Boskone 33 Program as of 11 February 1996

This is still a preliminary program, though it's considerably more accurate than our first posting. As always, we can't promise that any of these items will actually happen or that the people listed will actually be at the con or on the particular program item. Check your Pocket program for an even more accurate schedule. (On the other hand, now that we've made our excuses in advance, we can say that we think this schedule will be pretty close....)

We'll probably post one more update on Wednesday, 14 February.


Fri 5:00pm Waterford
How to Reread Your Favorites
Gregory Feeley, Frederick Andrew Lerner (m), Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Jane Yolen

Fri 6:00pm Waterford
The Embryonic Fan: Early Influences
Laurie Edison (m), Daniel Kimmel, Bob Madle, Bruce E. Pelz

Fri 7:00pm Camelot C/N
"Memory": a Reading by Lois McMaster Bujold
Lois McMaster Bujold

Fri 7:00pm Kildare
Magic (I): The Deck Building
Saul Jaffe

Fri 7:00pm Waterford
What Editors Are Really Looking For
Steve Pagel, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Charles Ryan, Ian Randal Strock (m), Toni Weisskopf

Fri 8:00pm Camelot S
Breakin' In Is Hard to Do
Lisa A. Barnett, Michael A. Burstein, Nancy C. Hanger (m), Margaret Organ-Kean

Fri 8:00pm Waterford
Stump the Experts
Hal Clement, Jeff Hecht, Mark L. Olson (m), Monty Wells

Fri 8:00pm King Henry
Concerts and Filking
Denise Gendron, Gary D. McGath, Virginia Taylor

Fri 9:00pm Camelot C/N
Hiking the Enchanted Forest
Esther M. Friesner, Greer Gilman, Patricia McKillip, Josepha Sherman, Ann Tonsor Zeddies (m)

Fri 9:00pm King Henry
Hymnal Filksing
Lois H. Mangan

Fri 9:00pm Camelot S
Nicholas Jainschigg Slideshow
Nicholas Jainschigg

Fri 9:00pm Waterford
SF and Mysteries
Glen Cook, Rosemary Edghill, Peter J. Heck (m), Sarah Smith

Fri 9:00pm Wexford
Packaging for the YA Audience
Ellen Asher, Leigh Grossman, James D. Macdonald (m), Patrick Nielsen Hayden

Fri 10:00pm Baron Suite 242
Live Comics RTC
Keith R. A. DeCandido, Pam Fremon (m)

Fri 10:00pm Wexford
Talking About Horror
Kathryn Cramer (m), Leigh Grossman, Connie Hirsch, Faye Ringel, Steven Sawicki, Darrell Schweitzer

Fri 10:00pm Waterford
Literary History and SF
Debra Doyle (m), David G. Hartwell, Maureen F. McHugh, Katya Reimann

Fri 10:00pm Camelot C/N
Trivia Bowl
Mark L. Olson


Sat 10:00am Camelot C/N
Lois McMaster Bujold, Michael F. Flynn (m), Daniel Hatch, Patricia McKillip, Melissa Scott

Sat 10:00am Windsor Grille
Hal Clement, Esther M. Friesner, Toni Weisskopf

Sat 10:00am Art Show
Origami (2 hours)
Mark R. Leeper

Sat 10:00am Wexford
Laura Anne Gilman

Sat 10:00am Kildare
10 Years After Challenger - The Space Program Today
N. Taylor Blanchard, Jeff Hecht (m), Paul Shuch, Ian Randal Strock

Sat 10:00am Waterford
The Uses of Storytelling
Bruce Coville, Don Sakers (m), Josepha Sherman, Jane Yolen

Sat 10:00am King Henry
Magic (II): Tournament Strategies
Saul Jaffe

Sat 10:00am Camelot S
Michael A. Burstein, Jeanne M. Cavelos, James Patrick Kelly, David A. Smith (m)

Sat 10:30am Wexford
Keith R. A. DeCandido

Sat 11:00am Shannon-front
Autographing/Card Signing
Pat Morrissey, Margaret Organ-Kean

Sat 11:00am Baron Suite 242
The NESFA Index to Short Science Fiction: a Discussion Group
Anthony R. Lewis, Mark L. Olson

Sat 11:00am Camelot S
Jobs of the Future
A. J. Austin (m), Daniel P. Dern, Thomas A. Easton, Gary Farber, Michael F. Flynn

Sat 11:00am Camelot C/N
Deep Space - 9, Babylon - 5.....but who's winning?
Michael A. Burstein, Jeanne M. Cavelos, Connie Hirsch, Daniel Kimmel (m), Steven Sawicki

Sat 11:00am Waterford
The Return of Mindless Mush
Kathryn Cramer (m), Craig Shaw Gardner, Barry B. Longyear, Darrell Schweitzer, Sarah Smith

Sat 11:00am Wexford
Joe Mayhew

Sat 11:00am Grand Ballroom
Gary Ruddell Slide Show
Gary Ruddell

Sat 11:00am Tipperary
YA Workshop
Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Sat 11:00am Kildare
What Are Young Fans Reading?
Bruce Coville, Nancy C. Hanger, Frederick Andrew Lerner, Michael Markiewicz, Ann Tonsor Zeddies (m)

Sat 11:30am Wexford
Don D'Ammassa

Sat 12Noon Shannon-front
Jeffrey A. Carver, David G. Hartwell

Sat 12Noon Waterford
Speech: Population and Food
Thomas A. Easton

Sat 12Noon Kildare
Filk and the Mainstream
Lois H. Mangan (m), David Union, Mary Ellen Wessels

Sat 12Noon Camelot C/N
Hard Fantasy?
Lisa A. Barnett, Debra Doyle, Greer Gilman, Rosemary Kirstein (m), Faye Ringel

Sat 12Noon Grand Ballroom
Alternate Holocausts
A. J. Austin, Mark Keller (m), Evelyn C. Leeper, Jane Yolen

Sat 12Noon Windsor Grille
Rosemary Edghill, Geary Gravel, Melissa Scott

Sat 12Noon Camelot S
Mercury Slide Show
Hal Clement

Sat 12Noon Wexford
Josepha Sherman

Sat 12Noon Art Show
The Ten Best Pieces in the Art Show
Claire Anderson, Joe Mayhew (m), Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Charles Ryan

Sat 12Noon Tipperary
Don Sakers

Sat 12:30pm Wexford
Esther M. Friesner

Sat 1:00pm Shannon-front
Bruce Coville, Jane Yolen

Sat 1:00pm Grand Ballroom
Interview: Lois McMaster Bujold
Lois McMaster Bujold, Toni Weisskopf

Sat 1:00pm Kildare
Loved the Cover, Hated the Book
Don D'Ammassa (m), Bob Eggleton, Leigh Grossman, Nicholas Jainschigg, Steve Pagel, Gary Ruddell

Sat 1:00pm Camelot C/N
Comics: Crossovers and other strange beasts
Keith R. A. DeCandido (m), Ken Gale, Craig Shaw Gardner, Connie Hirsch, Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Sat 1:00pm Waterford
Movies We'd Like to See
Daniel Kimmel (m), Mark R. Leeper, Steven Sawicki, Darrell Schweitzer, Edie Stern

Sat 1:00pm Camelot S
"Odyssey" - a new SF Workshop
Jeanne M. Cavelos

Sat 1:00pm Wexford
Peter J. Heck

Sat 1:00pm Baron Suite 242
Filk Workshop - Voice
Linda Melnick, Jean L. Stevenson

Sat 1:00pm Art Show
Watercolor Demonstration
Margaret Organ-Kean

Sat 1:30pm Wexford
Debra Doyle

Sat 2:00pm Shannon-front
Lisa A. Barnett, Rosemary Edghill, Melissa Scott

Sat 2:00pm Camelot C/N
Alternate Christianities?
Michael F. Flynn (m), Esther M. Friesner, Evelyn C. Leeper, Joe Mayhew

Sat 2:00pm Camelot S
Taylor Blanchard Slide Show
N. Taylor Blanchard

Sat 2:00pm Kildare
Loved the Book, Hated the Cover
Ellen Asher, Laura Anne Gilman, Peter J. Heck (m), Charles Ryan, Josepha Sherman

Sat 2:00pm Art Show
Dueling Easels: 1-1/2 hours of artistic daring and excitement.....
Geary Gravel, Nicholas Jainschigg, Pat Morrissey, Cortney Skinner (m)

Sat 2:00pm Baron Suite 242
Filk Workshop - Keyboard
Denise Gendron, Edward L. Stauff

Sat 2:00pm Windsor Grille
Debra Doyle, Connie Hirsch, Jane Yolen

Sat 2:00pm Grand Ballroom
Gimme That Old Time Fandom
Gary Farber, Frederick Andrew Lerner, Anthony R. Lewis (m), Bob Madle, Bruce E. Pelz

Sat 2:00pm Wexford
Greer Gilman

Sat 2:00pm Waterford
Teaching with SF (a 2-hour Workshop)
Michael A. Burstein, Jeffrey A. Carver, Hal Clement, Paul Giguere, Priscilla Olson (m), Monty Wells, Mary Ellen Wessels, Ann Tonsor Zeddies

Sat 2:30pm Wexford
Bruce Coville

Sat 3:00pm Shannon-front
Patricia McKillip, Felicity Savage, Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Sat 3:00pm Grand Ballroom
Doppelgangers: The character as reflection of self
Lois McMaster Bujold, Rosemary Edghill, Greer Gilman, David G. Hartwell (m), James Patrick Kelly, Katya Reimann

Sat 3:00pm Kildare
20 Years of SF Jewelry
Laurie Edison

Sat 3:00pm Camelot S
Mark Mandel

Sat 3:00pm Camelot C/N
Religion and the SF Community
Nancy C. Hanger, Daniel Hatch, Michael Markiewicz, Steven Sawicki (m), Toni Weisskopf

Sat 3:00pm Wexford
Jane Yolen

Sat 3:00pm Baron Suite 242
Filk Workshop - Songwriting
Geoff Avalon, Gary Ehrlich

Sat 4:00pm Shannon-front
Esther M. Friesner, Maureen F. McHugh, Josepha Sherman

Sat 4:00pm Grand Ballroom
Musical Chairs Concert
Linda Melnick (m), Jean L. Stevenson, Mary Ellen Wessels

Sat 4:00pm Camelot C/N
How to Build a Culture
Debra Doyle (m), Geary Gravel, Daniel Hatch, Rosemary Kirstein, Ann Tonsor Zeddies

Sat 4:00pm Camelot S
Great SF Films of the 1950's
Bob Eggleton, Daniel Kimmel, Mark R. Leeper (m)

Sat 4:00pm Kildare
How Did We Get Where We Are Today?
Anthony R. Lewis (m), Margaret Organ-Kean, Charles Ryan, Felicity Savage

Sat 4:00pm Baron Suite 242
Bujold Kaffeeklatsch
Lois McMaster Bujold

Sat 4:00pm Waterford
Do We Know How to Predict the Future?
Jeffrey A. Carver, Hal Clement (m), Jeff Hecht, Ian Randal Strock

Sat 4:00pm Wexford
Review and Criticism
Don D'Ammassa, Gregory Feeley, Leigh Grossman (m), Steven Sawicki, Darrell Schweitzer

Sat 5:00pm Kildare
Build an Alien
Jeffrey A. Carver, Thomas A. Easton, Bob Eggleton, Cortney Skinner, David A. Smith (m)

Sat 5:00pm Camelot C/N
A Fragmentation of Fans
Gary Farber, Bob Madle, Bruce E. Pelz, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Joe Siclari, Toni Weisskopf (m)

Sat 5:00pm Wexford
Jane and Bruce Dog and Pony Show: Come Hear Two Great Storytellers Tell Tales
Bruce Coville, Jane Yolen

Sat 5:00pm Waterford
Sexy or Sexist - What's the Difference?
Ken Gale (m), Barry B. Longyear, Pat Morrissey, Sarah Smith, Cecilia Tan

Sat 6:00pm Wexford
Darrell Schweitzer

Sat 6:30pm Wexford
Kathryn Cramer

Sat 8:30pm King Henry
Filk Concerts
Geoff Avalon, Edward L. Stauff, Mary Ellen Wessels

Sat 9:00pm Grand Ballroom
Bruce Coville, Keith R. A. DeCandido, Esther M. Friesner, Laura Anne Gilman, Joe Mayhew, Patty Wells, Jane Yolen


Sun 9:00am Baron Suite 242
Writers' Workshop
Felicity Savage, David A. Smith, Paul C. Tumey

Sun 10:00am Shannon-front
Hal Clement, James D. Macdonald

Sun 10:00am Waterford
Who Wants to Live Forever?
Laura Anne Gilman, Connie Hirsch, Priscilla Olson (m), Sharon Sbarsky, Melissa Scott

Sun 10:00am Wexford
Lisa A. Barnett, Glen Cook, Josepha Sherman

Sun 10:00am Kildare
Lightyears - a continuing discussion
Don Sakers

Sun 10:00am Camelot C/N
Books We Love That Aren't SF
Bruce Coville, Peter J. Heck, Mark Keller, Katya Reimann, Faye Ringel (m)

Sun 10:00am Camelot S
Paul Shuch

Sun 10:00am Grand Ballroom
The Writer as Editor
Lois McMaster Bujold, Keith R. A. DeCandido (m), Esther M. Friesner, Jane Yolen

Sun 10:00am Tipperary
YA Reading
Michael Markiewicz

Sun 11:00am Shannon-front
Darrell Schweitzer

Sun 11:00am Camelot S
Man on the Moon - The Artemis Project
Ian Randal Strock

Sun 11:00am Wexford
Michael F. Flynn, James D. Macdonald, Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Sun 11:00am Grand Ballroom
The Princess, Alone
Rosemary Edghill, Esther M. Friesner, Greer Gilman, Laura Anne Gilman, Cecilia Tan

Sun 11:00am Waterford
Michael A. Burstein

Sun 11:00am Kildare
Who Do You Steal From?
Connie Hirsch, Joe Mayhew (m), Pat Morrissey, Katya Reimann, Steven Sawicki

Sun 11:00am Camelot C/N
Why the Web Is Changing the World (or, is it?)
A. J. Austin, Daniel P. Dern, Gary Farber, Jeff Hecht (m), Sarah Smith

Sun 11:30am Waterford
Maureen F. McHugh

Sun 12Noon Camelot S
The Baen Travelling Slide Show/Book Discussion - with door prizes!
Toni Weisskopf

Sun 12Noon Shannon-front
Bujold Autograph Session
Lois McMaster Bujold

Sun 12Noon Tipperary
Hal Clement

Sun 12Noon Kildare
Long Live the Legion!
Michael A. Burstein, Ken Gale, Priscilla Olson (m), Don Sakers

Sun 12Noon Grand Ballroom
The Appeal of the Past
Debra Doyle (m), Mark Keller, Michael Markiewicz, Josepha Sherman

Sun 12Noon Waterford
Rosemary Edghill

Sun 12Noon Camelot C/N
The (Retro?!) Hugos
Don D'Ammassa, David G. Hartwell, Evelyn C. Leeper, Mark L. Olson (m), Bruce E. Pelz, Edie Stern

Sun 12:30pm Waterford
James D. Macdonald

Sun 1:00pm Kildare
Adults Only: Storytelling
Josepha Sherman

Sun 1:00pm Camelot S
Why Do SF Fans Love Jane Austen?
Esther M. Friesner, James D. Macdonald, Edie Stern, Teresa Nielsen Hayden (m)

Sun 1:00pm Grand Ballroom
"Challenger" Concert
Geoff Avalon, Jack Carroll, Denise Gendron, Ellen Kranzer, Lois H. Mangan, Linda Melnick, A. Joseph Ross, Edward L. Stauff, Jean L. Stevenson, Virginia Taylor, David Union, Bill Wells, Mary Ellen Wessels

Sun 1:00pm Camelot C/N
Dealing with Death in Fiction
Lois McMaster Bujold, Glen Cook, Maureen F. McHugh, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Cecilia Tan (m)

Sun 1:00pm Waterford
Hal Clement

Sun 1:30pm Waterford
Michael F. Flynn

Sun 2:00pm Camelot C/N
Electronic Publishing - and other media of the future
Kathryn Cramer, Daniel P. Dern (m), Nancy C. Hanger, Sarah Smith

Sun 2:00pm Kildare
Surviving the Freelance Jungle
Keith R. A. DeCandido, Rosemary Kirstein (m), Gary Ruddell, Cortney Skinner, Ann Tonsor Zeddies

Sun 2:00pm Camelot S
The Life and Works of C.M. Kornbluth
Don D'Ammassa, Bob Madle, Joe Siclari, Timothy P. Szczesuil (m)

Sun 2:00pm Waterford
Connie Hirsch

Sun 3:00pm Camelot S
The Theory and Practice of Exposition
Gregory Feeley, James D. Macdonald, Maureen F. McHugh, Felicity Savage, Teresa Nielsen Hayden (m)

Sun 3:00pm Wexford
SF and the Library
Claire Anderson, Frederick Andrew Lerner (m), Joe Mayhew, Don Sakers

Sun 3:00pm Kildare
Who Is Miles Vorkosigan? (or, Miles groupies unite!)
Suford Lewis (m)