NESFA® Treasury Procedures – Table of ContentsLast updated 18-Oct-2011

NESFA® Treasury Procedures: PSS Escrow Mail Account

NESFA has an escrow account at PSS which is used to pay the postage on books sent by PSS to our customers.  PSS also debits this account for miscellaneous charges, such as (but not limited to) changing the shipping address of one our customers. 

We get a bill for what was used each month by electronic mail.  This bill should be paid (to vendor PSS-Escrow) separately from the other PSS charges (which arrive in a separate attachment in the same email and use vendor code PSS).  Normally, we charge the entire amount needed to keep the account at the agreed-upon escrow level (currently $3000.00) to SE-Postage, but occasionally some of the bill needs to be debited against SE-Misc or the expense account for a particular book.

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