Boskone 1001002 (36) Progress Report 2


Connie Willis - Guest of Honor

Multiple Hugo- and Nebula-winner scintillates in person as much as she fascinates in print. She’ll meet with her fans, join in a variety of panel discussions, and demonstrate her world-class toastmaster abilities. Connie was born, bred, and resides in Colorado, from whence her work issues. This work has garnered six Hugos, six Nebulas Nebulae Nebula Awards, and the John W. Campbell Memorial Award. We can claim her because her publishing debut was twenty years ago in Boston’s own lamented Galileo magazine. Buy lots of her books from the dealers in the Hucksters’ Room.


Stephen Youll - Official Artist

UK-native Stephen Youll is a master of color and the imagination - his work graces book covers (for example Del Rey Books) and trading cards (such as the "Star of the Guardians" set). In addition to his participating in panels on Art and SF, look for Stephen’s excellent art, showcased in the Boskone 36 Art Show.


Teddy Harvia
Diana Thayer
- Special Guests

Texans Teddy Harvia (aka David Thayer) and Diana Thayer (aka Diana Thayer) are well known in fannish circles for their convention running in the Lone Star State (aka Texas). Teddy’s delightful cartoons (featured in this progress report) earned him the Hugo Awards for Best Fan Artist in 1991 and 1995. Teddy owes huge amounts of pun fines to NESFA for his delightful potcsards - we plan to take it out in trade at the convention.


Mary Ellen Wessels
Ed Stauff
- Featured Filkers

In keeping with Boskone’s tradition of support for filking we present New Hampshire filkers Mary Ellen Wessels (aka MEW) and Ed Stauff, who delight audiences with their sound, their droll humor, and their love of their craft. Their performances will be a convention high point. MEW and Ed met at Boskone 32 (1995), so, in a sense, NESFA served as shadchan to the pair. MEW’s musical leanings may come from her father, who played the sousaphone (a device, like the bagpipe, now outlawed as a terror weapon by the Geneva Convention - not run by NESFA, by the way). Ed is local to this geographic area, but this should not be held against him. Never, ever, ask Ed about well-digging.


Area Hours

Area Friday Saturday Sunday


4 PM to 10:30 PM

9:30 AM to 6 PM

9:30 AM to Noon

Art Show

8 PM to 10 PM

10 AM to 10 PM

10 AM to Noon

Con Suite

5 PM to 1 AM

9 AM to 1 AM

9 AM to 4 PM

Dealers’ Room

5 PM to 8 PM

10 AM to 6 PM

10 AM to 4 PM


4 PM to 9 PM

10 AM to 6 PM

10 AM to 4 PM


7 PM to 9 PM

10 AM to 9 PM

10 AM to 4 PM

Space Cadets*

7 PM to 10 PM

9:30 AM to 10 PM

9:30 AM to 4 PM

*Note: closed for lunch and dinner breaks.


Special Events



The Boskone 36 program offers panels, talks, discussions and workshops on many aspects of the science fiction and fantasy fields from A ("Aliens, Crafting of") to Y ("YA Audience, Writing for"; sorry no Z this year). Topics include writing ("Writing Screen Plays"), art ("Resolved: Editors Should Not Be Involved in Art direction"), filk (concerts), publishing ("Fanzines and SF", "The Death of the Cover Market"), science ("The Science of the X-Files"), comics ("Graphic Novels", "Long Live the Legion"), gaming ("What’s the Big Deal: Why Your Friends, Housemates, and Spouses Play Magic"), and media ("Hollywood Musicals", "Beyond Star Trek and Babylon 5"). There will be a presentation and demonstration of NESFA’s new on-going on-line indexing of science fiction. There will also be an Animé Video room - our gurus have assembled the new, the chic, the fun, and the specials, including modern Japanese monster movies and Chinese cinema specialities. Pick up your schedule at Information.



Interested in participating in an informal discussion with one of our program participants over coffee or tea? Sign up for Kaffeeklatsches at Information.



Get an autograph from your favorite pro! Signings will be held in the front room of the Con Suite - check your Pocket Program to see when!



Come hear writers read and discuss their own works; the Pocket Program tells all but - check Helmuth, the daily newsletter, for errata, addenda, and corrigenda.


Discussion Groups

We are particularly interested in setting up small-scale program items that appeal specifically to you. We’ll need your help! This year we want to offer numerous Discussion Groups where you can meet people with similar interests. Some of these will be pre-arranged (check the Pocket Program), but we’ll have space available for you to form last-minute groups at-con as well. Sign up at Information.



Of course, our Guests - Connie Willis, Stephen Youll, Teddy Harvia, Diana Thayer, Mary Ellen Wessels, and Ed Stauff - will be there.


In addition confirmed program participants as of 13 December 1998 are: Marc Abrahams, Catherine Asaro, Ellen Asher, Lisa A. Barnett, Michael A. Burstein, Jeanne M. Cavelos, Hal Clement, Brenda W. Clough, Glen Cook, Bruce Coville, Kathryn Cramer, Don D’Ammassa, Keith R. A. DeCandido, Robert Devney, John R. Douglas, Debra Doyle, Thomas Easton, Bob Eggleston, Gary Ehrlich, Michael F. Flynn, Esther Friesner, Greer Gilman, Laura Ann Gilman, David G. Hartwell, Jeff Hecht, Peter J. Heck, Ed Hutnik, Alexander Jablokov, Jennifer Jackson, Nicholas Jainschigg, K. W. Jeter, Jane Jewell, Rick Katze, William Keith, Mark Keller, James Patrick Kelly, Daniel Kimmel, Ellen Kushner, Sharon Lee, Evelyn C. Leeper, Mark R. Leeper, Frederick Andrew Lerner, Paul Levinson, Anthony Lewis, Timothy E. Liebe, James D. Macdonald, Jim Mann, Laurie Mann, Joe Mayhew, Gary McGath, Edmund R. Meskys, Steve Miller, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Mark L. Olson, Priscilla Olson, Tamora Pierce, Charles Ryan, Don Sakers, Steven Sawicki, Darrell Schweitzer, Melissa Scott, Delia Sherman, Josepha Sherman, Susan Shwartz, Jane Sibley, David Alexander Smith, Sarah Smith, Allen Steele, Ian Randall Strock, Leslie J. Turek, Joan D. Vinge, Jeanne Wardwell, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Jamie Warren-Youll, Ben Yalow, Jane Yolen, Sarah Zettel


Boskone Banquet

Our Saturday evening begins with a buffet of Southron victuals - perfect for a New England winter’s evening - and ends with a delightful speech by our Guest of Honor, Connie Willis.


Black Bean Soup

Salad of Watercress, Mixed Baby Greens, Walnuts with Assorted Dressings

Spicy Cole Slaw

Southern Potato Salad with Bacon and Egg Dressing

Barbecued Pork, Traditional New Orleans Jambalaya & Southern Fried Chicken

Red Beans and Rice, Glazed Sweet Potatoes, Corn on the Cob

Warm Corn Bread and Dinner Rolls, served with Whipped Butter

Pecan Pie with Whipped Cream & Warm Rice Pudding

Freshly Brewed Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee and Herbal Teas

The cost is $30 per person, which includes all applicable taxes and gratuities. Tickets are required for the banquet: please see the registration form. If you have kosher, halal, vegetarian, humanitarian, or other dietary restrictions, please get in touch with us.



Filksongs are fandom’s folk songs, with themes of SF, fantasy, and fandom. The Filk Program begins with group singing on Friday evening. On Saturday afternoon, there will be concert sets by local and visiting performers and a music workshop. Saturday evening, there will be more concert sets. There will be open filking on Friday and Saturday nights, and dead dog filking on Sunday afternoon.


Gaming Room

This year the Boskone Game Room will have a demonstration by Steve Jackson Games. We will also have another Magic: The Gathering sealed deck workshop by Leslie Turek. There are no plans at this time for a Magic tournament. We have an RPG Master who will be looking for players. People interested in running their own gaming events should be in contact with Joe Rico c/o Boskone.


Art Show & Print Shop

Our Art Show includes a special exhibit of the works of our Official Artist Stephen Youll, a special display of postcard cartoons from Teddy Harvia, plus over 80 panels and tables full of original SF artwork, most of which is available for bid and/or purchase at the con. Also check out our Print Shop for many great buys.


Dealers’ Room

The Dealers’ Room (aka The Hucksters’ Room) will feature a wide variety of science fiction, fantasy, and genre books, jewelry, clothing, and all manners of tchotchkes. Check the Boskone web site <> for a list of dealers scheduled to attend.


Con Suite

The Boskone 36 Con Suite is at the hub of the universe convention. Fans can join program participants for party-type refreshments, interesting conversation, and special events. There will be a toddler play area in the Con Suite, so you may relax while supervising your children. Children may not be left unattended in the Con Suite.


Dragonslair & Space Cadets

Dragonslair is children’s programming for ages 7 to 12. We are planning some fun and interesting things, such as a radio play to be performed with costumes and effects, both made/performed by the kids/participants; scary stories to be told late at night around a campfire (9 PM each night); and a chapbook written by the participants (so start thinking about what you want to write!). We’ll also create some artwork (to be hung in the art show) and have free play. We have firm hours of operation (see list earlier in this PR) and will close for lunch and dinner on Saturday. We reserve the right to collect a fee for children not picked up at these times. Let us know if you will be using Dragonslair - come and have fun!

Space Cadets is for active children 2-1/2 to 6 years old, with plenty of energetic play, and simple arts and crafts. On Friday and Saturday evenings, Space Cadets will host a party and movie geared to a younger audience.

Purchase of a Boskone membership entitles a child to attend either or both of these programs. Advance registration is requested to assist us in planning and preparation. A child younger than 2-1/2 is welcome to attend Boskone as a child-in-tow (at no cost). You must attend your child at all time. We do not provide baby-sitting, but we will assist parents in making private baby-sitting arrangements if requested (please write us).



Seeking knowledge? Whether it’s details on area restaurants, or the location of the secret staircase, Information on the Grand Promenade can help. It’s also the place to go to pre-register for a discussion group, kaffeeklatsch, or other event that requires sign-up; drop off items for the convention newsletter; or get the latest copy of Helmuth. Stop by the Information table on the Grand Promenade and see what we can do for you!


Body Snatchers (Volunteers)

The best way to meet other people at a convention is by volunteering, and Boskone needs you! Science fiction conventions run on blood, sweat, and volunteers. Body Snatchers allocates volunteers among the many different areas that need them - opportunities are available for all physical and mental abilities. If you are willing to help, please fill out the volunteer form (including a Release Form) at Information. Those who work at least six hours will receive our unique ceramic mug with Stephen Youll’s artwork. If you are under 18, your parent or guardian must sign the Release Form (but you’ll only have to work 4 hours for your mug).


Club & Bid Tables

Want to publicize your club, convention, or bid? We will have tables available for this purpose on the Promenade. Table space is limited, so please write or email us in advance.


Registration for Boskone will be open on the Promenade (outside the Grand Ballroom) all weekend. Get your convention material and name badge there. Everyone - committee, staff, artists, program participants, dealers—registers here. We will make it as painless an experience as we can! You can help: bring your "Quickie Sheet" with you. (It’s the cover of this Progress Report.) If you arrive late, ask at the Convention Office about after-hours registration. If you haven’t yet bought a membership and wish to do so before the convention, please fill out the form in this PR and return it to us by January 15, 1999.

The cost of advance memberships is $35. We accept Visa, MasterCard, checks, and money orders. At-con rates are: Full membership - $45, Friday - $15, Saturday - $32, Sunday - $17. We also accept cash at the con.

The cost of Dragonslair and Space Cadets is included in the con membership, so all children who use these services must be convention members. There is no reduced rate for children. However, children under 10 who stay with their parents at all times are considered "kids-in-tow" who need not have memberships ("kids-in-tow" do not receive any convention materials).


Transferring Memberships. Boskone does not refund memberships. However, you may transfer your membership to someone else. All membership transfers must be done in writing. Your transferree will be able to register much more quickly at the convention if you write to us in advance to let us know of the transfer and have your transferree bring a copy of your transfer letter and your "Quickie Sheet" to Registration. Please note that life memberships are not transferable.


Helmuth, Speaking for Boskone, the convention newsletter, features updates and changes to the program as well as lists of parties and other news. Copies of Helmuth will be distributed around the hotel - Art Show, Hucksters’ Room, Con Suite, et al. You can always find copies at Information on the Grand Promenade.



This year there is no Boskone book because all the works of our Guest of Honor, Connie Willis, are in print or contracted for publication elsewhere (you knew she was popular)—check the Hucksters’ Room for copies of her books.

But wait - we plan to have two new "NESFA’s Choice" books ready by Boskone. These are The Compleat Boucher, a complete collection of all the science fiction writings of Anthony Boucher, and The Essential Hal Clement, Volume 1 - Trio for Slide Rule and Typewriter which brings back into print Harry’s Close to Critical, Iceworld, and Needle. Look for them at the NESFA sales table in the Hucksters’ Room. And don’t forget the NESFA Press books first released at Bucconeer - First Contacts: the Essential Murray Leinster, An Ornament to His Profession (Charles L. Harness), and The Works of Jack Williamson (a bibliography).


Boskone’s hotel is the Sheraton in Framingham, Masstts., located on Route 9 (west from exit 12 of the Mass Pike), a short distance from several restaurants and shopping malls. The hotel rates per night are: single or double $97, triple or quad $107 (please contact us for suite availability). Phone 508-879-7200 for reservations by 5 PM EST January 30, 1999, and be sure to mention "Boskone" to get the convention rate. [Note: if you call the "800" number for Sheraton, they are likely to make mistakes with the rate.]

Special Requests

A limited number of handicap-access rooms and non-smoking rooms are available, so please let the hotel know right away if you have any special needs. Likewise, rollaway beds and cribs are in short supply, so let them know if you think you’ll need one. (There is a $10 charge for a cot.)

Check-in and Check-out

Check-in begins at 3 PM. Check-out time is 12 noon. You may request a late check-out of 2 PM. You can avoid morning check-out lines by pre-paying as early as the night before!


Late Breaking News

Last-minute information about Boskone will be available in the week preceding Boskone on our answering machine (617-625-2311), or, for the electronically inclined, on the web at <>, USENET (newsgroup rec.arts.sf.announce), Genie (SFRT3, Cat 22, Top 15), and CompuServe (SFLIT Forum, Section 21). In addition, the near-final Program will be uploaded to the aforementioned services and our Web page about a week before the con.

How to Get to Boskone

By Car

The Sheraton Framingham, is on Route 9 west at the Framingham exit (exit 12) of the Mass Pike (Interstate 90), about halfway between I-495 and Route 128 (I-95). The hotel is a castle (you can’t miss it! - trust us!), clearly visible from both the Pike and Route 9. Take the Mass Pike to Exit 12 (Framingham) and bear left onto Route 9 west. Drive 150 yards to the Sheraton on the right. Parking is free!

By Air

If you fly into Boston’s Logan Airport: from any terminal at Logan take the Logan Express to Framingham. (There are Logan Express buses to other destinations, so be sure you get on the right one.) It costs $8 ($6 on Saturday and Sunday); accompanied children under 12 are free; you pay at the Framingham end. The ride take about 40 minutes. It leaves the airport every half-hour essentially the entire time that fans will be traveling Friday or Sunday. The Saturday schedule is hourly. The last bus leaves the airport at midnight. Call (800) 23-LOGAN at any time for details. Once you are at the Framingham terminal, use the Shuttle Bus, below, to get to the hotel. Failing that, we suggest you take a taxi. There are an enclosed waiting room, phones, and lists of taxi companies at the Logan Express Framingham terminal which is next to Shoppers’ World, just off Route 30. Worcester Airport Limo, 800-660-0992, provides transportation from Logan directly to the Sheraton at $18 per person, one way.. Reservations are strongly recommended. Another company serving Logan is Knight’s Limo Service, 800-822-5456, which costs $22.

If you fly into Worcester’s airport: Worcester Airport Limo, 800-660-0992, provides transportation from the Worcester airport to the Sheraton at $32 per person, one way. Reservations are strongly recommended.


Framingham has a twice-a-day Amtrak service from New York. The station is in downtown Framingham (officially Framingham Junction) about five miles from the hotel. We recommend taking a taxi from there to the hotel (taxi cost is about $15). The route 128 terminal (about 15 miles from the hotel) has Amtrak trains from points east and west which run several times a day, seven days a week. Call 800-USA-RAIL or your local Amtrak office for schedule and ticketing information.

Commuter Rail

Framingham has frequent commuter rail trains throughout the week. Trains leave from Boston’s South Station. The cost is $3.25 one way. In Framingham, the station is about five miles from the hotel. We recommend taking a taxi to the Sheraton (cost is about $15). Call MBTA Commuter Rail at 617-222-3200, 800-392-6100, and hearing-impaired TDD-222-5246 for schedules, or surf to: <>.

Bus from Boston

You can get to Framingham from Boston from the bus terminal at South Station. The bus runs every 2 hours on Friday and less frequently on Saturday and Sunday. The round trip fare is $11.90. Call Peter Pan Bus Lines, 800-343-9999, for schedule and ticketing information. See below for Shuttle Bus information.

Shuttle Bus

Boskone will have a shuttle bus running between the Sheraton and the Framingham Logan Express bus terminal next to Shoppers’ World on the Route 30 side. The service will run continuously, taking about 40 minutes for the loop. It will run Thursday from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM, Friday from 4 PM to 10 PM, and Sunday from noon to 7 PM. The bus will be labeled "Sheraton Shuttle." Otherwise taxi service is available through Tommy’s Taxi, 508-872-3500.
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