Helmuth, Speaking for Boskone

Helmuth 1 for Friday, February 13, 2004

Edited by Laurie Mann, Ruth Sachter and Sarah Prince

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And You Thought They'd Closed the Hellmouth...

Welcome to Hellmouth...er, Helmuth, Speaking for Boskone, your source of all breaking news about our con.

Boskone Chair Welcomes You!

Rick Katze says have a great time at Boskone, and see you this August at Noreascon 4! Rick observes that not only is he the oldest Boskone chair, he's the first person to survive the experience 2½ times (so far...)

As Rick is this year's Hugo Administrator, we're sure he'd remind you of the following: If you're a Noreascon 4 member, you can nominate for the Hugos online or by postal mail by March 29.

The Boskone Dinner Thing: Meet and Eat!

Want to meet other fans at Boskone? Come to Information (2nd floor) and create your own meal group or sign up for an existing one. This is a mechanism for fans with similar interests in SF and food to get together in an informal atmosphere.

Friday Night Parties

The party floor is the 9th floor of the Sheraton.

Japan in 2007 is running in 908 at 9PM.

Saturday Afternoon Parties

Japanese CyberPreppie Tea Party, 1-3 in the Con Suite.

Panelist Change

Noreen Doyle and Robert Sawyer will not be at Boskone.

No Blizzard Forecast This Year!

We think last year's Sn*k*ne was a one-shot (at least, we hope so...)

If you attended Sn*k*ne 2003, you can buy a commemorative shirt from the FoPaws table in the Hucksters' Room.

Early Fan
Illo by Feorag NicBhride

Boskone 41 Charity Auction

We are pleased to announce that the Boskone 41 Charity Auction will be held for the benefit of the Joslin Diabetes Center in memory of Hal Clement who had a long struggle with that disease. Hal's contributions to the field of science fiction are well known. He was a writer, an artist, and a fan. Mostly though, he will be remembered by those of us who were privileged to know him as a true gentleman.

Please bring items for the Auction to Boskone to the Boskone Information area on the second floor by 5PM on Saturday. The auction runs in Independence West at approximately 9:15PM, following the Skylark Award presentation.  Help us honor the memory of our friend and support this worthy cause.

Calling All Gamers

The Game Room needs your help! Bring a copy of Munchkin with you to the SJ game Saturday night in Independence East. If the turnout is large, there will have to be more than one game going at a time. We'd have to use Star Munchkin or Munchkin Fu to run multiple games. If you can bring a copy of Munchkin, please do!

Surprise Announcement!

Nuclear War tournament at 10PM, Friday. The tournament will run 4 30-minute rounds.

First 2 games: 2 points total for all winners at a table (winner means you didn't lose all your population) at the end of 30 minutes

Last two games: 3 points total for all winners at a table at the end of 30 minutes. Specific game rules will be read at start of tournament.

If you have a copy of Nuclear War (we're using the base game for this tournament), bring it with you as we'll need more copies.

A sign up sheet will be in the Game Room for both tournaments. Space is limited to the amount of people the games can hold at one time. That can change to a higher number if you can help and bring in a copy of Munchkin or Nuclear War. Grand prize for the SJ tournament is a signed copy of Munchkin. Grand prize for Nuclear War will be announced before the start of the tournament. Come on down and have some fun.

Special Friday Program Items

Hal Clement Memorial

We lost a friend this year. Here is a chance to talk about him. Fairfax, 8PM.

Happy Birthday, Jane Yolen!

On the occasion of her 65th birthday, we discuss Jane and her writings. Dalton, 9PM.

There will be birthday cake for Jane in the Con Suite at 5:45PM (life is uncertain, eat dessert first!).

Chocolate for Trivia

You answer the questions, you get the chocolate. That's about it. Led by Mark and Priscilla Olson.

Yes, it's Still Friday the Thirteenth. All Day. Watch Your Back!

Note: Ben's brain is on the N: drive.

Music Everywhere

Dave Grubbs, with the help of Jerry Sabatini, jazz trumpeter and impresario, is organizing live instrumental music for the weekend. Besides your enjoyment, the musicians are here to try out various styles and venues for future projects. Dave brought his big band to Art Show set-up on Thursday night. The band surprised everyone by both the quality and volume.

Today at 6PM in the Con Suite, a vibraphone and bass duo who will also appear at 8:30PM in the Art Show Musicians' Corner. The Art Show Reception at 10:30.p.m features The Sonic Explorers, a jazz trio.


In the Art Show Musicians' Corner: half a dozen solo and duo performers at different times throughout the day.

At 5PM in the Con Suite, solo jazz guitar.

Call for Volunteers

As always, Boskone needs you to give a few hours of your time to help us run the convention. We need people to guard doors, run errands and help out with Registration and the Con Suite, We encourage volunteers to stop by the Information area on the second floor (near the stairs).

News for Helmuth

Bring news for future Helmuths to the Information area on the second floor. Line art encouraged; digital photos can be added to the online edition. Helmuths will be distributed at the Information area, in the Independence Foyer (Registration) and in the Con Suite.

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