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The New England Science Fiction Association

Boskone 39

February 15-17, 2002

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Sheraton Framingham Hotel
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The Boskone 39 program offers panels, talks, discussion, and workshops on many aspects of the science fiction and fantasy field. We have discussions of hard SF and fantasy, literature, movies, and TV. And at Boskone 39 we will turn the spotlight on comics, fantasy, and special hands-on program of various types. There will be discussions of SF art, fandom, individual authors, and probably a few exotic demos. There will also be an Anime Video room – our gurus have assembled the best in "wicked awesome anime." The full schedule will be in the Program Book.

The schedule that went into the pocket program isa available. Nonetheless, some times and participants will change! Check Helmuth, Speaking for Boskone for updates.

Thanks to Gary McGath, the Program in iSilo for Palm.

Anime — This year's Anime selection looks at why the fate of the world will be determined by your average Japanese female high-school student. From "The Bubblegum Crisis" to "Tenchi Muyo In Love" women are a vital element in Today's Anime scene. Also on the schedule is "Record Of Lodoss War," "Babylon 5 - Londo's Wives," Jackie Chan's "City Hunter" and "Forbidden Planet." Grab your schedule and catch the wave.

Kaffeeklatsches — Interested in participating in an informal discussion with one of our program participants over coffee or tea? Sign up for Kaffeeklatsches at Information.

Autographing — Get an autograph from your favorite pro! Signings will be held in the Promenade in front of the Dealers' Room—check your Pocket Program to see when!

Readings — Come hear writers read and discuss their own works; the Pocket Program tells all (but check Helmuth, the daily newsletter, for errata, addenda, and corrigenda).

Discussion Groups — We are particularly interested in setting up small-scale program items that appeal specifically to you. We'll need your help! This year we want to offer numerous Discussion Groups where you can meet people with similar interests. Some of these will be pre-arranged (check the Pocket Program), but we'll have space available for you to form last-minute groups at-con as well. Sign up at Information. If you have a special request, please email us at


Of course, our Guests – Neil Gaiman, Stephen Hickman, Marv Wolfman, and Tom Holt – will be there. In addition, confirmed participants as of 24 January 2002 are:

Andrew Adams, Roger MacBride Allen, Ellen Asher, Thomas Atkinson, Judith Berman, Patricia Bray, Ginjer Buchanan, Emma Bull, Michael A. Burstein, Christine Carpenito, Jeffrey A. Carver, Barbara Chepaitis, Hal Clement, Brenda W. Clough, Glen Cook, Bruce Coville, Kathryn Cramer, Keith R. A. DeCandido, Daniel P. Dern, Bob Devney, John R. Douglas, Debra Doyle, Jennifer Dunne, Thomas A. Easton, Bob Eggleton, Gregory Feeley, Michael F. Flynn, Pam Fremon, Esther Friesner, Craig Shaw Gardner, Lorraine Garland, Deb Geisler, Greer Gilman, Laura Anne Gilman, Christopher Golden, Geary Gravel, Leigh Grossman, Gay Haldeman, Joe Haldeman, David G. Hartwell, Daniel Hatch, Jeff Hecht, Peter J. Heck, Rusty Hevelin, Walter H. Hunt, Alex Irvine, MaryAnn Johanson, Mary Kay Kare, Robert I. Katz, James Patrick Kelly, Greg Ketter, Daniel Kimmel, Rosemary Kirstein, Ellen Kushner, Kurt Lancaster, Geoffrey A. Landis, Charles Lang, Eleanor Lang, Sharon Lee, Evelyn C. Leeper, Mark R. Leeper, Frederick Andrew Lerner, Paul Levinson, Alice N. S. Lewis, Shariann Lewitt, Ernest Lilley, James D. Macdonald, Mark Mandel, Jim Mann, E. J. McClure, Steve Miller, John Morressy, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Bill Neville, Erik Olson, Mark L. Olson, Priscilla Olson, Margaret Organ-Kean, Tamora Pierce, Omar Rayyan, Katya Reimann, Madeleine E. Robins, Don Sakers, Steven Sawicki, Robert J. Sawyer, Sharon Sbarsky, Darrell Schweitzer, Robert Sheckley, Will Shetterly, David A. Smith, Wendy Snow-Lang, Wen Spencer, Allen Steele, Edie Stern, Geri Sullivan, Michael Swanwick, Tom Sweeney, Shane Tourtellotte, Charles Vess, Tom Whitmore, Brian Wightman, Noel Wolfman, Frank Wu, Jane Yolen, Ann Tonsor Zeddies

Filksinging — Filksongs are fandom's folk songs, with themes of SF, fantasy, and fannish interests. The Filk Program begins with group singing on Friday evening. On Saturday afternoon, there will be concert sets by local and visiting performers. There will be open filking on Friday and Saturday nights, and dead dog filking on Sunday afternoon. There will be a theme concert on songs by or about the convention guests. People are invited to sign up and perform a song.

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