Boskone 38 Guests

George R.R. Martin

Guest of Honor

Writer, editor TV producer/writer, and fan: Martin's honor include Hugo, Nebula, Locus, World Fantasy, and Bram Stoker awards. His range of creativity and dry wit make him a delightful guest; his most recent novel is A storm of Swords (October 2000).

Jack Cohen

Special Guest

Internationally renowned reproductive biologist and SF alien design consultant, Cohen is a fan, a scientist, and a raconteur of the humorous and bawdy (and the humorously bawdy). He was co-author of the 1999 Hugo nominee The Science of Discworld.

Charles Vess

Official Artist

Fantasy and comic book artist Vess is j\known for rich, magical, and evocative work in both black & white and color. His Book of Ballads and Sagas reflects his love of art, music, and storytelling. Vess is also the creative force behind Green Man Press.

Juanita Coulson

Featured Filker

Coulson is a woman of many talents: filker, fan, huckster, and author. She is a singer/composer of distinctive voice and dynamic range. With her late husband Buck, she won the 1965 Fanzine Hugo and was a Guest at the 1972 Worldcon.

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