NESFA® Treasury Procedures – Table of ContentsLast updated 27-Oct-2011

NESFA® Treasury Procedures: Postal Bulk Mail Account

NESFA has a bulk mailing permit (number 194) and an associated account at the Framingham, MA post office.  This account is used to pay for bulk rate mailings, and is also used to pay the annual fee for the permit.  Make deposits into the account by writing a check. 

When a bulk rate mailing is to be done by NESFA or Boskone, the NESFA Treasurer is responsible for making sure that sufficient money is in the account to cover the cost of the mailing.  (Even if it is a Boskone mailing, all transactions are run through NESFA.)  When the statement for the bulk rate mailing arrives a few weeks later, be sure to record the debit to this account, charging the appropriate Boskone. 

When depositing a NESFA check to the postal account:

When depositing a Boskone check:

When recording the cost of a mailing for Boskone:

When MCFI (or any other organization) uses the account and reimburses NESFA with a check:

When the annual permit fee is deducted from the account (instead of by specific check):

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