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Mid to Late 2016

Anderson, Poul, Question and Answer, Volume Seven, The Collected Stories of Poul Anderson. (978-1-61037-313-5 hardcover, 978-1-61037-314-2 ebook) edited by Rick Katze and Michael Kerpan, cover and interior art by Vincent diFate.

August 2016

Nielsen Hayden, Teresa, Making Conversation (ISBN to be assigned, trade paperback). MidAmeriCon II Worldcon Fan GoH book. Edited by Patrick Nielsen Hayden, NESFA liaison Priscilla Olson.


Anderson, Poul, Call Me Joe, Volume One, The Collected Stories of Poul Anderson. (978-1-61037-318-0, ebook) edited by Rick Katze and Lis Carey, produced by David Grubbs.

Easton, Tom & Dial, Judith K. (editors), Conspiracy! (978-1-61037-311-1 ebook). Anthology, cover by Bob Eggleton.

Lewis, Anthony, Concordance to Cordwainer Smith, (978-1-61037-308-1 ebook). Produced by Peter Olson.

Underwood, Erin (editor), The Grimm Future, (978-1-61037-316-6 ebook). Boskone 53 book, lead story by Boskone 53 GoH Garth Nix. Original Anthology, cover by Boskone 53 Official Artist Richard Anderson.

Under Consideration

Henderson, Zenna, untitled collection, (ISBNs to be assigned, hardcover, maybe also ebook). Edited by Patricia Morgan Lang. The non-People stories and poems.

Ebook edition of John Myers Myers’ Silverlock