NESFA Press Guest of Honor Book

This year's Boskone Book will be The Involuntary Human by GoH David Gerrold. This volume collects some of the best of Gerrold's recent short stories, updated works and three pieces that have never been published before. The trade state is $27 and the boxed state is $45. As usual, we offer the book at a 40% discount to Boskone members.

NESFA Press Presents

Christopher Stasheff is a long-time SF and fantasy writer with over thirty novels to his credit, with The Warlock in Spite of Himself as probably the most well-known.

Stasheff co-edited two original anthologies of Harold Shea (The Incomplete Enchanter) stories with L. Sprague de Camp, and wrote the introduction to NESFA Press' Harold Shea collection The Mathematics of Magic which will be released at Boskone 44.