NESFA® Treasury Procedures – Table of ContentsLast updated 03-Jul-2011

NESFA® Treasury Procedures: Cross-Charge Accounts

For its convenience, NESFA maintains cross-charge accounts with a number of other non-profit organizations.  The most significant is with MCFI, but there are such accounts for the parent organizations of several Worldcons and other smaller conventions.

The purpose of the cross-charge account is to avoid having to do a lot of check-writing between NESFA and MCFI and between NESFA and any of the Boskone checking accounts.  The NESFA Treasurer should provide up-to-date copies of the cross-charge ledger to each organization monthly.  It is essential that the MCFI and open Boskone treasurers frequently reconcile their accounts with the NESFA books.

Take care that the description of each item entered is clear enough so that the other treasurer can understand it!

Cross-charge accounts are listed as assets and have names beginning with AS-.  Sometime in the near future, however, these may be renamed to have a prefix AX- instead.

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