Helmuth Issue 4, Saturday night, 2/13/99

Helmuth wants to acknowledge that George Flynn attributed the healing of Mr. G. by Deb Geisler to "the laying on of hands." So be it.

Hi Jane!


You want numbers? We got numbers....

(As of noon, Saturday) ((as of 5:15*))

42 new preregistrations picked up + 21* (526 total)
22 new full members + 11* (153 total)
54 Saturday only + 11* (65 total) (+ 13 Friday only)

Grand total (on site) - 757

This includes six former Worldcon Chairs, and two upcoming Worldcon Chairs. Oh, my....

Party announcements

Casino Staff Works Bazillion Hours!

Well, maybe it just felt that way....but hundreds of thousands of casino credits changed hands last nightsometimes in mere instants. The tastefully (?!) glittery decor of The Rialto was arranged by Michelle Buchman, Laura Grossman, Sharon Sbarsky, Seth Breidbart, and Saul Jaffe. Those folks were also among the cashiers and croupiers in top hats and deely-boppers for the evening; others were Rick Katze, Diana Thayer, Patty Wells, Alex Layton, Suford Lewis, Gay Ellen Dennett, Annie Stutzman, Gary Feldbaum, Sharon Lee, Sarah Smith, Lis Carey, Deb Geisler, and one-armed bandroid Jeff Hecht (please note: we have photos!). Melanie Herz presided over the disposal of an amazing selection of prizesday-glo sticky lizards, anyone? The con suite next door hosted a variety of performers, including Walter Stutzman on keyboard, bellydancer Sarah Zettel, singers Suford Lewis and Faye Ringel, and our featured filkers Mary Ellen Wessels (aka MEW) and Ed Stauff. Definitely a winning event!- Davey Snyder/Chip Hitchcock

SFWA Emergency Fund Auction

To clarify: Cheeblemancy [we think you need to see this] and the SFWA auction are a combined program item. At 2 PM on Sunday (Wexford room), they'll be auctioning a variety of items including Connie Willis galleys, Andre Norton collectibles, and a SFWA voodoo doll.

FANAC, etc.

The FANAC Fan History Project is developing a web-site of fan photos, fanzines, and references. The Fan Photo section has hundreds of photos from dozens of conventions.

It wants more! Joe Siclari will be scanning fan-oriented photos at the Information table in the Promenade. Bring him stuff!

Thoughts on Food

Boskonian Matt Leger would like to advise fellow late-sleeping members who miss the hotel's breakfast cut-off of 11 AM, that The Athenian Restaurant (across Rte. 9 from the hotel - do not attempt to cross Rte. 9 on foot) serves a good cheap breakfast all day. When he entered the place at about 1:15 PM, the man behind the counter asked "Breakfast?," not even bothering to inquire if he wanted lunch. Non-morning people everywhere must bless this humble restaurant.

[other reviews welcome]

Special Sales

During this Boskone, the NESFA Sales table in the Huckster's Room is offering Julie Czerneda's No Limits and its companion collection Packing Fractions - these two books are designed to encourage the use of science fiction in the classroom, and are highly recommended. Also check out our Hyperion Press collectibles!

Ubiquitous Boy, and other people....

At the "Long Live the Legion!" panel, Michael Burstein (who is presently working on the Y3K problem with ye editor) commented that he is extremely pleased to be quoted in Helmuth. (Way to go, Devney!)


this issue is by Stephen Youll and Teddy Harvia. (If you still can't tell the difference in their styles, report to the art show asap!)

That's all for tonight, folks! - PO