NESFA® Treasury Procedures – Table of ContentsLast updated 11-Jan-2013

NESFA® Treasury Procedures: Swipe Box Reports

In addition to the report automatically generated by the Batch Close procedure, another summary report is required.

The normal batch close-out report lists each transaction in the batch in chronological order, and has a grand total at the bottom.  Unfortunately, the sales represented may be deposited into our checking account in more than one lump sum.  In particular, American Express transactions are separated from everything else.  (In the future, other types of payment cards may be separate—it is not under our control.)

The batch close out report is accessed by prssing the F button, followed by digit keys 2 2 1.  There will be a prompt for the password during the dialogue, but that is, of course, not documented here.

The default report (produced by pressing the F button and selecting the report named Default, which should also be number 1), should be programmed to produce a report where each brand of payment card is listed separately, except that MasterCard and Visa are listed together.  If the default report is not programmed that way, it can still be gotten by pressing Menu, entering the password, and then menu selection digits 1 2 1 1 1 2 1 and Enter (which will also make it be the default at that time.)  There is a separate parameter which allows MasterCard and Visa transactions to be listed together, even though separation is specified.  It may be convenient to list them together.

The instructions for Sales processing a credit card batch are in the file “N:\Sales\How to run credit card charges at the clubhouse.doc”.

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