Helmuth, Speaking for Boskone Issue 3, Sat evening

In Memoriam

After a valiant 18-month battle against multiple myeloma, author Jo Clayton passed away at 3:40pm PST, Friday, February 13, at Good Samaritan Hospital in Portland, OR. She died peacefully, with friends and family present. Sunday would have been her 59th birthday. Per her wishes, Jo is to be cremated, and her ashes scattered in the California redwoods. Jo Clayton authored some 40 books (including two while hospitalized for cancer), and numerous pieces of short fiction. Details are available at www.sfwa.org.

Lost & Found

All items may be picked up in Services (the Executive Board room): green stuffed animal; leather pouch; camera in case; lighter; an earring; a ring; a single green glove; an animal print. Items left in the Green Room have been taken to Services. Also, the person who lost a Discover Card and a Diner's Club card has already deactivated them, and any attempt to use such cards will result in criminal prosecution.

Boskone 36

Get your memberships now for Boskone 36 (or XXXVI in Roman, 100100 in binary, 24 in hex, lamed-vov in Hebrew...), featuring guests Connie Willis, Teddy Harvia and Diane Thayer--at con, only $32 at NESFA Sales in the Dealers' Room (and more later).

Bits & Pieces

"Physics is a good basis for study, because everything else is applied physics." --Stan Schmidt

"Aren't you ever going to quote me in Helmuth?"--Michael A. Burstein [No. --the Editor]

"Why did I have to shave my head? Well, there was this lab accident with wax. Hot wax." Kelly Persons (who formerly had a pony tail)

"Originally, 'The Cold Equations' had a happy ending. But John Campbell had too many stories that were upbeat, and told Godwin to rewrite it downbeat." --Joan D. Vinge

"In real life, you know that nobody stops to explain things as you go--" --Delia Sherman
"--except fans." --Patrick Nielsen Hayden

Program Changes!

Please remove the following program participants from the following panels:

Please add the following program participants to the following panels:

Reminder: the Art Auction is at 1:15pm this year, and Art Show Sales begin at 2:30pm. The extra time is so that Bucconeer can test a new computer system; please be patient.

Saturday Night Filk

This evening, Mark Mandel and Jordin Kare will give their concert sets, followed by open filking in King Henry until an unknown hour. All are invited.

Dead Ox Party?

In honor of the Chinese New Year Monday, the Dead Dog Party this year will be Chinese food at Chef Orient, just east of the hotel on Route 9 West. Sign up at Services by noon Sunday. Last time they served everything from egg rolls to futo maki.



The deadlines for the last Helmuth is 9am Sunday. Submissions may be dropped off at boxes in Information (concourse) or Services (Executive Board Room); the issue may be picked up (hopefully) about two hours later at Information, at the Art Show Print Shop, outside the Dealers' Room, or in the ConSuite.

Edited by Lisa Hertel; header by Joe Mayhew. Thanks to staffers: the uncorrectable George Flynn, proofreadar; the witty Bob Devney, reporter-at-large; the lovely Elka Tovah Menkes, awards reporter; and those saints of mimeography, Michael (Devney), Mark (Dulcey) and Paul (Giguere). Also, future fan Liana Rebekah Hertel for kicking in.