NESFA 1993 Hugo Recommendations
31 March 1994 -- mlo

For a second year, the New England Science Fiction Association (NESFA) is maintaining a list of Good Stuff to read. Any NESFA member who reads something that they would like to recommend to others to be considered for a Hugo nomination can add it to the list. We will publish it from time to time in Instant Message and on the nets. (Feel free to reproduce it provided you reproduce it intact!) It's neither definitive nor complete, but it contains the stories, novels and non-fiction works that a bunch of well-read fans feel may be worthy of a Hugo nomination

Ring of Swords              Eleanor Arnason        Tor                 gf                     
Forward the Foundation      Isaac Asimov           Doubleday           arl, rk                
Against a Dark Background   Iain M. Banks          Orbit, Bantam       ca, kp                 
The Innkepper's Song        Peter S. Beagle        Roc                 gf                     
Moving Mars                 Greg Bear              Tor                 mlo, gf                
Glory Season                David Brin             Bantam Spectra      arl                    
Agyar                       Steven Brust           Tor                 ec, ks                 
The Door into Sunset (UK,   Diane Duane            Tor                 ec, ks                 
Growing Up Weightless       John M. Ford           Bantam Spectra      cjh, gf, ks            
Virtual Light               William Gibson         Bantam Spectra      gf                     
The Thread That Binds the   Nina Kiriki Hoffman    AvoNova             po, gf, ks             
Nimbus                      Alexander Jablokov     AvoNova             ec                     
Beggars in Spain            Nancy Kress            AvoNova             gf, ca                 
Red Dust                    Paul J. McAuley        Gollancz            ca                     
Green Mars                  Kim Stanley Robinson   Harper Collins UK   daa, ca, mlo, gf       
Lord of the Two Lands       Judith Tarr            Tor                 ec, mlo, pal           
Virtual Girl                Amy Thomson            Ace                 sls, gf, ks            
The Destiny Makers          George Turner          Morrow/AvoNova      ec                     
The Case of the Toxic       Harry Turtledove       Baen                by, kp                 
Spell Dump                                                                                    
The Well-Favored Man        Elizabeth Willey       Tor                 mlo, po                
The Harvest                 Robert Charles Wilson  Bantam              ca, gf, daa, kp        
Nightside the Long Sun      Gene Wolfe             Tor                 gf, ec, mlo            
The Beauty Addict           Ray Aldridge           Full Spectrum 4     gf                     
The Night We Buried Road    Jack Cady              F&SF, Jan           ca, gf                 
Mephisto in Onyx            Harlan Ellison         Omni, Oct           sls, gf                
Dancing on Air              Nancy Kress            Asimov's, Jul       arl, gf                
Einstein's Dreams           Alan Lightman          Pantheon            el                     
Into the Miranda Rift       G. David Nordley       ASF, Jul            arl, tp, ca, gf,       
                                                                       pal, daa, mlo          
Deus X                      Norman Spinrad         Bantam              el                     
Down in the Bottomlands     Harry Turtledove       ASF, Jan            arl                    
Wall, Stone, Craft          Walter Jon Williams    F&SF Oct-Nov        arl, ks, gf, mlo       
The Shadow Knows            Terry Bisson           Asimov's Sept       arl, gf                
Tourist Attraction          Juleen Brantingham     Amazing, Aug        arl                    
Men of Good Will            J. R. Dunn             Amazing, Mar        ca, mlo                
Chaff                       Greg Egan              Interzone, Dec      gf                     
A History of the Antipodes  Phillip C. Jennings    Amazing, Mar        ca, gf                 
The Franchise               John Kessel            Asimov's, Aug       gf                     
Sunshine, Genius and Rust   Jeffery D. Kooistra    ASF, May            arl                    
Because Thou Lovest the     Michael Kube-McDowell  Alternate           arl                    
Burning Ground                                     Warriors -                                 
                                                   Resnick / Tor                              
Beneath the Stars of        Geoffrey Landis        Asimov's, Jan       gf, ca                 
Dancing to Ganam            Ursula K. Le Guin      Amazing, Sept       gf                     
Papa                        Ian R. MacLeod         Asimov's, Oct       ca                     
The Dakna                   Jamil Nasir            Asimov's, Sept      arl, ca                
Sister Alice                Robert Reed            Asimov's, Nov       ca                     
The Arrival of Truth        Kristine Kathryn       Alternate           arl, gf                
                            Rusch                  Warriors -                                 
                                                   Resnick / Tor                              
Georgia on My Mind          Charles Sheffield      ASF, Jan            gf, ca                 
Suicidal Tendencies         Dave Smeds             Full Spectrum 4     gf                     
Deep Eddy                   Bruce Sterling         Asimov's, Aug 93    gf, ca                 
The Ape That Ate the        Ian Stewart            ASF, Jul            tp, gf                 
In Dreams                   Andrew Weiner          Asimov's mid-Dec    arl                    
Death on the Nile           Connie Willis          Asimov's, Mar 93    gf                     
Short story                                                                                   
Everything That Rises,      Michael Armstrong      Asimov's, Feb       gf, ca                 
Must Converge                                                                                 
Love Toys of the Gods       Pat Cadigan            Moni Best SF Three  gf, ca                 
Afterschool Special         Paul DiFilippo         Amazing, Jun        ca                     
Campbell's World            Paul DiFilippo         Amazing, Sept       ca, arl, mlo, gf       
Promised Lives              Julia Ecklar           F&SF, Sept          el                     
Steam                       John Griesemer         Asimov's May        ca                     
Touching Fire               Nicola Griffith        Interzone 70,       arl                    
The Battle of Long Island   Nancy Kress            Omni, Feb/Mar       ca, gf, mlo            
Hugh Merrow                 Jonathan Lethem        F&SF Oct-Nov        arl                    
The Passage of the Light    Barry N. Malzberg      SF Age, Nov         arl                    
The Color of Sunfire        Larry Niven            Bridging the        kevs                   
Procrustes                  Larry Niven            Bridging the        kevs                   
Blind                       Robert Reed            Asimov's, May       arl, gf                
Mwalimu in the Squared      Mike Resnick           Asimov's Mar 93 /   arl, gf                
Circle                                             Alt. Warriors                              
The Light at the End of     Carrie Richerson       F&SF Oct-Nov        arl                    
the Day                                                                                       
The Story So Far            Martha Soukup          Full Spectrum 4     gf, ca                 
Sacred Cow                  Bruce Sterling         Omni, Jan           gf                     
The Murderer                Lawrence Watt-Evans    Asimov's, Apr       el                     
Non Fiction                                                                                   
Once Around the Bloch       Robert Bloch           Tor                 ca, ks                 
The John W. Campbell        Perry A.               AC Projects         mlo                    
Letters, Vol II: Asimov &   Chapdelaine, Sr.                                                  
Van Vogt                                                                                      
PITFCS: Proceedings of      Theodore Cogswell      Advent              ca, mlo                
the Institute for                                                                             
Twenty-First Century                                                                          
Adventures in Unhistory     Avram Davidson         Owlswick            gf, mlo                
Encyclopedia of SF          Clute & Nicholls       St. Martin's        mlo, gf, pal           
Morgoth's Ring              Christopher Tolkien    Houghton Mifflin    mlo, kp                
The Art of Michael Whelan   Michael Whelan         Bantam              gf                     
Time Machines               P. J. Nahin            American Inst. of   mlo                    
                                                   Physics Press                              
Dramatic Presentation                                                                         
5-Minute Retrospective of   Connie Willis          Nebula banquet      el                     
Groundhog Day                                                          gf, kp                 
Jurassic Park                                                          ca, jam, sls, pf, kp   
Oedipus Rex                                        PBS                 el                     
Timescape                                          ST:TNG 6/19/93      ca                     
Vampyr: A Soap Opera                               A&E                 el                     
Nightmare Before Christmas  Tim Burton             Disney              sls, kp, cmcd, pf,     
                                                                       ca, daa. kp            
Original Artwork                                                                              
Agyar                       Jim Burns              Cover of Steven     ca                     
                                                   Brust's novel                              
The Consort                 Jim Burns              Cover of            ca                     
                                                   Asimov's, Apr 93                           
Lord of the Two Lands       David Cherry           Cover of Judith     ca, mlo                
                                                   Tarr's novel (Tor)                         
Orcaurora                   Bob Eggleton                               sls, ged, sls          
Space Fantasy Stamps        Stephen Hickman                            el, kevs               
Chimera                     Peter Peebles          Mary Rosenblum's    ca                     
                                                   novel (Del Rey)                            
Campbell award                                                                                
Maggie Flinn                                                                                  
Holly Lisle                                                                                   
Carrie Richerson                                                                              
Amy Thomson                                                                                   
Elisabeth Willey                                                       mlo                    

Key to nominators: ca: Claire Anderson, daa: Dave Anderson, ec: Elisabeth Carey, ged: Gay Ellen Dennett, gf: George Flynn, pf: Pam Fremon, mh: Mark Hertel, rk: Rick Katze, el: Evelyn Leeper, pal: Paula Leiberman, arl: Tony Lewis, jam: Jim Mann, lm: Laurie Mann, cmcd: Craig McDonough, mlo: Mark Olson, po: Priscilla Olson, kp: Kelly Persons, sls: Sharon Sbarsky, ks: Kurt Siegel; kevs: Kevin Standlee, by: Ben Yalow