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NESFA Publishing

Publishing — NESFA Press

NESFA Press is a respected small press in the Science Fiction/Fantasy field. It began by publishing the NESFA Index, the NESFA Hymnal, and the Boskone Guest of Honor books, and lately has also published Guest of Honor books for several Worldcons and other conventions, some reference works, and the acclaimed NESFA’s Choice series (most recently Homecalling and Other Stories by Judith Merril & Years in the Making by L. Sprague de Camp). We are currently producing about half a dozen books per year.

Six of our books have been nominated for Hugo Awards, most recently Dancing Naked: The Unexpurgated William Tenn, Volume 3 by William Tenn and With Stars in My Eyes by Peter Weston, which were both nominated for Best Related Work of 2004. New books are constantly forthcoming, since our members’ enthusiasm generates many potential publishing projects and the volunteer efforts to develop them. Many of our books were bought and released by the Science Fiction Book Club.

Publishing — Fanzines

NESFA publishes a newsletter, Instant Message, about 20 times per year; it contains reports on our meetings, a schedule of events, and other information of interest to our members. A subscription to Instant Message is included with a NESFA membership.

In the previous century, we published two fanzines, APA:NESFA (a monthly APA open to contributions from all NESFA members), and Proper Boskonian, a quarterly genzine. Neither is currently published.


NESFA used to publish an annual Index to the SF Magazines (and, later, Anthologies) but the cost of producing these in printed form became excessive. We are now creating a single database containing this information for all years, and plan to make it available for searching on our Web site as soon as we resolve some technical issues.