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Anime Schedule


Dirty Pair Flash - Mission 3, Act 1 5 pm Dubbed ADV

Blue Seed, Episodes 1 & 2 6:30 pm Dubbed ADV

Dragon Half 7:30 pm Subtitled ADV

Gamera, Defender of the Universe 9 pm Dubbed / Live Action ADV

The Bride With White Hair 10:30 pm Subtitled/Live Action TaiSeng


Slayers: The Motion Picture 12 noon Dubbed ADV

Debutante Detective Agency 1:30 pm Subtitled ADV

Capricorn 2 pm Subtitled ADV

Ruin Explorers Vol 1 & 2 3 pm Subtitled ADV

The Earthian Vols 1 thru 4 5 pm Subtitled AnimeWorks

Destroy All Monsters 8 pm Dubbed ADV

Miyuki-Chan In Wonderland 9:30 pm Subtitled ADV

Dark Cat 10 pm Subtitled Kitty

The Bride With White Hair 2 11 pm Subtitled/Live Action TaiSeng


The Girl From Fantasia 11 am Subtitled ADV

Kiki’s Delivery Service 12 noon Japanese/CloseCaption DISNEY

Super Atragon: The Movie 1:30 pm Dubbed ADV

Gunhed 3:30 pm Dubbed ADV


ANIME may contain subject content not suitable for all audiences. Parental discretion is advised. Scheduled start times a approximations. Schedule subject to change without notice.


Anime Descriptions


ANIME may contain subject content not suitable for all audiences. Parental discretion is advised. See schedule on page 19.



A dazzling epic of love and war starring BRIGITTE LIN and LESLIE CHEUNG as champion warriors from rival clans who embark on a doomed romance. Or how not to have a romance. They meet, fall in love and then the guy (of course, who else) does something to screw it up. She takes her revenge in a rain of bloodshed as his mistake drives her over the edge of sanity. How not to treat a woman



Taku Shimamura, yet another typical Japanese High School Student, gets transported to another world (they really should do something about that diminsional rift). Trouble is brewing on the world of Slaffleaze as the evil Zolba plots to conquer a nearby blue/white world they know as Capricorn, unfortunately we know it as Earth. Can Taku rally the peasantry against the militaristic cats who want to take over the world...like they haven’t already!



Forget lucky numbers, and magic swords. Fam and Ihre give new meaning to the image of thief/burglar and mages. Two girls out to make an honest buck even if they have to steal it!

Okay, maybe they’re not that bad. But when Fam and Ihre take on a job that promises untold of wealth it’s their dream come true. Who cares if the last few treasure hunters never came back, and a rival team is going after the same prize? After all it not like they’re going to run into the ultimate evil or anything, is it?


THE EARTHIAN Vols 1 thru 4

For five million years the natives of the planet Eden have been watching the Earth, to document the vices and virtues of the people of the Earth. Earthian is the story of a pair of angelic investigators, Kagetsuya and Chihaya, sent to the Earth by the Arch Angel Michael. One to investigate the positive side of the Earthians, the other to investigate the negative side. As usual in any Japanese Animation, trouble ensures.



Hyoi and Ryoi, two warriors for good, purr their way into your heart disguised as a pair of friendly cats. Terror is unleashed on an unsuspecting school in Japan. Tentacles and other monsters erupt to fight our two heroes for the fate of Japan. Cats kick Butt!!

WARNING: While these tentacles aren’t interested in the usual Tentacle Monster stuff, there are some adult moments in this feature. Not recommended for children under 18 because it is a HORROR video. ADULTS ONLY.



The continuing saga begins with the bloody massacre of the followers of the Eight Lineages. The Bride (BRIGITTE LIN) has lost all sanity in her flight for unrivaled strength. Obsessed by hate, her powers can only be destroyed by the one person she loves (LESLIE CHEUNG). Before that many fights, a lot of death and martial arts galore. A primer on dysfunctional relationships and angst.



When is a rug not a rug? When it is actually a magic carpet. Akihiro thinks he’s getting the perfect rug for his room. What he’s getting in actually is a dimensional door way and a magical sprite. What could be better? Before Akihiro makes his first wish he better check with his girl friend – and the sprite’s two pals.

Yet another magical love triangle.


On July 4, 2025 the super computer that controlled island 8JO declared war on the world. Nobody won. The Robot Wars, as the conflict came to be known by, was long thought to be over, but computers can afford to wait. For thirteen years Khyron 5 has waited for the right power source to complete its master program of world domination. Nothing stands in it way.

Nothing but a small group of adventurers and the last survivor from the ill fated 384th GUNHED Battalion which led the attack 13 years ago. The fate of the world hangs in the balance. The last battle of the Robot Wars is about to be fought.