NESFA® Treasury Procedures – Table of Contents Last updated 24-Dec-2012

NESFA® Treasury Procedures:  Dues Income Report for Membership Records

Reporting dues income to the Clerk

Members are dropped for non-payment of dues monthly, and a cross-check of dues as recorded by the Treasurer is needed by the Cler, who is the person responsible for maintaining NESFA's membership records.  Before a person is dropped from membership, a notice indicating that this is their final issue is attached to their IM which goes out with the first collation in each month.  The report is needed just before the collation following that.  In months with two (or, rarely, more) collations, that would be just before the second collation of that month.  In months with just one collation, the report is needed just before the first collation of the following month.

Because a person about to be dropped may have paid their dues at any time, the report should not be run too far in advance.  Moreover, before running the report, the Treasurer should check with the mail clerk, the e-commerce clerk, the fax clerk, and the email clerk (assuming there are such people) to see if there are any dues payments from people about to be dropped before generating the report.

The Clerk should have supplied the Treasurer with a list of people in danger of being dropped, so that their dues may be recognized as being significant.

Use the General Ledger report and choose account IN-Dues only, and choose the two accounting periods beginning at the first day of the previous month and including the current month.

Print the report and give it to the person responsible for maintaining the membership records.  If available, the report may be emailed, or delivered by some other method, such as production of a .PDF file, and storing it on the N: drive.

Updating membership records

When posting dues income, the Treasurer is responsible to update the Clerk's membership spreadsheet with new membership expiration dates for existing members who pay their dues, and for new members' name, contact information, and expiration date.  The spreadsheet is in the directory N:\Clerk\roster\.
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