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Hardcover (Trade)

Published February 1991
Hardcover (Trade) price: $15.00
Weight: 1.3

ISBN-13: 978-0-915368-45-7
ISBN-10: 0-915368-45-5
Page count: 224
Book Size: 5-1/4"x7-1/4"

Boxed Hardcover

Published February 1991
Boxed Hardcover price: $30.00

ISBN-13: 978-0-915368-96-9
ISBN-10: 0-915368-96-X
Page count: 224
Book Size: 5-1/4"x7-1/4"

Stalking the Wild Resnick

This text relates to the 1st edition • Hardcover (Trade)

by Mike Resnick

Edited by Greg Thokar
Cover art by Ed Emshwiller

Introduction by Brian Thomsen

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