NESFA® Treasury Procedures – Table of ContentsLast updated 24-Dec-2012

NESFA® Treasury Procedures:  Dues and Book Sales on an Income Report

Sometimes an income report comes in reporting a sale of a book where the member submitting the report kept the cash.  Handling this is straight-forward, but not very obvious.

Use the Tasks > Receipts... menu.  Enter the member's advance account AD-name as the asset account and the type of transaction as Advance account.  Then simply enter the sale like any other sale.  The cost will be debited against the member's advance account.

This usually occurs when someone buys a book at the clubhouse, so make sure that sales tax is charged. 

This procedure should also be used for recording dues paid by a member using his or her advance account.  There are items for the various membership classes.  There is, of course, no tax on memberships.  When dues are paid, make sure the Clerk is aware of dues paid, and update the membership expiration date as described in this document.

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