The New England Science Fiction Association, Inc. proudly presents

Boskone 39

Regional Science Fiction Convention
February 15-17, 2001
Sheraton Framingham Hotel
Framingham, Massachusetts
Phone (508) 879-7200
(Room rates: $106 S/D; $116 T/Q--plus tax)

Boskone 39 features science fiction literature, art, music, film & anime, gaming, filking, special events, extensive programming, and really nifty guests of honor.

Guest of Honor

Neil Gaiman

Gaiman permanently raised the bar in comics writing with his award-winning Sandman series, which the L.A. Times called "The greatest epic in the history of comic books." His work includes novels, short fiction, TV & film scripts, graphic novels, songs, and his most recent best-seller, American Gods.

Official Artist

Stephen Hickman

Hickman's lushly rich art, used on more than 300 fantasy and science fiction book covers, has also graced a series of U.S. postage stamps (for which he won a Hugo Award in 1994). A man of many talents, Hickman is also a sculptor and the author of The Lemurian Stone.

Special Guest

Marv Wolfman

What do theme park shows, a comic book written for the presidential anti-drug campaign, children's stories, DC comics, interactive videos, and game-rides for Disney Imagineering all have in common? Marv Wolfman, a man of many talents, and one of the masterminds behind "Pocket Dragon Adventures."

Featured Filker

Tom Holt

A writer of delightfully amusing filk and fiction, Holt has published 26 novels with a distinctively English quirk. Holt made his career as a lawyer, but in 1995 decided to get a more "proper career" and turned to full-time writing. His latest work, Falling Sideways, is due out in January 2002.

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Boskone 39 Highlights


Boskone is justifiably renowned for its programming, which focuses on science fiction, fantasy, science fact, education, fandom, and a myriad of related subjects. Nearly 100 writers, publishers, artists, editors, art direc-tors, scientists, and fans are expected to participate in a variety of panel discussions, presentations, hands-on demonstrations, and story telling.

Children's Programming

This year's Dragonslair (for children 6-12) will give Boskone's young members a chance to learn from the pros and enjoy the convention in structured play. Featured activities include art and craft activities, story telling, and more.

Special Events

Meet the Pros, join us for Rusty Havelin's 80th birthday party, come to a fannish wedding reception, dance and play whist as part of the Regency Tea, and enjoy featured program presentations by our Guests.

Art Show

This year's Art Show will showcase works by Official Artist Stephen Hickman, as well as more than 50 other artists from the New England states and beyond. Art programming will include demonstrations, discussions, critiques, and dueling easels.

Dealers' Room

Books, books, books are the hallmark of a Boskone Dealers' Room, but you'll also find jewelry, sculpture, art works, games, cards, and other joys to tempt your checkbook.

Anime Programming

Our anime sensei have been busy for months putting together a list of the new, the chic, the fun, and the amazing of anime, including special showings of material not regularly seen (and funky fillers to delight you, too).

Other Neat Stuff? Oh yeah. We got that.

Anything else, you ask? Well, there's also gaming and filking and kaffeeklatches and readings and autographings and chats with people with different interests, backgrounds and hair color.


Boskone 39
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Framingham, MA 01701
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