Helmuth Issue 1, Fri afternoon, 2/12/99

Welcome to Boskone 36! This is the first issue of Helmuth (Speaking for Boskone) with all the news you really need to know (OK, if you want politics, keep watching the Senate hearings on TV...)

Helmuth will be published 5 or 6 times during the convention. If you have news for Helmuth, please get it to Services or Information. Party listings will appear in the evening edition, and should reach us by 5 PM to ensure their getting into Helmuth.

Colophons were designed by Deb Geisler using art provided by Stephen Youll (Guest Artist). Teddy Harvia (half the Special Guest) provided the incidental art for this issue—and we cheerfully solicit YOUR art for later editions of Helmuth.

We Need YOU

Body Snatchers (previously known as People Mover) would love to meet anyone who would like to help run this convention! Please stop by the Information table in the corridor outside the Grand Ballroom. Additionally, if you want to learn more about NESFA (the group that puts on Boskone) stop by Information—we’d love to meet you.


If you've been to Boskones in the past, you will note these changes:

Boskone Sales

A long-sleeved shirt, three different styles of regular T-shirts, and large and small tote bags are available at the Sales Table near Registration and the Fo'Paws table in the Huckster Room. Buy early and often.

On Food

Quick food will be available at Molly Malone's (the menu has been amended to assure us better service). Concession items will be available from 11 AM - 10P PM. Witherspoon's is offering two varieties of breakfast buffets, available from 6:30 AM (a filker's dinner?) to 11:30 AM (Saturday - extended to noon on Sunday). A full service menu is available for lunch and dinner (5 - 10 PM). Additionally, a coffee cart with a variety of fast breakfast selections will be serving in the lobby from 8:30 - 11:30 AM.

Word-to-the-wise: Valentine's Day is Sunday. Many restaurants will be filled up. If you're planning for a nice dinner out somewhere, make reservations early. (And eat ethnic!?)

More Important Information

The Banquet is sold out. Pick up your pre-ordered banquet tickets in the registration area. Any banquet tickets not picked up by 1 PM. on Saturday are subject to resale.

Banquet seating is Saturday at 7:00 PM; serving is at 7:15.

If you're interested in choral singing, come join Ed Stauff's pick-up chorus which will perform following the Saturday night banquet. There will be a rehearsal at 9:30 PM on Friday at Kildare, where sheet music will be provided.

Congratulate Jane Yolen when you see her! (No, we're not going to tell you why, yet.....have fun guessing!)

The Alien Casino was so popular last year that we decided to expand it, and keep it open to 11 PM! Be there to hear "Canali," the Martian entertainer who channels a 1930's torch singer, dedicate a special song to the con chair at tonight's entertainment next to "The Rialto".

We can all breathe a sigh of relief. Pluto has returned to its proper place outside of Neptune's orbit. This reassuring event occurred at approximately 11:29 AM, on Thursday, February 11.
The alert is canceled.

Program Updates

Add Julie Czerneda to "Alien Biologies" (Saturday, 3 PM), and Teresa Nielsen Hayden to "Keeping Books in Print" (Sunday 10 AM) and "Graphic Novels" (Sunday 2 PM), [and probably more].

Kathryn Cramer will not be at the convention this year.

Join the Cotillion!

...at the Regency Dance! Join us on Sunday afternoon at 3 PM in the Grand Ballroom. Fancy dress is encouraged, but is not required.

Giant Turtle Terrorizes Boskone

The attendees of Boskone were terrorized tonight by a giant flying turtle (GAMERA, 9 PM) which hovered over the Sheraton Tara spewing flames. Elements of the TAC (BLUE SEED, 6:30 PM) which converged on the area left short after arriving, reporting that the flying reptile presented no danger to the convention. Additionally, a spokesperson for 3WA team LOVELY ANGEL (DIRTY PAIR FLASH, 5 PM) stated that reconstruction of the east wing of the Tara should not present any problems for the Dick Sorcerer Concert (DRAGON HALF, 7:30 PM) scheduled later that evening, and that it really wasn't "their fault." (Press Anime)

Monty Wells Project

NESFA would particularly like to thank the people who graciously helped with the programming and work on the Monty Wells Project seminar "When Words Collide," which happened on Friday, February 12, before Boskone 36: Nomi and Michael Burstein, Jeff Carver, Hal Clement, Julie Czerneda, Gay Ellen Dennett, Deb Geisler, Paul Giguere, Jeff Hecht, Lisa Hertel, Suford and Tony Lewis, Marvin Minsky, Priscilla Olson, Tamora Pierce, Joe Rico, Mary Ellen Wessels, Connie Willis, Jane Yolen.

Also, special thanks to Patrick Nielsen Hayden and Tor books, Suffolk University, and Mary Liscombe of the Challenger Center.