Helmuth, Speaking for Boskone

Sunday Morning Edition, 2/16/97

Awards! Awards! Awards!

At last night's Award Ceremony, the following presentations were made:

Michael Burstein announced the winners of the NESFA Short Story Contest:

Official Artist Ron Walotsky announced the winner of the Jack Gaughan Award for Best Emerging Artist: sculptor Lisa Snellings.

Hal Clement made a belated presentation of last year's Skylark Award (Edward E. Smith Award for Imaginative Fiction) to winners Joe and Gay Haldeman. (The proceedings were interrupted at this point to present a 75th birthday cake to Rusty Hevelin.) Finally, the Haldemans announced this year's Skylark winner: Hal Clement (Harry Stubbs), the first person ever to be awarded a Skylark for the second time.

(For more on the Skylark and Gaughan Awards, see your Program Book.)

In other competitions:

The winner of Punday Night was Michael McAfee; the runner-up was James Wolfe.

The winner of the Midnight Magic Tournament was Alexis Layton; the runner-up was Leslie Turek.

And last but not least, we have the . . .

Art Show Awards

Popular Choice
Best Professional -- Ruth Sanderson
Best Amateur -- Stanley Morrison
Staff Choice
Tom Kidd, "Navigation Gondola"
Ruth Sanderson, "Fairytale Treasury"
Marc Fishman, "Mythology 101"
Lynn W. Perkins, " 'Ship's Cat' Ginger"
Susanne Gendron, "Fantasy Egg"
Chairman's Choice
Omar Rayyan, "Black Moor Hamam"
Guest of Honor's Choice
Omar Rayyan, "Black Moor Hamam"
Art Show Director's Choice
Victoria & Julius Lisi, "Spellbound"
Flunky's Choice
Ron Walotsky, "Abstract"


Best in Show
Tom Kidd, "Navigation Gondola"
Others (in completely random order):
Victoria & Julius Lisi, "Little Lady Luck"
Victoria Lisi, "Captive Audience"
Taylor Blanchard, "Forgotten Stars"
Darlene Coltrain, "Zebras"
Imaginary Realities/Charles Lang, "A Better Point of View"
Lynn W. Perkins, " 'Ship's Cat' Ginger"
David LeClerc, "Deep City Midnights"
Pat Morrissey, "Arrows of the Queen"; "Harvest"
Jael, "Call Me Titan"
M. Organ-Kean, "Loki's Wife"
Craig Maher, "Shepherdess"; "Linduchka"
Laura Walker, "Animal Watch"
Richard Powers, "Best of Soviet SF"
John Berkey, "Helmsman Prelim"
Richard Bober, "Lake of the Long Sun"
Marc Fishman, "Jackyl & Hyde"; "After the Fall"
Cortney Skinner, "Bordeaux Barcelona Bistro"
Beryl Bush, "Bottom & Titania"
Ruth Sanderson, "The White Cat"; "The Silver Wood"; "Horsemaster"
Bob Eggleton, "The Saturn Game"; "Receive the Gift"
Tom Kidd, "Moran Retreat"; "Black God"
Omar Rayyan, "Black Moor Hamam"; "Battle Snail"
Sheila Rayyan, "Catfish"
Ron Walotsky, "Abstract"; "Panda Ray"; "Mike's Train"
Frank Lurz, "LOGIN:"
Gary Lippincott, "Tomorrow's Wizard"

Program Changes

(nothing new)

Denise Gendron's "Writing Down Your Music" was postponed from 1 p.m. Saturday to 10:30 a.m. Sunday, in Room 320.

Catherine Asaro's Reading (11 a.m. Sunday) will be both a reading and a discussion of science and SF.

Jane Jewell will not be on "The Craft of Reading" (noon Sunday).

Joe Haldeman's Reading has been moved from 11 a.m. Saturday to 2 p.m. Sunday.

Katya Reimann's Reading (2 p.m. Sunday) has been cancelled.

Sue Anderson has been added to "Fannish Musicals" (2 p.m. Sunday).

Laura Anne Gilman's Reading (3 p.m. Sunday) has been cancelled.

Con Suite

Today's theme is "Buy One, Get One Free"; the going-out-of-business sale will run from now until the food runs out.

Orbita Dicta

(overheard by Bob Devney)

Daniel Dern: "The Internet is kind of like a con in hyperspace."

Hal Clement: "Thank you."

Darrell Schweitzer: "You know, it's possible to hijack one of these elevators. I've seen it done . . . Now let me sell you a book."

John "Busby Berkeley" Ford: "It all seemed so easy on paper."

Michael Burstein: "How come you guys weren't chanting BURstein BURstein BURstein when I got up to talk?"

Kenneth Knabbe: "Everyone is so convinced we've got a lock on Boston in 2001 that we're afraid no one will actually vote for it."

Our Heritage, III

" 'We of Boskone . . . now know that our power shall be limited only by the bounds of the Material Cosmic All--every world that exists throughout space shall and must pay homage and tribute to Boskone!' "

--E. E. Smith, Gray Lensman

Misc. Contributions

In view of the President's convenient intervention to postpone the American Airlines strike until after Boskone, certain congressional committees are planning to look into contributions to the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee by members of NESFA and the Boskone committee.


Happy 10th fannish birthday to Paula Cooper from her Mom. You made me miss the last Boskone in Boston, but we love you anyhow!

--Beth Cohen

Help Us Whitewash This Fence, cont.

Help will be needed in tearing down the convention (especially the Art Show) tonight, and if you're still around, in loading the truck tomorrow morning.

And if you're interested in still further involvement, the Boskone Debriefing will take place at the NESFA Clubhouse (504 Medford St., Somerville, Mass.) at 1 p.m. on Sunday, March 2. To be followed by pizza around 5 and (for the especially masochistic) a NESFA Business Meeting at 5:30.

Boskone 35

Next year's Boskone will take place on Feb. 13-15, 1998, here at the Sheraton Tara. Guest of Honor, Walter Jon Williams; Official Artist, Omar Rayyan. Membership is $30 today at the NESFA table in the Dealers' Room; $34 after the con until July 15; more later.

It's been fun; see you next year!