NESFA Reading Group Meet-Up administrator

Louis Galvez III

Other social media contributors

Rick Kovalcik, Tim Szczesuil, Sharon Sbarsky, Erin Underwood

Other Positions:


Kelly Persons

Asst. Archivists: Claire Anderson and Suford Lewis

Fellowship of NESFA Administrator

Chip Hitchcock

Flyer Wall

[not appointed]

Display Window Coordinator

Mike Kerpan, Mike Rasnick, Bill Todd

Gaming & Media

Bill Todd (c), Mike Kerpan, Michael Sharrow


Bill Todd

Gaughan Award Administrator gaughan[at]

Tony Lewis

Gaughan Award Judges [a]

Greg Manchess, Arnie Fenner, Cathy Fenner [11/15 for 3 years]

Keeper of the Master kotm[at]

Steven Lee [12/16]

MCFI Liaison

Rick Kovalcik

Online Liaison info[at]

Rick Kovalcik, Sharon Sbarsky

Picnic Coordinators

Gay Ellen Dennett, Dale Farmer, Robert Luoma, Joe Ross(reservation)

Procurement procurement[at]

Claire & Dave Anderson, Dale Farmer, Rick Kovalcik

Short Story Contest storycontest[at]

Michael Sharrow(c) [3/18]

Skylark Award Administrator skylark[at]

Joe Ross

Worldcon Liaison

Sharon Sbarsky

NESFA Press:


Tony Lewis

Business Manager

Rick Katze

Graphic Designer


PSS Courier

David G. Grubbs

Review Copy Mailing

Rick Katze, Mike Nuzzo

Amazon.Com Database Updates

Tim Szczesuil, David G. Grubbs

Baker & Taylor Database Updates

Tony Lewis [held over]

Bowker Database Updates

Tony Lewis [held over]

Primary Dustjacket Designer


Book Editors:

Ann Broomhead, David G. Grubbs, Mike Kerpan, Rick Katze, Tony Lewis, Jim Mann, Tim Szczesuil, Erin Underwood

NESFA Sales:

Mail Order sales[at]

Tim Szczesuil, Sharon Sbarsky

Credit card processing

Sharon Sbarsky & the usual suspects

Ecommerce / Miva

David G. Grubbs, Tim Roberge, Sharon Sbarsky

Returned Book processing

Tim Szczesuil

Speaker to

Rick Katze

Cash Register updates

Dave Cantor


Boskone 54

Rick Katze

Worldcon 2016 (MidAmericon II)

Tim Szczesuil

Boston Book Festival 2016

Gay Ellen Dennett

Boston Book Festival 2017

Gay Ellen Dennett [3/17]

Readercon 2016

Gay Ellen Dennett [4/16]

Readercon 2017

Gay Ellen Dennett [3/17]

Boskone 55

Sharon Sbarsky [11/17]

Convention Book Pre-Orders

Boskone 54

Gay Ellen Dennett [10/16]


+: both explicitly appointed and an ex-officio member.

3: requires at least three members (in addition to any ex-officio members).

5: appointments to be made in June, July, or August of the second calendar year prior to the Boskone.

a: requires approval by the Membership to appoint or remove.

b: no-one may serve on both the Membership and Rules Committees.

c: committee chairman.

f: requires approval by the Membership to appoint or remove; removal requires a secret ballot.

i: interim appointment made due to vacancies caused by previous incumbents having been elected to office.

j: appointments to be made no later than the first meeting in January.

o: must not be an Officer.

r: must be a Regular Member.

s: requires approval by the Membership by secret ballot to appoint or remove.

t: includes the NESFA Treasurer and all active Boskone® treasurers as ex-officio members.

x: an ex-officio member who was not explicitly appointed.