NESFA® Treasury Procedures – Table of Contents Last update 25-Jun-2012

NESFA® Treasury Procedures:  Entering an A/R Order

This is usually done by the Sales committee, rather than by the Treasurer. 

When an A/R order comes in, it must be entered into Peachtree, and then packing slips and invoices must be printed out for it.

Nearly all A/R orders come from established customers, but there will be some from new customers.  Here's how to deal with those.

  1. Look at the order and determine if there are any items being ordered which are not stocked at PSS.  If some are stocked at PSS, and some only at the clubhouse, then two invoices must be created.  Mark the items to be shipped from the clubhouse as CH right on the order.
  2. Open the Tasks > Sales-Invoicing dialog and enter the customers ID in the Customer ID field.  (The customer's ID is usually (but not always, alas!) the customer's name stripped of leading articles.)  If it's found, go on.  If it's not found, check to see if the customer has an inactive record, and, if so, make that record active.  If there is no record, either active or inactive, determine if this is a new receivables account that we mean to allow, and create it.
  3. Enter the date (usually today), the invoice number (of the form ARyynnn, where yy is the fiscal year and nnn is sequential starting with 001), and the customer's PO number (use something like email 3/4/03 or fax 4/15/03 if the order doesn't have a PO).  If the customer has a special shipping address, make sure the correct address is showing.
  4. Enter the items ordered, one per line.  Make sure that the discount percentage is correct.  (It will default to what's most common for this customer.)
  5. Enter the postage charge, if applicable.  (If a customer prepays, or has arranged for postage payment in some other way (such as address-paid shipping), the postage charge should be zero.)
  6. Check the data entered and check the total against the total on the invoice.
  7. Save it.

To print invoices go to Reports & Forms > Accounts Receivable > Forms > Invoices and Packing Slips > NESFA Invoice No Graphic 2.  To print packing slips, go to Reports & Forms > Accounts Receivable > Forms > Invoices and Packing Slips > NESFA Packing Slip.  Print two copies of each form.

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