MAIL TO: Boskone 35/NESFA
P. O. Box 809
Framingham, MA 01701-0203
Attn.: Hucksters' Room

Organization/Company Name: ________________________________________

 Contact Name(s): ________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________

City:__________________ State:_________________ Zip: ________

Telephone:________________________ E-mail: __________________________

 _____Please keep us on your mailing list, but we do not wish a table this year.

 Briefly describe your merchandise (i.e., 1/3 new books, 1/2 buttons, 17% games) and any special items you carry:____________________________________________________________


I am requesting the following table space (circle clearly):

1st table

2nd table

3rd table

Tier 1




Tier 2




Tier 3





Sub-total for table space: $ _____.00

See reverse side for tier descriptions, table descriptions, and special requests (including displays, wait list).


Please also process the following memberships (use included flyer as needed for additional memberships) for $34. Memberships must be postmarked by January 19, 1998.

Name:__________________________ Name: ______________________________

Address:_________________________ Address:_____________________________

 City, State, Zip: ___________________ City, State, Zip:_______________________

Sub-total for memberships at $35 each: $ _______.00

(tables & memberships): $__ _____.00

my check payable to Boskone 35 is enclosed (do not send cash! US funds only)

please charge my Master Card ____VISA______:

Card Number: _______________________Exp. Date:______________

Name as it appears on card:________________________ Signature: ______________________

 Tier Description:

Tier 1: Low-priced, science fiction and fantasy related books, magazines, and fanzines, up to $2.00 or 1/2 cover price (non-rare used books).

Tier 2: All other science fiction and fantasy literature and art (new books, prints, rare books, magazines, fan publications).

Tier 3: Everything else (jewelry, sculpture, buttons, clothing, videos, games, etc.)

 All tables are 6 feet long and 30 inches deep (2.5 ft.), with about 3 feet behind them.

 If space is not immediately available, please:

 ___ add my reservation to the wait list.

  ___refund my table payment and cancel my reservation.

  ___my membership(s) should also be refunded if I am not assigned a table in the Hucksters' Room.

 Please consider the following special requests (displays, power needs) when assigning my table(s):




Don't forget to reserve your room at the Tara in Framingham! Return this entire form promptly to the address at the top of the other side. A flyer is also enclosed for your information. Thank you!