Boskone 35 Program as of 2 February 1998

This is the latest version of the Program. We think it is fairly close to what will actually happen at-con, but There Will Be Changes! As always, we can't promise that any of these items will actually happen or that the people listed will actually be at the con or on the particular program item. But we think this -- bad weather, illness, travel disuptions, giant meteor impacts or the like not withstanding -- is pretty close to what will really happen. Check Helmuth for late-breaking changes.

This is the last version we will be posting before Boskone! We hope to see you there!


Fri 5:00 pm Wexford
The Society, Morals, and Economics of Star Trek
Esther Friesner, Saul Jaffe, Josepha Sherman (m), Susan Shwartz

Fri 6:00 pm Waterford
You Can't Take It With You
Frederick Andrew Lerner, Anthony R. Lewis, Bruce E. Pelz, Joe Siclari (m)

Fri 6:00 pm Camelot North
Crossing Genres: Romance, SF, Historical, Mystery
Peter J. Heck, Warren Lapine, Susan Shwartz, Walter Jon Williams

Fri 7:00 pm Camelot North
The Way the Future Wasn't -- Speculation of the Future that Never Was
Hal Clement, Michael F. Flynn (m), Stanley Schmidt, Darrell Schweitzer

Fri 7:30 pm Waterford
Where In the Con Is Fan Diego? 15 Years of Fun, Fandom, and Photography
Jane Jewell (m)

Fri 8:00 pm Camelot North
Mining Legends: How Myths and Legends are Used in Science Fiction
Brenda W. Clough, David G. Hartwell, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Michael Swanwick (m)

Fri 8:00 pm King Henry
NESFA Hymnal Singing
Lois H. Mangan

Fri 9:00 pm Waterford
Convention Running 101
Laurie Mann, Bruce E. Pelz, Sharon Sbarsky, Joe Siclari

Fri 9:00 pm King Henry
Golden Oldies
Joseph A. Ellis (m)

Fri 9:00 pm Camelot North
The Other SF on Television: The X-Files
A. C. Crispin, Connie Hirsch, Jim Mann (m)

Fri 10:00 pm Camelot North
The Boskone Trivia Contest
Mark L. Olson (m)


Sat 10:00 am Windsor Grille
Esther Friesner, Michael Swanwick, Jennifer Emmett Weyland

Sat 10:00 am Kildare
Catherine Asaro (m)

Sat 10:00 am Wexford
Rediscovering Classic SF Writers
Keith R. A. DeCandido, John R. Douglas, David A. Smith (m)

Sat 10:00 am Waterford
Small Press
Anthony R. Lewis (m), Mark L. Olson, Cecilia Tan, Michael J. Walsh

Sat 10:00 am Camelot North
Sufficiently Advanced Technology and Magic
Laura Anne Gilman, Geary Gravel (m), Rosemary Kirstein, Barry B. Longyear, Ann Tonsor Zeddies

Sat 10:30 am Kildare
Reading from the Works of Dunsany and Hammett
James D. Macdonald (m)

Sat 11:00 am Baron
Getting Into Print: An Open Discussion Between an Agent and the Audience
Jennifer Jackson (m)

Sat 11:00 am Art Show
An Art Director'sTour of the Art Show
Irene Gallo

Sat 11:00 am Shannon
Pat Morrissey

Sat 11:00 am King Henry
How SF Illustration Prepared Me For a Illustrating History
Cortney Skinner (m)

Sat 11:00 am Grand
Middle Eastern Mythology and Folklore
Brenda W. Clough, Omar Rayyan (m), Josepha Sherman, Walter Jon Williams

Sat 11:00 am Art Show
Origami Demo
Mark R. Leeper (m)

Sat 11:00 am Wexford
The Art of Science Writing
Daniel P. Dern, Alexander Jablokov, Paul Levinson, Mark L. Olson (m), Stanley Schmidt

Sat 11:00 am Camelot North
Magic Workshop: Building a Sealed Deck
Leslie J. Turek (m)

Sat 11:00 am Waterford
The Death of the Short Story Market Is Greatly Exaggerated
Daniel Hatch, Warren Lapine, Charles Ryan, Ian Randal Strock

Sat 11:00 am Camelot North
Whatever Happened to Tom Swift: YA Science Fiction
Frederick Andrew Lerner (m), James D. Macdonald, Jane Yolen

Sat 11:30 am Kildare
A. C. Crispin

Sat noon Camelot North
Without War: Alternate Histories that Don't Involve Wars as Turning Points
Ellen Asher, Laura Anne Gilman, Mark Keller (m), Evelyn C. Leeper, Michael Swanwick

Sat noon Waterford
An Introduction to APAs
Anthony R. Lewis, Laurie Mann (m), Edmund R. Meskys

Sat noon Shannon
Walter Jon Williams

Sat noon King Henry
Slide Show: Omar Rayyan
Omar Rayyan (m)

Sat noon Wexford
Forgotten Authors: Charles Harness
Rick Katze, Priscilla Olson

Sat noon Windsor Grille
Catherine Asaro, Ellen Kushner, Warren Lapine

Sat noon Grand
The Other in Fantasy: Metaphors for Class, Race, and Sex
Rosemary Kirstein, Melissa Scott, Delia Sherman (m), Cecilia Tan, Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Sat noon Kildare
Reading: Dan Kimmel Reads Robert Sheckley
Daniel Kimmel (m)

Sat 12:30 pm Kildare
Keith DeCandido Reads Alfred Bester
Keith R. A. DeCandido (m)

Sat 1:00 pm Waterford
The New Frontier: Australian SF
David G. Hartwell (m), Evelyn C. Leeper, Patrick Nielsen Hayden

Sat 1:00 pm Shannon
Jeffrey A. Carver, Esther Friesner, Jane Yolen

Sat 1:00 pm Wexford
Resolution: Let's Eliminate Illustration from SF Book Covers
Bob Eggleton, Charles Ryan, Cortney Skinner (m)

Sat 1:00 pm Camelot North
Special Guest Interview: Stanley Schmidt
Michael A. Burstein, Stanley Schmidt (m)

Sat 1:00 pm Art Show
Demonstration: Pen and Ink Illustration
Margaret Organ-Kean (m)

Sat 1:00 pm Kildare
Brenda W. Clough (m)

Sat 2:00 pm King Henry
Concert Sets
Jane Sibley, Edward L. Stauff, Mary Ellen Wessels

Sat 2:00 pm Grand
Guest of Honor Speech
Walter Jon Williams

Sat 2:00 pm Waterford
Where Fantasy and History Meet
Lisa A. Barnett, Esther Friesner, Melissa Scott, Susan Shwartz

Sat 2:00 pm Camelot North
Beyond Godzilla: Japanese Fantasy and SF Without Large Reptiles
Bob Eggleton (m), Daniel Kimmel, Mark R. Leeper

Sat 2:00 pm Windsor Grille
Hal Clement, Brenda W. Clough, Michael F. Flynn, Jane Yolen

Sat 2:00 pm Kildare
Ann Tonsor Zeddies (m)

Sat 3:00 pm Shannon
Laura Anne Gilman, Paul Levinson, Josepha Sherman

Sat 3:00 pm Camelot North
Flying Saucer Lands in Cambridge: SF in the National Enquirer
Thomas A. Easton (m)

Sat 3:00 pm Art Show
I Know What I Like: Looking at Art
Irene Gallo, Joe Mayhew (m), Joe Siclari

Sat 3:00 pm Wexford
Exploring Other Genres: The Works of Patrick O'Brian
Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Susan Shwartz, Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Sat 3:00 pm Kildare
Delia Sherman (m)

Sat 3:00 pm Grand
Space Opera: Better than Ever
Jeffrey A. Carver (m), Daniel P. Dern, David G. Hartwell, Peter J. Heck, James D. Macdonald

Sat 3:00 pm Waterford
Warp Space and Star Drives: The Future of Space Travel
Catherine Asaro (m), Jordin T. Kare, Ian Randal Strock

Sat 3:00 pm Baron
Writing Music Down
Denise Gendron

Sat 3:30 pm Kildare
Michael A. Burstein (m)

Sat 4:00 pm Art Show
The Ten Best Items in the Art Show: A Guided Tour
Joe Mayhew (m)

Sat 4:00 pm Shannon
Lisa A. Barnett, Melissa Scott

Sat 4:00 pm Camelot North
Plot Fidelity: What Does It Mean for a Movie to Be Faithful to a Book
Daniel Kimmel (m), Mark R. Leeper, Jim Mann, Steven Sawicki

Sat 4:00 pm Tipperary Pub
Fossil Workshop
Hal Clement (m)

Sat 4:00 pm Grand
Filk Concert
Joseph A. Ellis (m)

Sat 4:00 pm Wexford
Hard Fantasy
Glen Cook, Esther Friesner (m), Darrell Schweitzer, Michael Swanwick, Walter Jon Williams

Sat 4:00 pm Waterford
Long Live the Legion
Michael A. Burstein, Brenda W. Clough, Priscilla Olson (m), Don Sakers

Sat 4:00 pm Kildare
Ellen Kushner (m)

Sat 4:30 pm Kildare
Greer Gilman (m)

Sat 5:00 pm Shannon
Catherine Asaro, Michael F. Flynn

Sat 5:00 pm Art Show
Talk: Bronze and Metal Casting
Jennifer Emmett Weyland (m)

Sat 5:00 pm Waterford
On the Eighth Day: Building Society, Economy, and Religion
Jeffrey A. Carver, Alexander Jablokov, Barry B. Longyear, Katya Reimann, David A. Smith (m)

Sat 5:00 pm Wexford
Cover Design
Irene Gallo (m)

Sat 5:00 pm Kildare
Rosemary Kirstein (m)

Sat 5:00 pm King Henry
Slide Show: Bob Eggleton
Bob Eggleton (m)

Sat 5:00 pm Camelot North
Slush by Starlight: Editing Original Anthologies
Don D'Ammassa, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Don Sakers, Jane Yolen

Sat 5:30 pm Kildare
Darrell Schweitzer

Sat 6:00 pm Camelot North
Don't Forget These: Things to Remember at Hugo Nomination Time
Don D'Ammassa, John R. Douglas, Daniel Kimmel, Jim Mann (m)

Sat 9:00 pm King Henry
Filk Concert
Jordin T. Kare, Mark Mandel

Sat 10:00 pm Camelot North
More Lies With Statistics
Michael F. Flynn (m)

Sat 11:00 pm Camelot North
Did Fandom Invent the Internet?
Daniel P. Dern, Saul Jaffe, Laurie Mann, Don Sakers, Teresa Nielsen Hayden


Sun 10:00 am Shannon
Alexander Jablokov (m), Darrell Schweitzer

Sun 10:00 am King Henry
Hal Clement (m)

Sun 10:00 am Art Show
Omar Rayyan's Portolio: A Close-Up Look
Omar Rayyan

Sun 10:00 am Wexford
Lisa A. Barnett, Laura Anne Gilman, Melissa Scott

Sun 10:00 am Kildare
Jane Yolen

Sun 10:30 am Kildare
Barry B. Longyear (m)

Sun 11:00 am Grand
The Analog Mafia
Michael A. Burstein, Thomas A. Easton, Michael F. Flynn, Paul Levinson, Stanley Schmidt (m)

Sun 11:00 am Shannon
A. C. Crispin, Michael Swanwick

Sun 11:00 am Camelot North
Knights in Distress and the Damesels Who Rescue Them: Female Heroes in Fantasy
Catherine Asaro (m), Kathryn Cramer, Esther Friesner, Jane Yolen

Sun 11:00 am King Henry
From Word Processor to Bookshelf and the Steps Between: How a Book Is Made
Keith R. A. DeCandido, John R. Douglas, Jennifer Jackson, Michael L. Moscoe, Madeleine E. Robins, Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Sun 11:00 am Kildare
Walter Jon Williams (m)

Sun 11:00 am Waterford
YA Fantasy
Brenda W. Clough, Debra Doyle, Nancy C. Hanger, Delia Sherman (m)

Sun noon Shannon
Hal Clement, Cecilia Tan

Sun noon Camelot North
Fantasy Before Tolkien
Greer Gilman, Frederick Andrew Lerner, Katya Reimann, Darrell Schweitzer

Sun noon Kildare
Cecilia Tan (m)

Sun noon Waterford
Reviewer vs. Writer: The Reviewer Strikes Back
Don D'Ammassa, Thomas A. Easton (m), Joe Mayhew

Sun noon Grand
SFWA Medical Emergency Fund Benefit Auction
Peter J. Heck (m)

Sun noon Wexford
Science: The Year in Review
Catherine Asaro, Hal Clement, Mark L. Olson (m)

Sun 12:30 pm Kildare
Debra Doyle (m)

Sun 1:00 pm Waterford
The Arts in Science Fiction
Kathryn Cramer, Alexander Jablokov (m), Delia Sherman, Michael Swanwick

Sun 1:00 pm Camelot North
Discuss Amongst Yourselves: A Freeform Panel
Esther Friesner, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Walter Jon Williams, Jane Yolen (m)

Sun 1:00 pm Kildare
Michael F. Flynn (m)

Sun 1:00 pm Camelot North
Magic Workshop: What We've Learned
Leslie J. Turek (m)

Sun 1:00 pm Wexford
The Single Book Series: Are There Still Stand-Alone Novels?
Ellen Asher, Jeffrey A. Carver (m), Michael L. Moscoe, Steven Sawicki, Melissa Scott

Sun 1:00 pm King Henry
Setup Time for the Live Sound and Spirit
Ellen Kushner (m)

Sun 1:30 pm Kildare
Katya Reimann

Sun 2:00 pm Waterford
Do They Keep Kosher on Mars? Does SF Handle Religious Tradions Well?
Michael A. Burstein, Nomi Burstein, Elisabeth Carey, Josepha Sherman (m)

Sun 2:00 pm Molly Malone's
Literary Beer with the Guest of Honor
Walter Jon Williams (m)

Sun 2:00 pm Kildare
Esther Friesner (m)

Sun 2:00 pm King Henry
Sound and Spirit Live
Ellen Kushner

Sun 2.30 pm Kildare
Hal Clement (m)