Boskone 39 Program Schedule

Note: This is the schedule that went into the pocket program. Nonetheless, some times and participants will change! Check Helmuth, Speaking for Boskone for updates.

Thanks to Gary McGath, the Program in iSilo for Palm.

Friday, February 15, 2002

Friday 5:00pm Dover: How Bad Can a Bad Panel Get?

Whose program is it, anyway?
We'll discuss, model, and generally dissect the questionable (and sometimes, outrageous) behaviors exhibited and weird information imparted by program participants at diverse conventions. We'll share stories, advice, and solutions for same.
(Note: whilst program participants certainly don't have to come to this, it wouldn't hurt to check it out, anyway!)

Andrew Adams, Jim Mann, Priscilla Olson (m), Edie Stern, Noel Wolfman

Friday 5:00pm Sherborn: Reading

Walter H. Hunt

Friday 5:30pm Sherborn: Reading

Wen Spencer

Friday 6:00pm Dover: Will and Emma's (Excellent?) Hollywood

What's been keeping Emma and Will busy out there in the far west? What is it like living and working in LA(la?)-land? Learn about the trials and tribulations faced since we saw them out here years ago....

Emma Bull, Will Shetterly, Marv Wolfman (m)

Friday 6:00pm Sherborn: Reading

Shane Tourtellotte

Friday 6:00pm Wayland C/N: Building the Buzz

What makes one novel a successful novel and another a block-buster best seller? Is it the buzz the latter generates? What makes one book have buzz and another not? Can you cite examples? What kinds of buzz are there -- and what is most effective at promoting a book? What can a publisher do to generate or enhance the buzz for a particular book? To what extent is fandom important to building buzz?

Ellen Asher, Nancy C. Hanger, Eleanor Lang (m), Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Don Sakers

Friday 6:00pm Wayland S: Women Warriors

What roles have women played in war, and how have these been portrayed in fiction? How are these (the actuality and the fiction?) changing (if they are?)? Does a woman have to fight to be a "warrior?" Other strong women in the fictional field will be discussed, as well as the "wars" in which they''ve been engaged.

Barbara Chepaitis, Ernest Lilley (m), E. J. McClure, Tamora Pierce, Katya Reimann

Friday 6:30pm Sherborn: Reading

Patricia Bray

Friday 7:00pm Ashland: Costuming for Kids

Friday 7:00pm Dover: A Fragmentation of Fans: The Growth of Separate Fandoms

A continuation of the Millennium Philcon program item, about the background and continued growth of separate fandoms that seem to be splitting the fannish community. What's going on, why, what will the outcome be? (And, if the situation is dire, how can it be remedied?....if it should be?)

Mark Mandel, Priscilla Olson (m), Don Sakers, Geri Sullivan

Friday 7:00pm Sherborn: Reading

Jane Yolen

Friday 7:00pm Wayland C/N: Tolkien - Lord of the Geeks?

The world has changed since Tolkien's day -- how much of that is due to J. R. R. Tolkien himself? When the Lord of the Rings came out it was adopted not just by the counter-culture, but by large numbers of the sorts of people who drove the computer revolutions of the last thirty years -- at one time LotR characters' names were among the most popular computer names on the net.
Why does LotR appeal to geeks? -- it certainly can't be Tolkien's use of hard science in his novel! What have been the consequences of this appeal? How has Tolkien changed the world?

Ginjer Buchanan, Brenda W. Clough, Kathryn Cramer, Mary Kay Kare (m), Tom Whitmore

Friday 7:00pm Wayland S: Fannish Musicals

"Let's put on a show at the con!"
What's involved in doing it? What have been the great successes (or flops) of the past?

Anthony R. Lewis, Gary D. McGath, Frank Parker, A. Joseph Ross

Friday 7:30pm Sherborn: Reading

Hal Clement

Friday 8:00pm Suite 242: NESFA Hymnal Songfest

Friday 8:00pm Dover: Supersize It! - The Bigger the Better?

When doing SF, bigger is often better!
(But, is it....?) Doorstop novels. Five-book "trilogies." Spin-off series. When will it end?
But....why are they so appealing - to writers and readers?

Jeffrey A. Carver, Rosemary Kirstein, James D. Macdonald, Steve Miller (m)

Friday 8:00pm Middlesex: Earnest and EJ's Skiffy Wedding Reception

(After all....they met at Boskone!)
Friends, fans, and partycrashers -- come help them plight their, well, their plight! There may be a Mummer's Play (like Christmas Revels, but with more sex), and there will be cake.

Ernest Lilley, E. J. McClure

Friday 8:00pm Sherborn: Reading

Ann Tonsor Zeddies

Friday 8:00pm Wayland C/N: Near Future/No Future?

Is the future still there? (If not, where has it gone?) Is the near future always so depressing?
Are most futures just tarted-up copied of the present? Can we actually imaging a new future, or do Vingean singularities get in the way?
(It has been pointed out that many modern British writers are, in fact, writing "new" futures. Could this explain their success?) Did 9/11 change the ways people will look at (or write about) the future?

Andrew Adams, Judith Berman, David G. Hartwell, Jim Mann (m), Allen Steele

Friday 8:00pm Wayland S: How To Watch an Animated Japanese Film

It has been suggested that the Japanese have a different style of storytelling, difficult for those unfamiliar with it. So,perhaps it's time to do a panel of this. You'll learn how to view everything from "Akira" to "Sailor Moon" to "Princess Mononoke" to.....well, to whatever the cool new stuff no one over 30 (in this country, anyway?) has seen yet..... And for extra credit, you may even learn why cute anime characters are always drawn with extra big eyes.

Christine Carpenito, Alice N. S. Lewis

Friday 8:00pm Weston: "I'm Afraid You Can't Do That, Hal" - Possibilities and Limitations of Computer Language Technology

by Dr. Whom, Consulting Linguist, Grammarian, Orthoepist, and Philological Busybody......a.k.a. Mark Mandel

Mark Mandel

Friday 8:30pm Middlesex: Opening (and Birthday Celebrations!)

Emma Bull, Pam Fremon, Neil Gaiman, Lorraine Garland, Rusty Hevelin, Stephen Hickman, Robert Sheckley, Will Shetterly, Marv Wolfman

Friday 9:00pm Dover: The Ax Murderer?

Listening to some writers, you'd think that their editors had committed heinous crimes involving their children. Well, isn't this the truth? Well...what does an editor (have to?) do that bothers authors so much? Panellists will share experiences and discuss authors who demand too much (and tell about the times they really did wish they could just pick up that axe...)

Roger MacBride Allen, John R. Douglas, Laura Anne Gilman (m), Leigh Grossman, Cecilia Tan

Friday 9:00pm Middlesex: Neil Gaiman Reading

Neil Gaiman

Friday 9:00pm Wayland C/N: Rediscovery: Olaf Stapledon and Other Classics in the Field

Olaf Stapledon won the new "Rediscovery" award this year. Did he deserve it?
What other great, neglected, classical writers deserve recognition? (Why aren't they getting it?)
What is lost that should be found again?

Gregory Feeley, David G. Hartwell (m), Alex Irvine, Robert I. Katz, Darrell Schweitzer

Friday 9:00pm Wayland S: The Worldcon Masquerade - Video and Discussion

Thomas Atkinson, Don Sakers

Friday 9:00pm Weston: Filking

Sing your heart out. (Adds Dover as a second room at 11:00 pm.)

Friday 10:00pm Art Show: Art Show Reception

Open to all! Schmooze, party, and enjoy a night with the best art in the field.

Friday 10:00pm Dover: Comics: Classical/Mainstream/Off-the-Wall?

Go beyond men in tights (OK, OK, discuss the ones you really love first, but tell us why!), and explore the comic books that you really loved/love. Share ideas about favorites, and explore the amazing world that alternate artists and writers have developed when no one was looking.

Keith R. A. DeCandido, Daniel P. Dern, Pam Fremon, Will Shetterly, Teresa Nielsen Hayden (m)

Friday 10:00pm Middlesex: Once Upon A Time (Duelling Storytellers returns....)

Barbara Chepaitis, Bruce Coville, Jane Yolen

Friday 10:00pm Sherborn: Reading

Michael Swanwick

Friday 10:00pm Wayland C/N: Trivia Bowl

Mark Mandel, Mark L. Olson, Priscilla Olson

Friday 10:00pm Wayland S: Ethical Issues in Biotechnology

Poul Anderson once noted that it's a very small step from a society which considered it acceptable to manipulate life on any scale it desired to one which saw nothing wrong with destroying life on any scale it found convenient. The bio-tech revolution now underway will soon make it possible for us to manipulate life -- including human life -- to any degree that we wish to. Where will that lead us? What new moral and ethical issues will we face in the next five years? In the next twenty years? How does SF deal with those issues? Does it present the whole range we're likely to face? Does it present both the benefits and the pitfalls fairly? Do you see any areas which have as yet been unexamined?

Robert I. Katz (m), Paul Levinson, Shariann Lewitt, Ann Tonsor Zeddies

Friday 10:30pm Sherborn: Reading

Darrell Schweitzer

Friday 11:00pm Middlesex: Grudge Match - Live!

Who would win a fight between....?
Since 1995, Grudge Match (tm) has been answering that question on its popular website. Now they're bringing their mayhem and warped humor to you, with a science fiction twist (of course). They set the stage, the Expert Panelists back their favorites -- but YOU choose the winners! It's an hour of fun that will leave you wanting more.

Keith R. A. DeCandido, Bob Eggleton, Esther Friesner, Shane Tourtellotte (m)

Friday 11:00pm Sherborn: Reading

Shariann Lewitt

Friday 11:00pm Wayland C/N: Neverwhere

Friday 11:30pm Sherborn: Reading

Cecilia Tan

Saturday, February 16, 2002

Saturday 9:30am Sherborn: Reading

Jennifer Dunne

Saturday 10:00am Art Show: Stump the Artists

Wherein the audience throws ideas at our quick-draw experts, and see what they can produce.

Bill Neville, Omar Rayyan

Saturday 10:00am Ashland: Nautical Discovery

British naval history, with costume, props and story. An event for all ages.

Wendy Snow-Lang

Saturday 10:00am Dover: Spooky Stuff for Kids

Some kids really love being scared to death. What purposes does that serve? What books would you recommend to a younger reader that are scary-but-good reading? Are there inappropriate ways of frightening your juvenile/YA audience?
What spooky books would you recommend, and why?

Bruce Coville, Kathryn Cramer (m), Christopher Golden, Eleanor Lang, Tamora Pierce

Saturday 10:00am Middlesex: Presentions/Discussions of "Pocket Dragons" and Other Film Projects

Marv Wolfman

Saturday 10:00am Sherborn: Reading

Madeleine E. Robins

Saturday 10:00am Wayland C/N: Grand Openings

Once upon a time ( a galaxy far far away.....) So, how important is a good opening? What does it need to pull the reader into the story? How can it cast light upon mood, setting, character, tone......and still work as a hook for the reader? Discuss favorite openings (whether you wrote them or not), and tell why they work so well.

Michael F. Flynn (m), Robert I. Katz, James Patrick Kelly, Allen Steele

Saturday 10:00am Wayland S: Slide Show

Charles Vess

Saturday 10:00am Weston: Collecting or Hoarding?

When does collecting become hoarding? (Is it fair to call unbridled, obssesive collecting hoarding, or should some other term be used?) How does a collecter differ from a hoarder? (How about a 12-step program for hoarders?) Share some good stories about collections gone wild...

Glen Cook, Greg Ketter, Tom Whitmore (m), Noel Wolfman

Saturday 10:00am Windsor Grille: Kaffeeklatsch

Hal Clement, Debra Doyle, James D. Macdonald, Robert Sheckley

Saturday 10:30am Promenade: Signing

Neil Gaiman

Saturday 10:30am Sherborn: Reading

Brenda W. Clough

Saturday 11:00am Art Show: How to Enjoy Your First Convention

The definitive item, by those who know. Not mandatory -- but go anyway!

Gay Haldeman, Rusty Hevelin

Saturday 11:00am Ashland: Castle Building

Priscilla Olson

Saturday 11:00am Suite 242: Studying the Psychology of Fandom

Michael Rennie

Saturday 11:00am Dover: The Continuing Appeal of Space Opera

Space Opera, n., A usually-perjorative term for a story set in space which could just as well have been set in 17th Century Germany or Dodge City.
Since space opera is so derivative and has no real sfnal elements, why is it still popular? It has been suggested that all many readers are looking for is a good story that has rocket ships and blasters. Is this these reasonable? Does it account for space opera's popularity? Cite examples of space opera which contradict this.
Lately, with bravissimo librettists from Iain M. Banks and David Hamilton to Vernor Vinge and Alistair Reynolds, space opera is racking up renewed raves. Why? What's changed in this juicy little subgenre over the years?

Debra Doyle, David G. Hartwell, Daniel Hatch (m), Sharon Lee

Saturday 11:00am Middlesex: Harry Potter: The Backlash

A lot of people seem unduly annoyed at Harry Potter. Many people were furious that it won the Hugo award this year.
Why are people so pissed?
Is this an issue of high art vs. pop culture? SF fans who are allergic to fantasy? A general distrust of children's literature? What are your feelings about this? Do you think it deserved the award? Were you pleased with the movie, or annoyed by it (after all, wasn't it just too close to the book....)? Examine the phenomenon.

Daniel Kimmel, Ernest Lilley (m), Tamora Pierce, Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Saturday 11:00am Sherborn: Reading

Emma Bull

Saturday 11:00am Wayland C/N: Genre-Benders: Is It a Mystery or...?

Science fiction and mysteries share a lot of characteristics, and sometimes the boundaries blur. Mysteries are often staged in skiffy settings, and many sf stories are, in fact, about solving some mystery. How do you tell what genre is "really" being represented? (and except for people who shelve books, does it matter?) What do mysteries share with sf, and where do they actually differ?
Additionally, science fiction and mysteries share many readers and writers. Why is this?

Paul Levinson, Wen Spencer, Tom Sweeney, Cecilia Tan (m)

Saturday 11:00am Wayland S: Slide Show

Stephen Hickman

Saturday 11:00am Weston: Unforgettable Characters

What characters can't we get out of our heads? Why? Do these memorable types share any characteristics? From all sf/fantasy/horror fiction, who are the characters that stick? Do writers (consciously or not) model their own most unforgettable characters after them?

Barbara Chepaitis, Esther Friesner, James D. Macdonald (m), Katya Reimann, Jane Yolen

Saturday 11:00am Windsor Grille: Kaffeeklatsch

Michael A. Burstein, E. J. McClure, Madeleine E. Robins

Saturday 11:30am Sherborn: Reading

Robert Sheckley

Saturday 12:00 n Art Show: Origami

Mark R. Leeper

Saturday 12:00 n Ashland: Arms and Armor (for kids)

Saturday 12:00 n Suite 242: Improvisational Theater Workshop

Limited to 10 (please sign up at Information)

Shariann Lewitt

Saturday 12:00 n Con Suite: Beading Demonstration and Workshop

Deb Geisler

Saturday 12:00 n Dover: The Ever-Growing Rift -- Pros and Fans

A continuation of the program item at the Millennium Philcon. In recent years, some pros view themselves as separate from the fannish community, and some fans are happy to have it that way. It used to be different. What happened? Is it getting worse? (Yes - but why?)
How can this (damaging...OK, argue it if you want!) trend be reversed?

Gay Haldeman, Eleanor Lang, Steve Miller, Priscilla Olson (m), Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Saturday 12:00 n Middlesex: Security and Freedom

To be safe, we walk a fine line between danger and loss of choice, between protection and imprisonment, between censorship and personal liberty.
What has SF taught us about security and freedom? Can it help us deal with any challenges to our rights that we might be facing in the mundane world?

Ellen Asher, Thomas A. Easton (m), Daniel Hatch, Katya Reimann, Allen Steele

Saturday 12:00 n Sherborn: Reading

Rosemary Kirstein

Saturday 12:00 n Wayland C/N: Different Strokes: Novels and Comics and Screenplays (Oh My!)

Compare and contrast these genres. Which do you prefer (why? when?) How do you deal with shifting styles?

Emma Bull, Keith R. A. DeCandido, Christopher Golden, Steven Sawicki (m), Marv Wolfman

Saturday 12:00 n Wayland S: Slide Show (Jimmy Neutron)

Bob Eggleton

Saturday 12:00 n Weston: Denaturing Narnia?

It has been rumored that the C. S. Lewis's grave has been disturbed by subterranean high-speed rotation and that the Estate of C. S. Lewis is considering authorizing sequels in the Narnia universe which downplay or eliminate the Christian aspects of Narnia. Can a non-Christian Narnia story be written which still captures whatever it is that makes those stories so enduring? (And what might that be, anyway?) Would such a story be able to rise above the totally routine? -- after all, arguably the only thing which sets Narnia apart from very puerile YA fantasy is the religious elements. Looking a bit wider, how often are follow-ons to highly successful children's stories themselves successful? Do you think you could write a story set in Narnia?

Jeffrey A. Carver (m), James D. Macdonald, Brian Wightman, Jane Yolen, Ann Tonsor Zeddies

Saturday 12:00 n Windsor Grille: Kaffeeklatsch

Michael F. Flynn, Stephen Hickman, MaryAnn Johanson

Saturday 12:30pm Sherborn: Reading

John Morressy

Saturday 1:00pm Art Show: Fondle My Portfolio

An up-close and personal look at an artist's work. Talk, touch, and enjoy....

Omar Rayyan

Saturday 1:00pm Dover: When Rocket Packs Go Bad....

One of the images of 30s SF is the personal rocket pack and the futuristic city with lines of people flying from place to place. Let's ignore, for the moment, that rocket packs are right on the edge of feasibility at all and that long-range rocket packs are probably not doable. Let's assume that there is an easy-to-use, safe, cheap, long-range rocket pack in mass production: How would that affect society? Is the 30's picture right? If not, what's wrong with it? Describe how our own lives would change if a rocket pack were introduced.
Take this common sf trope to extremes, to show that sf is really not a predictive medium....

Bob Devney, Joe Haldeman, James Patrick Kelly, Jim Mann, Mark L. Olson (m)

Saturday 1:00pm Middlesex: The Oddness of America

What are some of the really strange places in America, and what ideas can they generate. How do the peculiar places dotting the U.S. landscape compare with others around the world (who has odder roadside attractions?), and why are they so appealing?

Neil Gaiman, Alex Irvine, Ernest Lilley (m), Will Shetterly, Michael Swanwick

Saturday 1:00pm Promenade: Autographing

Hal Clement, David G. Hartwell, Walter H. Hunt, Robert Sheckley

Saturday 1:00pm Sherborn: Reading

Esther Friesner

Saturday 1:00pm Wayland C/N: TV SF: The Million Dollar Pulps?

Let's ignore production values and stars and special effects and concentrate on the story. Where do the stories told in SF on TV fit into the genre's history? Arguably, the written stories which most resemble modern TV are the pulp stories of the 30s through the 50s. Why is this? (Do you agree at all?) Is it because it is much harder to capture complicated and subtle ideas on film than in writing? Are series like Twilight Zone counter-examples?

Andrew Adams, Patricia Bray, Michael A. Burstein, Keith R. A. DeCandido, Noel Wolfman (m)

Saturday 1:00pm Wayland S: Slide Show

Frank Wu

Saturday 1:00pm Weston: Pod People: How to Live, On-Line

More and more, communicating electronically is what is binding many of us into a community. Is this a bad thing?
What are the changes in technology that are behind this revolution? What new technologies might change the way (and frequency) we communicate with each other? Will we ever have to leave the house again?
What are some of the things that we should do to keep it a friendly community?
And what about web-logs? Why are people suddenly feeling impelled to let everyone read their diaries/ (And what do you get out of doing this?)

Daniel P. Dern, Nancy C. Hanger, Jeff Hecht, Kurt Lancaster, Evelyn C. Leeper, Erik Olson (m)

Saturday 1:00pm Windsor Grille: Kaffeeklatsch

Barbara Chepaitis, Brenda W. Clough, Robert I. Katz

Saturday 1:15pm Ashland: Sword Fighting Demo

Saturday 1:30pm Sherborn: Reading

Paul Levinson

Saturday 2:00pm Art Show: Discussing Pencil Work

Continued from last year.....more about the advantages (and disadvantages?) of "unfinished" ways of working.
After all, many people think if it's "just a drawing" it isn't as legitimate as a painting. So, is a pencil drawing any less powerful than a painting? Because a pencil or ink drawing is often black and white, why do some see it as of less value than a "painting"? Do watercolors also suffer from not being considered a "real painting"? Talk about the sheer joy of drawing with charcoal, etc...

Bob Eggleton, Omar Rayyan, Charles Vess

Saturday 2:00pm Suite 242: Shy Fans and Performance Anxiety

This workshop is for singers, actors, writers, dancers, anyone who has to get up in front of a group of people and perform. The workshop will touch on the three main types of stage fright and will cover specific techniques to combat the symptons, as well as exercises to understand the roots of your own stage fright. If possible, wear comfy clothes. Due to space constraints, this workshop is limited to 20 participants (sign up at Information).

Mary Ellen Wessels

Saturday 2:00pm Con Suite: Long Live the Legion! (Our Annual Boskone Meeting)

Brenda W. Clough, Daniel P. Dern, Priscilla Olson, Don Sakers

Saturday 2:00pm Dover: Re-reading

The LotR has prompted massive re-reading (of that, and other much-beloved works). What can one get (or lose?) from re-reading at a later stage in life? (Why?) What items should be re-read....and which shouldn't be looked over again?

Patricia Bray, John R. Douglas (m), Laura Anne Gilman, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Michael Rennie

Saturday 2:00pm Middlesex: The Trouble with Trailers....

How are the expectations set up by movie trailers actually met by the movie itself? What do (these) trailers get right -- and what do they get wrong (relative to the movie)? Besides building buzz for the flick, what do those Hollywood types expect to accomplish with trailers?

Bob Devney (m), MaryAnn Johanson, Daniel Kimmel, Mark R. Leeper, Steven Sawicki

Saturday 2:00pm Promenade: Autographing

Emma Bull, Will Shetterly, Cecilia Tan, Jane Yolen

Saturday 2:00pm Sherborn: Reading

Debra Doyle, James D. Macdonald

Saturday 2:00pm Wayland C/N: Technology Today!

A panel on today's gadgets and toys. We'll talk about all the things you can buy at the store down the street which proves that we're living in a skiffy world. Bring along examples!

Jeff Hecht, Geoffrey A. Landis, Erik Olson, Mark L. Olson (m), Edie Stern

Saturday 2:00pm Wayland S: SFWA Emergency Fund Auction

Saturday 2:00pm Weston: I Enjoy Being a Fan

What's to enjoy? To love?? (Conversely, is there anything to hate?)
Where would we be without fandom? How did it make us who we are today?
Now -- try to answer this question: what's good about fandom?

Thomas Atkinson, Rusty Hevelin, Mary Kay Kare, Evelyn C. Leeper (m), Geri Sullivan

Saturday 2:00pm Windsor Grille: Kaffeeklatsch

Nancy C. Hanger, John Morressy, Wen Spencer

Saturday 2:30pm Sherborn: Reading

Robert I. Katz

Saturday 3:00pm Art Show: Other Avenues for the SF Artist

Besides the usual (books and magazines, that is), where can artists actually sell their art? What are the options and possibilities: stores-show-galleys-and? How can the artist make a living through creative marketing?

Charles Lang, Margaret Organ-Kean, Wendy Snow-Lang, Frank Wu

Saturday 3:00pm Ashland: Reading and Storytelling

Bruce Coville

Saturday 3:00pm Suite 242: Arms and Armor Discussion and Demo.

Saturday 3:00pm Con Suite: Butterbug 2 - Sign a Book FOR Lois McMaster Bujold!

Mark Mandel

Saturday 3:00pm Dover: Kipling

Kipling: Fantasist and/or Modernist? His importance in the sf/fantasy field is enormous, but its true extent is often overlooked. He remains a touchstone of the political right - but his early imperialist work of the 1890s forms only a part of his achievement. His late, increasingly dense abd experimental stories of the 1920s are increasingly recognized as his finest work.
As Kipling's political beliefs become less important in the modern world, new aspects of his work are better appreciated. A look at the issues noted.

Brenda W. Clough, Gregory Feeley (m), Michael F. Flynn, Daniel Hatch, Fred Lerner

Saturday 3:00pm Middlesex: How To Read a Comic

Why can't some people read comics?
How can open-minded readers learn to accept (and even love!) the combination of a written story with art, which they sometimes find annoying....distracting.....unreadable!? What special skills (or ways of internalizing narrative, if you will...) are needed to allow one to enjoy comics?
Basically, can you learn to read (and love) comix, even if you think you hate them? How?

Greg Ketter (m), Madeleine E. Robins, Charles Vess, Marv Wolfman

Saturday 3:00pm Promenade: Autographing

Jeffrey A. Carver, Keith R. A. DeCandido, Christopher Golden, Robert I. Katz

Saturday 3:00pm Sherborn: Reading

Tamora Pierce

Saturday 3:00pm Wayland C/N: How Elements of Pop Culture Influenced My Writing

Cartoons, films, TV shows, etc. lodged in our subconscious when we were young. What may have emerged later as influences on writers? How are these elements of pop culture reinterpreted? Why did these had such strong affects?

Craig Shaw Gardner, John Morressy (m), Robert Sheckley, Michael Swanwick, Cecilia Tan

Saturday 3:00pm Wayland S: Big Names

Hal Clement

Saturday 3:00pm Weston: One Hour Novelist

Everything you need to know to be a writer. (The short version....not of the writer, you understand?)

Emma Bull, Will Shetterly

Saturday 3:00pm Windsor Grille: Kaffeeklatsch

Alex Irvine, Sharon Lee, Steve Miller, Allen Steele

Saturday 3:30pm Sherborn: Reading

James Patrick Kelly

Saturday 4:00pm Art Show: Pictionary

Artists sketch visual clues to SF-related words and terms, while you try to guess what they're getting at. Join the fun!

Bob Eggleton, Esther Friesner, Craig Shaw Gardner, Bill Neville

Saturday 4:00pm Ashland: Illustration Workshop

Margaret Organ-Kean

Saturday 4:00pm Suite 242: Science Writing

Jeff Hecht

Saturday 4:00pm Con Suite: Memorial Signing for Tom Holt

Alas, our Featured Filker couldn't make it to Boskone. So -- we're sending a piece of Boskone to him! Come and add your signature to B39 memorabilia we're sending to Tom Holt!

Saturday 4:00pm Dover: The OED (Fannish) Language Project

Who first used the word "hyperdrive"? Where did the term "fanzine" come from? How about "robotics" and "psionic" and "humanoid" and "sophont" and "SMOF" and "relaxacon"?
Croggle...nanotech....spindizzy.....trekker....trufan? The OED -- the Oxford English Dictionary -- is two months into its first project of asking knowledgeable aficionadoes to help document a genre's vocabulary. And the genre they chose is the one we love best: science fiction! Join our panel as we talk about our own fannish and sf-ish brand of the English language! Find out how the project is going, and how you can play along.

Gay Haldeman, Rusty Hevelin, Fred Lerner (m), Geri Sullivan

Saturday 4:00pm Middlesex: The Future of War (and Terrorism)

The world changed after 9/11. Did the way people (sf writers?) view war and terrorism change as well? Can effective sf/war stories still be written in a world reeling from terrorism? How do the new (and future) trends and faces of war differ from what went before?

Joe Haldeman, Walter H. Hunt, Paul Levinson (m), James D. Macdonald, E. J. McClure

Saturday 4:00pm Promenade: Autographing

Jennifer Dunne, Don Sakers, Allen Steele, Michael Swanwick

Saturday 4:00pm Sherborn: Reading

Barbara Chepaitis

Saturday 4:00pm Wayland C/N: Creative Rights (in the Work for Hire World)

Who owns an idea or character? Is it worth being creative, if you can't claim credit? Are the laws fair?
How can you stay productive (and true to yourself) in a work-for-hire environment?

Keith R. A. DeCandido, Deb Geisler (m), Leigh Grossman, Nancy C. Hanger, Marv Wolfman

Saturday 4:00pm Wayland S: Radio SF

Andrew Adams

Saturday 4:00pm Weston: The Good, the Bad, and How to Tell the Difference

What are the nature and challenges of being a critic? What yardsticks do critics use? How can personal preferences (when you know something you like is trash!) be separated from the reality of the material being critiqued? Are there times one would rather "review" than "criticize"? (If there's really a difference there, and if so, what?.)

Thomas A. Easton, Gregory Feeley, MaryAnn Johanson (m), Daniel Kimmel, Steven Sawicki

Saturday 4:00pm Windsor Grille: Kaffeeklatsch

Geoffrey A. Landis, Tamora Pierce, Jane Yolen

Saturday 4:30pm Sherborn: Reading

Michael A. Burstein

Saturday 5:00pm Art Show: Discussing Painting Techniques

How are different media (and styles) of painting used? Ar some more appropriate for different uses than others? How does working with oil differ (in terms of product and in terms of how it is approached, and how the artist actually feels about the work?!) from acrylics, watercolors, etc....?

Stephen Hickman, Margaret Organ-Kean, Omar Rayyan, Frank Wu

Saturday 5:00pm Suite 242: Costuming on the Cheap: a Workshop and Discussion

Thomas Atkinson

Saturday 5:00pm Con Suite: Robert Sheckley Book Launch

Robert Sheckley

Saturday 5:00pm Dover: Extreme Science: The Very Large and the Very Small

Quarks to quasars, monopoles, strings, and other wonderfully weird realities of the universe.....

Hal Clement, Geoffrey A. Landis, Mark L. Olson (m)

Saturday 5:00pm Middlesex: Kavalier and Clay (and Comics and Dreams and Everything Else.....)

A dialog about an amazing book, and some of the Mysteries it might have illuminated.

Neil Gaiman, Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Saturday 5:00pm Promenade: Autographing

Barbara Chepaitis, Sharon Lee, Steve Miller, Steven Sawicki

Saturday 5:00pm Sherborn: Reading

Joe Haldeman

Saturday 5:00pm Wayland C/N: My Crackpot Theory

We all want to know how the world really works. Tell us.

Thomas A. Easton (m), Shariann Lewitt, Michael Rennie, Darrell Schweitzer, Cecilia Tan

Saturday 5:00pm Wayland S: Rhythm and Muse: Lyrical/Metrical Language in Prose

Elements of music are important in the written language as well. Look at the uses and power of different meters, the importance of repetition in song and story, the lyrics of poetry and prophecy. Discuss -- and perform, if so inspired....

Emma Bull (m), Lorraine Garland, Greer Gilman, Rosemary Kirstein, Jane Yolen

Saturday 5:00pm Weston: Filk Concerts: Paul Estin, Gary Ehrlich, Johnathan Turner, and Tom Holt Theme Concert!

Saturday 5:00pm Windsor Grille: Kaffeeklatsch

Bruce Coville, Paul Levinson, Marv Wolfman

Saturday 5:30pm Sherborn: Reading

Keith R. A. DeCandido

Saturday 6:00pm Sherborn: Reading

Don Sakers

Saturday 6:30pm Sherborn: Reading

Judith Berman

Saturday 7:00pm Ashland: Costuming for Kids!

Saturday 8:00pm Middlesex: Men In Black: Fashion Advice and Show

Keith R. A. DeCandido, Esther Friesner, Craig Shaw Gardner

Saturday 8:30pm Middlesex: Neil Gaiman Interview

Neil Gaiman, Jane Yolen

Saturday 9:00pm Dover: Why Do You Read It?

People read fantasy and sf by choice, and those who read it read a lot of it. What motivates their choices: the author's track record, the cover illustration, the blurbs, work of mouth, curiosity, or forces beyond human ken? Do readers try new names of stick to the familir ones?. Why? What do readers seek in fantasy/sf theat they don't find in reading other things, or engaging in other such activities that people freely choose for their leisure time?
For readers - explore what you like and dislike (and how it varies from person to person), and for writers - get a better understanding of your audience...

Jim Mann, John Morressy

Saturday 9:00pm Weston: Filking

More opportunities for filkers to destroy their throats (and minds!?) and filk into the wee hours.... (Adds Dover as a second room at 11:00 pm.)

Saturday 9:30pm Ashland: Regency Dance

Saturday 9:30pm Middlesex: Awards Ceremony (+ Dessert Buffet)

Ellen Asher, Pam Fremon, Neil Gaiman, Stephen Hickman, Priscilla Olson, Marv Wolfman, Jane Yolen

Saturday 10:00pm Dover: Hugo Suggestions and Discussion Group

It's time to nominate for the Hugos! What was good in 2001? (And what from 2000 is still eligible because of overseas publication?) Look at fiction, non-ficiton, art, editing, and fannish categories.

John R. Douglas, Greg Ketter, Jim Mann, Mark L. Olson

Saturday 10:00pm Middlesex: Cabaret

Emma Bull, Lorraine Garland, Joe Haldeman, Ellen Kushner (m), Patrick Nielsen Hayden

Saturday 10:00pm Sherborn: Reading

Daniel P. Dern

Saturday 10:00pm Wayland C/N: Neverwhere (continues)

Saturday 10:30pm Sherborn: Reading

Christopher Golden

Saturday 11:00pm Sherborn: Reading the Book/Seeing the Movie

Do these activities really use different muscles? What are the advantages of the printed word over the medium of film? The disadvantages?
If you read the book before you see the movie, does that help or hurt? (Um, the book and/or the movie?) Can you ever really enjoy the book again after seeing the movie....or enjoy the movie after reading the book?
Can a movie be too much like a book? (And, does it really matter?) Has there ever been a movie better than the book? What great original flicks would make really lousy books? And what two recent movies do you think we'll end up talking about the most?

Bob Devney, Craig Shaw Gardner, MaryAnn Johanson, Daniel Kimmel

Sunday, February 17, 2002

Sunday 8:30am Suite 242: Writer's Workshop

David A. Smith

Sunday 10:00am Art Show: How Did We Get That Cover?

Explore the relationships and strains existing between the artist/writer/editor/publisher. Can marketing and art coexist? Discuss the evolution of a book cover from story to printed book, sharing experiences along the way.

Laura Anne Gilman (m), Stephen Hickman, Charles Lang, Margaret Organ-Kean

Sunday 10:00am Ashland: Optical Illusions

Hal Clement

Sunday 10:00am Con Suite: Kaffeeklatsch

Patricia Bray, Glen Cook, David G. Hartwell

Sunday 10:00am Dover: How to Drive Your Characters Crazy

Want to add a little madness to your story? Whether you write about adolescent angst or delusions or dissociations, come get the nuts and bolts of metal illness and the mental health care system. Avoid anachronisms (psychiatrists who do suicide intervention in person), avert glaring errors (schizophrenia as split-personality), get your character diagnosed (sorry, no prescriptions will be written). Bring questions from your pet project or just soak up story ideas.

Brian Wightman

Sunday 10:00am Middlesex: Images of Loss in "Lord of the Rings"

After Frodo has returned, still not entirely healed, to the Shire he tells Sam "It must often be so, Sam, when things are in danger: someone has to give them up. lose them, so that others may keep them." Much of the power of The Lord of the Rings comes fromt he deep sense of loss that fills it: The Elves' loss of Middle Earth, Men's loss of life, the Ents' loss of forest and the Entwives, Frodo's loss of the Shire, Arwen's loss of immortality, Elrond's loss of Arwen -- and there are many others, even Gollum's loss of the Ring. Bittersweet images all. Are these essential to the enduring strength of Tolkien's universe? Would we love it as much without the final image of the magic leaving Middle Earth, as the elves (and ringbearers) take the straight path across the sea to the West.....?

Debra Doyle, Mary Kay Kare, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Michael Swanwick, Tom Whitmore (m)

Sunday 10:00am Promenade: Autographing

Bruce Coville, John Morressy, Katya Reimann, Marv Wolfman

Sunday 10:00am Sherborn: Is the Slush Pile a Thing of the Past?

Can a new writer really get discovered in the "slush pile?" Or, in this moderrn era of declining print runs, is the "blockbuster" mentality having a major impact on the ability of a new (or even an older midlist writer) to get published in the field?

Roger MacBride Allen, Ginjer Buchanan, Don Sakers (m), Darrell Schweitzer, Allen Steele

Sunday 10:00am Wayland C/N: Where History Went Wrong

Identify some turning points in history where something unexpected happened -- and take it from there (building an alternate history if the "expected" happened.)
But first, examine why the turning point was "unexpected"'s not like there are actually cycles in, are there?

Michael F. Flynn, Esther Friesner, Leigh Grossman, Evelyn C. Leeper (m)

Sunday 10:00am Wayland S: Mars Missions

Geoffrey A. Landis

Sunday 10:00am Weston: Collaborating (With the Enemy?)

Wherein two sets of collaborative teams will discuss/compare/contrast the process, advantages, and pitfalls of working together....

Michael A. Burstein (m), Barbara Chepaitis, Steven Sawicki, Shane Tourtellotte

Sunday 11:00am Con Suite: Kaffeeklatsch

Keith R. A. DeCandido, Laura Anne Gilman, Shariann Lewitt

Sunday 11:00am Dover: Lost in Space? - The Effects of Interstellar Flight on the Human Psyche

Michael Rennie

Sunday 11:00am Middlesex: The Monster in the Maze

There is a monster. It's lurking in the shadows, waiting. There is always a monster.
It might be the Minotaur in the Labyrinth of Crete or a beast living under London, but it is always there.
What is the monster, if it's more than the dark shadow of the self?
Explore the monsters that haunt our sleeping and waking hours, and how we may (with luck and wisdom) find and defeat them. Discuss some works that did this (and examine if they did this successfully).

Emma Bull, John R. Douglas (m), Neil Gaiman, Robert Sheckley, Jane Yolen

Sunday 11:00am Promenade: Autographing

Brenda W. Clough, Joe Haldeman, Margaret Organ-Kean, Wen Spencer

Sunday 11:00am Sherborn: Digital Rights, and Other Small Press Traps and Issues

How has the revolution in (and evolution of) digital technology affected the sf publishing field. What is the effect of the popularity/promise of e-publishing/books on demand/the whole nine yards....? What are the complications of these new media, that are still in their infancy? What do writers (and readers and publishers, for that matter) need to know to avoid getting into trouble in these exciting (but dangerous) digital waters?

Roger MacBride Allen, Eleanor Lang (m), Ernest Lilley, Steve Miller, Don Sakers

Sunday 11:00am Wayland C/N: The Next Great Fantasy Flick

Now that they've done Potter and LotR, what's next? (Besides the sequels, we mean.)
At the very least, what do you want to be next (and why)? (Go ahead - review and cast your dream production, if you're so inclined....)

Bob Devney, MaryAnn Johanson (m), Mark R. Leeper, Marv Wolfman

Sunday 11:00am Wayland S: (More)Lying With Statistics

Michael F. Flynn

Sunday 11:00am Weston: New York, New York!

New York City. The ultimate urban landscape. The real hub of the universe?
If it weren't there, someone would have to invent it, right?
What is the enchantment of New York, and how did 9/11 display (or destroy) this magic?
How does one use The City to evoke a fantasy setting, amid the gritty reality of it all?

Michael A. Burstein, Greer Gilman, David G. Hartwell, Madeleine E. Robins (m), Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Sunday 12:00 n Con Suite: Kaffeeklatsch

Emma Bull, Gay Haldeman, Joe Haldeman, Will Shetterly

Sunday 12:00 n Dover: Lies Fandom Told Me

Are fans really slans? How did you ever get sucked in....and why couldn't you get away? Explore (and explode) the myths of fandom.

Deb Geisler, Rusty Hevelin, Fred Lerner, Geri Sullivan (m), Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Sunday 12:00 n Middlesex: (Return of the)Ten Worst Ideas in SF and Fantasy

Well...this panel turned out to be so silly interesting last year, we just had to do it again.
A look at the historic bad ideas used in the field (and often amazingly overused) ((and even more-amazingly, still being used!)) , and a look at the awful new ideas that are sometimes (astonishlingly) taking the place of the horrible old ones. Have fun!

Michael A. Burstein, Keith R. A. DeCandido (m), Craig Shaw Gardner, Leigh Grossman, Michael Rennie

Sunday 12:00 n Promenade: Autographing

Geoffrey A. Landis, Paul Levinson, Tamora Pierce, Darrell Schweitzer

Sunday 12:00 n Sherborn: Surgery in Space

Robert I. Katz

Sunday 12:00 n Wayland C/N: Fantasy Motifs in SF Literature

There's fantasy and there's SF, right? One's about elfs and one's about space ships and ne'er the twain shall meet, right? Or is it? It has even been noted that an "enchanted forest" exists in "Against the Fall of Night"....but....but....that 's sf....not fantasy! So, what happens when SF uses fantasy motifs? Is it no longer SF or, at least, something less than real SF? Is Yoda Merlin? Is AKKA the One Ring? How does a writer take a classic fantasy motif and make it SF -- is it more than just dressing it in hardware? Are there any fantasy motifs which have not been used? Can not be used?
Why do hard sf writers bother to play with folkloric images: what do they get out of this miscagenation (and why)?

Judith Berman, Debra Doyle (m), Esther Friesner, Rosemary Kirstein, Michael Swanwick

Sunday 12:00 n Wayland S: The Star Wars Toy Museum

Thomas Atkinson, Don Sakers

Sunday 12:00 n Weston: The Stages of a Writer's Career

It's a long road from arrant Neo to Big Name Pro.....What are the stages of a writer's career, from starting out to resting on laurels (and royalites?) Part-time to full-time (and if so, when?) Discuss changes in the writer's life (and style, and publishability, and whatever else!) as one progresses from rejection slips to royalty checks.

Walter H. Hunt, John Morressy, Katya Reimann (m), Robert Sheckley, Shane Tourtellotte

Sunday 12:30pm Suite 242: Reading

Alex Irvine

Sunday 1:00pm Sudbury: Day of the Dead

Sunday 1:00pm Ashland: Ice Cream Party - kids only!

Sunday 1:00pm Suite 242: Reading

Bruce Coville

Sunday 1:00pm Con Suite: Kaffeeklatsch

Rosemary Kirstein, Ann Tonsor Zeddies

Sunday 1:00pm Dover: Deep Space.....Deeper Time?

The road goes ever on, they say, but space is apparently finite. Time, however appears to stretch on indefinitely.
Look into the very very far future, and tell what you see there. How does the very universe evolve? When do the stars die? And what is humanity's future amidst all of this?

Hal Clement, Joe Haldeman, Mark L. Olson (m), Allen Steele

Sunday 1:00pm Middlesex: When the Dead Walk

Should we always fear them?
What do they have to tell us? (Must we listen?) (Do they lie?) Do they return to harm or advise us? Do they come to warn or blame, comfort or prophecize? Do they offer us forgiveness or courage, or, perhaps, death itself?
Discuss the use of the returning dead, and explain why they are such fascinating subjects.

Greer Gilman, Will Shetterly (m), Michael Swanwick, Marv Wolfman

Sunday 1:00pm Promenade: Autographing

Debra Doyle, Esther Friesner, James D. Macdonald

Sunday 1:00pm Sherborn: Art Auction

Sunday 1:00pm Wayland C/N: Cross-marketing: Fantasy and the Romance Genre

Look at the overlap between SF and romances - and why more SF books can be considered romances, and why so many romances have SF elements. Discuss and give some examples.
Is this a true sub-genre or a marketing niche? (Was this cross-marketing deliberate?) Will it change the sf-reading population significantly? Will it continue to permeate each genre -- and, is this good or bad, either way?

Patricia Bray, Jennifer Dunne, Sharon Lee (m), Madeleine E. Robins, Wen Spencer

Sunday 1:00pm Wayland S: What Do You Want in a Worldcon?

Deb Geisler, Tom Whitmore

Sunday 1:00pm Weston: Can We Survive Without Technology?

We enhance our lives and abilities with drugs....eyeglasses....pacemakers....palm pilots!? Where does it all end? Resistance is futile.

Daniel P. Dern, Robert I. Katz (m), Erik Olson, Edie Stern

Sunday 1:30pm Suite 242: Reading

Katya Reimann

Sunday 2:00pm Suite 242: Reading

Sharon Lee, Steve Miller

Sunday 2:00pm Con Suite: Illustrated Orbiter Dicta

Bob Devney, Bill Neville

Sunday 2:00pm Dover: Exploring Poul Anderson's Future History

The Van Rijn's Polesnotech League! Flandry's Terran Empire! Poul Anderson may not have invented the idea of a future history, but arguably his main future history was simultaneously the most fully-realized and the most interesting of them all. Explore Anderson's main future history and the stories he set in it and discuss how it is rooted in our own real history. Also consider some of his minor future histories (The Maurai and the Psychotechnic League histories.)

Mark L. Olson

Sunday 2:00pm Middlesex: Achilles Needs a Heel! (The Problem with Power)

Would Achilles have been as interesting if he'd been truely invulnerable, or, instead of dying a tragic hero, would he still have been acting like a psychopathic adolescent thirty years after the Trojan War ended? Can power without vulnerabilities make an interesting story? (Has anyone succeeded?) What sorts of vulnerabilities are needed? How do you avoid the search for the armor's chink turning a story into a puzzle?

Brenda W. Clough (m), Bruce Coville, Paul Levinson, John Morressy, Marv Wolfman

Sunday 2:00pm Promenade: Autographing

Neil Gaiman, Robert Sheckley

Sunday 2:00pm Sherborn: Where Ideas Come From (Not Schenectady!)

Dreams? Research? Exotic locales? Messages from outer space? (Hmm, not sure if we wanna know that....) What are some strategies? Where do ideas come from, and how can budding authors generate their own?

Jeffrey A. Carver (m), Jennifer Dunne, Geoffrey A. Landis, Tamora Pierce, Tom Sweeney

Sunday 2:00pm Wayland C/N: Are We Taking Ourselves Too Seriously?

There seems to be a back-to-basics movement developing in the science fiction (never "sci-fi," after all...) field that 's characterized by a number of different (but frequently recurring) views: that fantasy and pop culture are bad, that "art" is good (especially if it's hard to do or understand), and that one must be professional in all aspects of ones work and behavior. And, perhaps, that simply having fun with the material should be of little importance (if not entirely suspect...) Let's look at these issues, and why some people are (really?) concerned about what is and isn't proper in science fiction.

Bob Eggleton, Nancy C. Hanger, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Tom Whitmore (m), Noel Wolfman

Sunday 2:00pm Wayland S: Movies on the Internet

This panel will show you how to find films on the Internet, how to watch them, and explain how you can build your own home movie studio so you can start shooting and getting your own short films on the Web.

Kurt Lancaster

Sunday 2:00pm Weston: (Open) MASSFILC meeting

Sunday 2:30pm Suite 242: Reading

Will Shetterly

Sunday 3:00pm Suite 242: Reading

Greer Gilman

Sunday 3:00pm Dover: How Stories End

Happily ever after.....well, perhaps not always. But -- what makes a satisfying ending? (And, in fact, does a story really need to have an ending anyway?)
Discuss favorite endings (whether you wrote them or not), and why they work so well.

Walter H. Hunt, Shariann Lewitt, Tamora Pierce, David A. Smith (m), Ann Tonsor Zeddies

Sunday 3:00pm Wayland C/N: Gripe Session....and Whither Boskone!?

What went wrong? What went right? What should we do next year in Boston? How can we improve in the future? Whither Boskone?
Join up for a going-away party as we leave Framingham.

Pam Fremon, Priscilla Olson, Sharon Sbarsky