Boskone 34 Program as of 10 February 1997

This is the version of the Program which went into the Pocket Program We think it is fairly close to what will actually happen at-con, but There Will Be Changes! As always, we can't promise that any of these items will actually happen or that the people listed will actually be at the con or on the particular program item. But we think this -- bad weather, illness, travel disuptions, giant meteor impacts or the like not withstanding -- is pretty close to what will really happen. Check Helmuth for late-breaking changes.

This is the last version we will be posting before Boskone! We hope to see you there!


Fri 5:00pm Waterford
My Ideal Reader - an author's wishlist
Rosemary Edghill, Janice M. Eisen (m), Joe Haldeman, Peter J. Heck

Fri 6:00pm Waterford
The Age of the APA?
Rob Hansen, Elise Matthesen, Priscilla Olson (m)

Fri 6:00pm Wexford
Publishing and Murphy's Laws
Ellen Asher, Ginjer Buchanan, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Charles Ryan (m)

Fri 6:30pm Camelot C/N
Reading the Works of Others: Looking at Fantasy
Rosemary Edghill (m), Delia Sherman, Jane Yolen

Fri 6:30pm Kildare
Steven Sawicki

Fri 7:00pm Limerick
Daniel Kimmel

Fri 7:00pm Waterford
Fan History 101 - From the Sublime to the Ridiculous
Gary Farber, Gay Haldeman, Melanie Herz, Laurie Mann, Edie Stern (m)

Fri 7:00pm Kildare
Connie Hirsch

Fri 7:00pm Wexford
40 Years After Sputnik - The Space Program Today
Catherine Asaro, Jeff Hecht (m), Mark L. Olson, Ian Randal Strock

Fri 7:30pm Limerick
Daniel P. Dern

Fri 7:30pm Kildare
Joe Mayhew

Fri 8:00pm Wexford
Looking Back at That Awful 20th Century
Esther M. Friesner, Alexander Jablokov, Mark Keller (m), Don Sakers, Steven Sawicki, Darrell Schweitzer

Fri 8:00pm Limerick
Forgotten Fen
Rob Hansen, Rusty Hevelin, Peggy Rae Pavlat, Joe Siclari (m)

Fri 8:00pm King Henry
Hymnal Filksing
Lois H. Mangan

Fri 8:00pm Waterford
The Mythic Roots of Comics
Michael A. Burstein, Keith R. A. DeCandido (m), Connie Hirsch, Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Fri 8:00pm Kildare
Greer Gilman

Fri 8:00pm Camelot C/N
Where Are All Those Aliens Anyway?
Hal Clement, Joe Haldeman, Jeff Hecht, Mark L. Olson (m)

Fri 8:30pm Grand Ballroom
Ask Dr. Mike - Boskone 101
John M. Ford

Fri 8:30pm Kildare
Reading (1 hour)
Jane Yolen

Fri 9:00pm Camelot C/N
Covers I Would Redo
Bob Eggleton, Susanne Gendron, Nicholas Jainschigg, Pat Morrissey, Margaret Organ-Kean (m), Ron Walotsky

Fri 9:00pm Limerick
Catherine Asaro

Fri 9:00pm King Henry
Denise Gendron, Gary D. McGath, Virginia Taylor

Fri 9:00pm Wexford
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. E-mail
Kathryn Cramer, Saul Jaffe, James D. Macdonald, Teresa Nielsen Hayden (m)

Fri 9:00pm Tipperary
Mystery Boskone Theater
Tom Smith

Fri 9:30pm Waterford
The Stations of the Sun: Ritual and Folklife in Imagined Worlds
Greer Gilman

Fri 9:30pm Grand Ballroom
Whose Line Is It, Anyway?
Keith R. A. DeCandido, Mark Keller, Ellen Kushner, Josepha Sherman, Tom Whitmore (m)

Fri 9:30pm Kildare
Joan D. Vinge

Fri 10:00pm Wexford
Don Sakers

Fri 10:00pm Camelot C/N
How to Turn a Good Book into a Bad Movie
John M. Ford, Daniel Kimmel (m), Mark R. Leeper, Jim Mann, Steven Sawicki

Fri 10:00pm Kildare
Daniel P. Dern

Fri 10:00pm Waterford
Trivia Bowl
Mark L. Olson

Fri 10:30pm Wexford
Nancy C. Hanger

Fri 11:00pm Wexford
Vampires: The Classic vs. the Contemporary
Catherine Asaro, Glen Cook (m), Esther M. Friesner, Connie Hirsch, Marvin Kaye, Faye Ringel


Sat 10:00am Art Show
Art Workshop: Pencils/Color Pencils
Susanne Gendron

Sat 10:00am Wexford
What Can You Do with a Bad Story?
Jeff Carver, David G. Hartwell, Alexander Jablokov, Rosemary Kirstein, Elise Matthesen (m)

Sat 10:00am Limerick
Fan Funds
Rob Hansen (m), Jerry Kaufman, Joyce Scrivner, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Ben Yalow

Sat 10:00am King Henry
Nicholas Jainschigg Slideshow
Nicholas Jainschigg

Sat 10:00am Windsor Grille
Glen Cook, Keith R. A. DeCandido, Esther M. Friesner

Sat 10:00am Camelot C/N
Non-SF Films That Fans Like
Claire Anderson, Connie Hirsch, Daniel Kimmel, Mark R. Leeper (m)

Sat 10:00am Kildare
Hal Clement

Sat 10:00am Waterford
Sagan's Influence
Michael A. Burstein, Jeff Hecht (m), Ian Randal Strock

Sat 10:00am Grand Ballroom
The Wounded King
Brenda Clough, Faye Ringel, Jane Yolen, Ann Tonsor Zeddies (m)

Sat 10:30am Kildare
Don Sakers

Sat 11:00am Shannon-back
Jeff Carver, David G. Hartwell, James D. Macdonald

Sat 11:00am Waterford
Build an Alien Language
Debra Doyle, Mark Mandel, Katya Reimann, David A. Smith (m), Cecilia Tan

Sat 11:00am Art Show
Art Workshop
Margaret Organ-Kean

Sat 11:00am Limerick
The History of the Earth
Jeff Hecht

Sat 11:00am Baron Suite 242
Fancyclopedia III
Mark L. Olson, Joe Siclari

Sat 11:00am Wexford
Pros, Cons, (and Fans) - Getting the Most Out of Conventions
Gay Haldeman, Rusty Hevelin, Priscilla Olson (m)

Sat 11:00am Camelot C/N
Deep Space 9 and Babylon 5 - Can You Like Both?
Michael A. Burstein, Daniel Kimmel, Jim Mann (m), Tom Smith

Sat 11:00am Grand Ballroom
SF and Political Correctness
N. Taylor Blanchard, Ginjer Buchanan, Janice M. Eisen, Peter J. Heck (m)

Sat 11:00am King Henry
Reading the Works of Others: Facing Ford
Rosemary Edghill, Gregory Feeley, John M. Ford, Nancy C. Hanger (m), Ellen Kushner

Sat 11:00am Kildare
Joe Haldeman

Sat 11:30am Limerick
Kathryn Cramer

Sat 11:30am Kildare
Michael F. Flynn

Sat 12Noon Limerick
Looking at the Mid-60s: A fanhistorical perspective
Frederick Andrew Lerner, Suford Lewis, Edmund R. Meskys, Peggy Rae Pavlat (m)

Sat 12Noon Shannon-back
Esther M. Friesner, Rosemary Kirstein, Katya Reimann

Sat 12Noon Camelot C/N
Gary Ehrlich, Deborah M. Geisler (m), Warren Lapine, David A. Smith, Cecilia Tan

Sat 12Noon Waterford
The Year of the Comet
Catherine Asaro, Hal Clement, Joe Haldeman, Mark L. Olson (m)

Sat 12Noon Wexford
Selling a Book by Its Cover
Ellen Asher, Laura Anne Gilman (m), Joe Mayhew, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Melissa Scott, Ron Walotsky

Sat 12Noon Grand Ballroom
I Can Explain That!
Keith R. A. DeCandido, John M. Ford, Craig Shaw Gardner, Marvin Kaye, Darrell Schweitzer (m), Ann Tonsor Zeddies

Sat 12Noon King Henry
Slide Show
Jael Brown

Sat 12Noon Tipperary
Jane Yolen Tells Stories
Jane Yolen

Sat 12Noon Windsor Grille
Brenda Clough, Rosemary Edghill, Josepha Sherman

Sat 12Noon Art Show
Mark R. Leeper

Sat 12Noon Kildare
Reading (1 hour)
Bruce Coville

Sat 1:00pm Shannon-back
Bob Eggleton, Margaret Organ-Kean, Jane Yolen

Sat 1:00pm King Henry
Does This Soot You (a Slideshow+)
Hal Clement

Sat 1:00pm Art Show
Thomas Kidd

Sat 1:00pm Camelot C/N
Interviewing Jerry Kaufman and Suzanne Tompkins
Ginjer Buchanan (m), Jerry Kaufman, Suzanne Tompkins

Sat 1:00pm Grand Ballroom
Mixing Fantasy and Hard SF
Jeff Carver, Debra Doyle, Michael F. Flynn, Rosemary Kirstein (m), Charles Ryan

Sat 1:00pm Wexford
Work for Hire
Craig Shaw Gardner, Christopher Golden, James D. Macdonald (m), Pat Morrissey, Joan D. Vinge

Sat 1:00pm Waterford
Reviewing as Hazardous Duty
Don D'Ammassa, Thomas A. Easton, Janice M. Eisen, Joe Mayhew (m), Don Sakers

Sat 1:00pm Kildare
Darrell Schweitzer

Sat 1:00pm Limerick
Writing Down Your Music
Denise Gendron

Sat 1:30pm Kildare
Peter J. Heck

Sat 2:00pm Shannon-back
Rosemary Edghill, Darrell Schweitzer, Josepha Sherman

Sat 2:00pm Camelot C/N
Copyrights, Parodies, and the Internet
Deborah M. Geisler (m), Nancy C. Hanger, Tom Smith

Sat 2:00pm Art Show
Dueling Easels: 1-1/2 hours of artistic daring and excitement.....
Geary Gravel, Nicholas Jainschigg, Thomas Kidd, Margaret Organ-Kean, Katya Reimann, Cortney Skinner

Sat 2:00pm Baron Suite 242
Where Have All the Fanzines Gone?
Janice M. Eisen, Rob Hansen, Jerry Kaufman, Joe Siclari (m)

Sat 2:00pm Grand Ballroom
John M. Ford - The Interview
John M. Ford, Patrick Nielsen Hayden (m), Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Sat 2:00pm Wexford
Where History Went Wrong
Esther M. Friesner, Mark Keller, Evelyn C. Leeper (m), Mark L. Olson

Sat 2:00pm King Suite 3 flr
Space Cadets Program: Story and Dance
Catherine Asaro

Sat 2:00pm Windsor Grille
Hal Clement, Michael F. Flynn, Rosemary Kirstein

Sat 2:00pm Kildare
Reading (1 hour)
Ellen Kushner, Delia Sherman

Sat 2:00pm Waterford
Realism in Art
N. Taylor Blanchard (m), Bob Eggleton, Susanne Gendron

Sat 2:00pm Limerick
Singing Rounds
Lois H. Mangan

Sat 2:00pm King Henry
How Do You Win a Hugo?
Gregory Feeley, Joe Haldeman, David G. Hartwell, Frederick Andrew Lerner (m), Tom Whitmore

Sat 3:00pm Shannon-back
Thomas A. Easton, Craig Shaw Gardner, Peter J. Heck

Sat 3:00pm Wexford
The Future of SF Fandom and Conventions
Gay Haldeman, Rusty Hevelin, Joe Siclari, Suzanne Tompkins (m), Tom Whitmore

Sat 3:00pm Grand Ballroom
Gender-Driven Plots
Debra Doyle, Rosemary Edghill, Don Sakers (m), Delia Sherman, Cecilia Tan

Sat 3:00pm Camelot C/N
Why Write Poetry?
John M. Ford, Joe Haldeman, Jane Yolen (m)

Sat 3:00pm Kildare
Brenda Clough

Sat 3:00pm Waterford
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Rogers
Bruce Coville, Christopher Golden, Marvin Kaye, Frederick Andrew Lerner (m), James D. Macdonald

Sat 3:00pm Limerick
Story to Song
Mark Mandel, Virginia Taylor

Sat 3:00pm King Henry
Slide Show
Ron Walotsky

Sat 3:30pm Kildare
Keith R. A. DeCandido

Sat 4:00pm Art Show
The Ten Best Pieces in the Art Show
Claire Anderson, Laura Anne Gilman, Jerry Kaufman, Joe Mayhew (m), Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Sat 4:00pm Shannon-back
John M. Ford

Sat 4:00pm Grand Ballroom
Tom Smith Concert
Tom Smith

Sat 4:00pm King Suite 3 flr
Fossils for Young Kids
Hal Clement

Sat 4:00pm Tipperary
Art Workshop for Kids
Jael Brown

Sat 4:00pm Waterford
Long Live the Legion!
Michael A. Burstein, Brenda Clough, Rob Hansen, Priscilla Olson (m), Don Sakers

Sat 4:00pm King Henry
Women in SF? - What about Men in Fantasy?
Greer Gilman, Geary Gravel, Ellen Kushner, Faye Ringel (m), Joan D. Vinge

Sat 4:00pm Limerick
"Odyssey" - The SF Writing Workshop
Jeanne M. Cavelos

Sat 4:00pm Kildare
Josepha Sherman

Sat 4:00pm Wexford
The Small Press Today
Warren Lapine, Charles Ryan, Steven Sawicki (m), Darrell Schweitzer, Timothy P. Szczesuil, Cecilia Tan

Sat 4:00pm Camelot C/N
Super Science Today!
Ellen Asher, Don D'Ammassa (m), Thomas A. Easton, Mark L. Olson, Melissa Scott

Sat 4:30pm Kildare
Rosemary Edghill

Sat 5:00pm Shannon-back
Brenda Clough, Michael F. Flynn, Melissa Scott

Sat 5:00pm Wexford
There Can Be Only One
Ginjer Buchanan, Connie Hirsch, Priscilla Olson (m), Sharon Sbarsky

Sat 5:00pm Camelot C/N
Build Your Own Religion
Esther M. Friesner, Jane Jewell, Daniel Kimmel (m), Elise Matthesen, Josepha Sherman

Sat 5:00pm Kildare
Debra Doyle

Sat 5:00pm King Henry
Filk Concerts
Gary Ehrlich, Mark Mandel

Sat 5:00pm Waterford
TAFF Auction
Joyce Scrivner

Sat 5:30pm Kildare
Don D'Ammassa

Sat 6:00pm Wexford
Good Things on the Web, and How to Find Them
Daniel P. Dern, Nancy C. Hanger, James D. Macdonald, Margaret Organ-Kean, Steven Sawicki (m)

Sat 6:00pm King Henry
Vocal Tips
Mary Ellen Wessels

Sat 7:00pm Camelot C/N
Out-of-This-World Mythology
Catherine Asaro, Jeff Carver (m), Brenda Clough, Lawrence Schimel, Darrell Schweitzer

Sat 8:00pm Camelot C/N
The Future of E-Mail
Daniel P. Dern (m), Saul Jaffe, Evelyn C. Leeper, Don Sakers

Sat 10:00pm Grand Ballroom
Punday Night!
Tom Smith

Sat 10:00pm Waterford
Scurrilous Fandom - a fannish horror panel
Anthony R. Lewis, Laurie Mann, Joe Siclari, Edie Stern (m)

Sat 10:00pm Wexford
The SF Files - the other sf on TV
Keith R. A. DeCandido, Laura Anne Gilman (m), Connie Hirsch, Steven Sawicki, Sharon Sbarsky


Sun 8:30am Limerick
Writers' Workshop
Alexander Jablokov, David A. Smith

Sun 10:00am Shannon-back
Bruce Coville, Marvin Kaye

Sun 10:00am King Henry
Man on the Moon - The Artemis Project
Ian Randal Strock

Sun 10:00am Waterford
A History of Boston Fandom
Hal Clement, Richard Harter, Anthony R. Lewis (m), Edmund R. Meskys

Sun 10:00am Camelot C/N
Crossover Novels
Rosemary Edghill, Laura Anne Gilman, Geary Gravel, Peter J. Heck (m), Lawrence Schimel

Sun 10:00am Grand Ballroom
Where Do Elves Come From?
Debra Doyle, Esther M. Friesner, Greer Gilman, Josepha Sherman (m)

Sun 10:00am Tipperary
Art Workshop for Kids
Susanne Gendron

Sun 10:00am Wexford
Michael A. Burstein, James D. Macdonald, Jane Yolen

Sun 10:00am Kildare
Jeff Hecht

Sun 10:30am King Suite 3 flr
Space Cadets Program: Storytelling
Don Sakers

Sun 10:30am Kildare
Elise Matthesen

Sun 11:00am Shannon-back
Hal Clement, Keith R. A. DeCandido, Joan D. Vinge

Sun 11:00am Baron Suite 242
Where Is All This Fan-stuff?
Rob Hansen, Frederick Andrew Lerner, Joe Siclari (m)

Sun 11:00am Camelot C/N
Imaginary Genders
James D. Macdonald, Katya Reimann, Lawrence Schimel, Delia Sherman, Edie Stern (m)

Sun 11:00am Wexford
Debra Doyle, Joe Haldeman, David G. Hartwell

Sun 11:00am Grand Ballroom
Out-of-the-Ordinary Mythology
Brenda Clough, Connie Hirsch (m), Josepha Sherman, Jane Yolen, Ann Tonsor Zeddies

Sun 11:00am Kildare
Catherine Asaro

Sun 11:00am Waterford
What's My Timeline?
Mark Keller (m), Evelyn C. Leeper, Mark L. Olson

Sun 11:00am King Henry
The Craft of Writing
Bruce Coville, Rosemary Edghill, Michael F. Flynn (m), John M. Ford, Rosemary Kirstein

Sun 11:30am Kildare
Marvin Kaye

Sun 12Noon Shannon-back
Debra Doyle, Joe Haldeman

Sun 12Noon Grand Ballroom
SFWA Auction
Peter J. Heck

Sun 12Noon Waterford
How Artists Can Diversify Their Careers
Bob Eggleton, Pat Morrissey, Margaret Organ-Kean (m), Cortney Skinner, Ron Walotsky

Sun 12Noon Wexford
John M. Ford

Sun 12Noon Tipperary
Fossils for Kids
Hal Clement

Sun 12Noon Camelot C/N
Before and Besides Books: the Prehistory of SF
Kathryn Cramer, Marvin Kaye, Elise Matthesen, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Darrell Schweitzer (m)

Sun 12Noon King Henry
The Craft of Reading
Don D'Ammassa, Gregory Feeley, Jane Jewell, Jerry Kaufman, Jim Mann (m)

Sun 12Noon Kildare
Esther M. Friesner

Sun 12:30pm Limerick
Computer Art and Copyrights - a Discussion
N. Taylor Blanchard, Jael Brown

Sun 12:30pm Kildare
James D. Macdonald

Sun 1:00pm Camelot S
Magic - the Gender Gap
Priscilla Olson

Sun 1:00pm Kildare
Reading (1 hour)
Rosemary Kirstein

Sun 1:00pm Limerick
The Use and Abuse of Statistics
Michael F. Flynn

Sun 1:00pm Wexford
Terraforming: How Much for Just the Planet?
Daniel Hatch (m), Jeff Hecht, Mark Keller, Ian Randal Strock

Sun 1:00pm Waterford
Web Writing
Kathryn Cramer, Daniel P. Dern, Rob Hansen, Don Sakers, Sharon Sbarsky (m)

Sun 1:00pm Camelot C/N
Wise Women
Rosemary Edghill (m), Greer Gilman, Elise Matthesen, Delia Sherman, Jane Yolen

Sun 1:30pm Limerick
The Fantasy of Lord Dunsany
Darrell Schweitzer

Sun 1:30pm King Suite 3 flr
Space Cadet Program: Story Book
Janice M. Eisen

Sun 2:00pm Wexford
Anthologizing for Fun (and Profit?)
Keith R. A. DeCandido, Esther M. Friesner, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Tom Whitmore (m)

Sun 2:00pm Limerick
Don D'Ammassa

Sun 2:00pm Baron Suite 242
Fannish Musicals
Jerry Kaufman (m), Mark Keller, Suzanne Tompkins

Sun 2:00pm Kildare
Katya Reimann

Sun 2:00pm Camelot C/N
Point A to Point B: Transportation in the Future
Hal Clement (m), Michael F. Flynn, John M. Ford, Daniel Hatch, Alexander Jablokov

Sun 2:30pm Limerick
Pat Morrissey

Sun 2:30pm Kildare
Cecilia Tan

Sun 3:00pm Wexford
Classic Literature and Its Influence on SF
Don D'Ammassa, Debra Doyle, Greer Gilman, David G. Hartwell (m), Faye Ringel, Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Sun 3:00pm Baron Suite 242
FanHistory on the Internet
Gary Farber, Rob Hansen, Evelyn C. Leeper (m), Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Ben Yalow

Sun 3:00pm Kildare
Laura Anne Gilman

Sun 3:00pm Waterford
Story Telling
Josepha Sherman