NESFA® Treasury Procedures – Table of ContentsLast updated 24-Dec-2012

NESFA® Treasury Procedures:  Membership Dues Forgiven by the Exec. Board

When the Executive Board forgives someone's dues, the dues income account, IN-Dues, still must be credited, and the corresponding debit will go against the expense account EX-DuesForgiven or the liability account LI-MbrshpSchshp.

The Executive Board can charge a member's dues against the Membership Scholarship account when the member is technically excluded by the standing rules, but the Board considers that member to be worthy of a dues waiver nevertheless.  The Membership Scholarship account was established in February 2012 by a donation.

Use the Tasks > Receipts... menu.  Use customer ID Internal Crosscharge.  Enter EX-DuesForgiven or LI-MbrshpSchshp as the asset account and the type of transaction as Other.  These accounts may automatically appear when the Internal Crosscharge customer ID is selected.  Then simply enter the proper membership type and name of the member in the same way it would be done if it were paid by cash, check, or advance account.  Make sure the Clerk is aware of dues paid or waived, and update the membership expiration date as described in this document.

If a member whose dues had been forgiven repays any or all of the forgiven amount, enter a transaction to debit cash or the advance account, as appropriate, and credit EX-DuesForgiven or LI-MbrshpSchshp, as appropriate. 

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