NESFA® Treasury Procedures – Table of ContentsLast updated 03-Apr-2017

NESFA® Treasury Procedures:  Setting Up a New Inventory Item

Creating a new inventory item is a multi-step process.  Before the inventory item can be set up, you need to have created a number of other accounts:

The xxxxx should be the same in each case and should be constructed systematically.  (We did not always do this, but let's take care not to make it worse!) 

  1. To create the inventory item, use Tasks/Inventory and select New.
  2. Give the item a name.  The standard is author's last name followed by a number.
  3. Select Stock item as the type of item
  4. Fill in the comment field with Author/Title, ISBN 978-x-xxxxx-xxx-x, etc.
  5. Fill in the SI, CG and IV accounts
  6. Use FIFO as the method of determining cost.
  7. Enter the ISBN-13 on the Custom Fields tab; it is no longer necessary to enter the ISBN-10.
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