Pack Your Hawaiian Shirts and Muumuus!

We invite you to dress for a tropical paradise Saturday night as we join the Space Cowboys on Hawaiian Holiday. The festivities start with a dessert luau in the Con Suite—taste what we create with pineapples, coconut, and lychees, or just stare in wonderment at it. The luau will be followed by a lively processional down to the Boskone Awards Ceremony at 9pm. The fun continues with carnival games and contests after the awards: lasso the alien, laser maze competition, hula contest, Esther Friesner's Cheeblemancy, and more. Prizes for the best Hawaiian garb worn to the event...for curious values of "best."

If you'd like to play help with the luau or games, please send email to Geri Sullivan,

Remembering Robert Sheckley

NESFA Press publishes other books besides its Boskone Books and when it publishes a book by a living author it frequently brings the author to Boskone for a launch party. This year we published The Masque of Mañana by Robert Sheckley to commemorate his being Guest of Honour at the Worldcon in Glasgow. Sheckley accepted the invitation to come to Boskone, but died in December. To honor his memory, we have invited Mike Resnick, who was instrumental in starting our program of reprinting Sheckley and co-edited the first volume, Dimensions of Sheckley, to come and help us celebrate Sheckley's writing.

DUFF Auction

The Down Under Fan Fund, DUFF, sends a fandom elected representative between Australia and the United States every year. DUFF will be holding a fund-raising auction at Boskone. Joe Siclari, the 2005 American DUFF representative will be on hand to show pictures, tell lies, and confirm all the stories you've heard about Australian fandom. He promises not to show you where the platypus bit him nor make scatological comments about termite mounds. The auction will include strange and bizarre Aussie collectibles, fanzines, original art and prints, books and more. Please come and help us keep this fan fund going.

If you have items you might like to donate for future DUFF auctions, please bring them to Boskone—look for the DUFF Donation Drop basket or contact Joe at con or by email ( Whether you donate or not, come and join us at the auction. It's for a good fannish cause and you might find something or someone to root for.