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$41 until Jan. 18, 2004

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triple: $145; quad: $155
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Helmuth 2 for Saturday, February 14, 2004

Edited by Ruth Sachter, Sarah Prince and Laurie Mann

Logo by Suford

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yes, roses are available in the mall, but they're a little cheaper in the Shaw's (across from the Marriott)...

Anime Notes

How Many Fans Are in a Fanthom Anyway?

We accidentally misspelled The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms on the back page of the anime schedule. If anyone can tell us how many fans are in a fanthom, we'd greatly appreciate it.

Friday Night Trivia Winners

John Meltzer 52
Karen Von Hamm 49
Bob Devney & Jordin Kare 36
Chris Logan Edwards 30

Restaurant Guides

They've been reprinted and are available again at the Information area on the second floor.

Saturday Afternoon Parties

Japanese CyberPreppie Tea Party, 1-3pm in the con suite.

Saturday Night Parties

Columbus in 2007, 9PM in 908.

RISFA-North, 9PM in 920.


WSFS Mark Protection Committee today at 5PM in the Sheraton hotel bar.

Havdalah tonight at 6:15PM in room 2257 of the Sheraton South Tower.

"The Influence of SF & Cyberpunk on Anime and Vice Versa," a discussion led by Tim Liebe in Kent, Saturday, 4:30-5PM.

Lost & Found

Accidentally left on freebie table: Evolution by Stephen Baxter (full of coupons). Please return to Info if found.

Illo by Sarah Prince

Music Everywhere

The musical performances in the Con Suite and Art Show are experiments in style, instrumentation and room acoustics. If you have a moment and an opinion, please stop by the Info desk (on the other side of the elevators from the Art Show) and drop a short comment into the Helmuth box (we'll deliver the messages to Dave for you).

Today: In the Art Show Musicians' Corner: half a dozen solo and duo performers at different times throughout the day.

At 5PM in the Con Suite, solo jazz guitar.

Call for Volunteers

As always, Boskone needs you to give a few hours of your time to help us run the convention. We need people to guard doors, run errands and help out with Registration and the Con Suite, We encourage volunteers to stop by the Information area on the second floor (near the stairs).

Meisha Merlin Publishing

Come to Sheraton 1914 for the launch of Sharon Lee & Steve Miller's new book. Come by today 10AM-6PM and Sunday 10AM-3PM.

Regency Event

Susan diGuardiola will be dancemaster for this year's Regency Dance, to be held in Independence West on Sunday from 2-5PM. Regency costumes are optional. The Regency is also looking for a Whist master who has played in recent memory. Please talk to Suford at Information on the second floor.

Boskone 41 Charity Auction

We are pleased to announce that the Boskone 41 Charity Auction will be held for the benefit of the Joslin Diabetes Center in memory of Hal Clement who had a long struggle with that disease. The auction runs in Independence West at approximately 9:15PM, following the Skylark Award presentation. Help us honor the memory of our friend and support this worthy cause.

NESFA Press is donating a signed, presentation (lettered, not numbered) boxed edition of The Hunters of Pangaea to the auction. Both Stephen Baxter and Richard Hescox have agreed to personalize the book for the winning bidder.

Calling All Gamers

The Game Room needs your help! Bring a copy of Munchkin with you to the SJ game Saturday night in Independence East.

Japanese Worldcon Bid Haiku Contest

The first Japanese Worldcon Bid: Nippon 2007 Committee is running a haiku contest. Visit their Web site for more information ( You can also talk to Peggy Rae Sapienza, who will be administering the contest. Winners will be announced on Friday, September 3 at Noreascon.

The Boskone Dinner Thing: Meet & Eat!

Want to meet other fans at Boskone? Come to Information (2nd floor) and create your own meal group or sign up for an existing one. This is a mechanism for fans with similar interests in SF and food to get together in an informal atmosphere.

The Berkshire Grill is closed this weekend.

Irene Harrison recommends breakfast at the Pour House, on Boylston Street across from the Hynes, near the fire house. This place is fast, cheap and while it looks like a bar the breakfasts are great!

Flamers over in the Prudential Mall Food Court is open for breakfast and was relatively line free this morning.

No Blizzard Forecast This Year!

We think last year's Sn*k*ne was a one-shot (at least, we hope so...)

If you attended Sn*k*ne 2003, you can buy a commemorative shirt from the FoPaws table in the Hucksters' Room

Panelist Change

Noreen Doyle and Robert Sawyer will not be at Boskone.

Anime Credit Where Credit Is Due

We would like to thank Ed Dooley's eighty-something mother for collating and slaving over a hot stapler to assemble the anime schedules, for a convention she does not attend. "That's all right, I'll be here...alone... in the dark...with only the cat to protect me...but, you go have fun."

Julius Schwartz, 1915-2004

Julie Schwartz died last Sunday in New York. He was 88 years old. Julie was a central character in both science fiction and comics, as a longtime SF fan and an editor or many DC comic books, including Superman and Fantastic Four.

News for Helmuth

Bring news for future Helmuths to the Information area on the second floor. You can submit online line art for the printed edition or digital photos for the online addition (at Helmuths will be distributed at the Information area, in the Independence Foyer (Registration) and in the Con Suite.

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