Boskone 44 Art Show

Rules and Information for Artists

  1. The Basics
    • Only artists may enter themselves in the show, and they may do so only once. Each artist may authorize an agent to act as a representative.
    • Group entries are permitted; however, such entries will be subject to the same space limits as entries by a single artist. Artists entering as part of a group may not also enter as individuals or as members of other groups. Collaborations must be the work of at least one of the entering artists and may be submitted by any of the collaborators.
    • All entries must be original works of the artist(s) on science fiction, fantasy or fannish themes, submitted by the artist or his agent. We reserve the right to reject any entry.
    • All items entered must be completed before being brought into the Art Show.
    • All flat entries must be matted, mounted or framed and ready for hanging.
    • Once a piece of artwork has been signed into the Art Show or Print Shop, it may not be withdrawn nor may any conditions of its sale be changed.
    • Not-For-Sale work is permitted and is eligible for awards, but we would appreciate it if at least half of your work is for sale.
    • Reproductions, which should generally be entered in the Print Shop, may be exhibited as single copies of fine art prints and other limited-edition works in the main Art Show. They must be labeled as reproductions. Items which appear for sale in the Print Shop or Dealers' Room should not also appear in the main Art Show.
    • We do not provide insurance coverage for art entered in the show. While we protect your art and have not had any problems in more than a dozen years, we recommend you verify that your insurance coverage extends to display in the show.
    • Generally, new artists (those not exhibiting at Boskone from 2004-2006) are limited to ½ panel or ¼ table, and returning artists (those exhibiting during the past three years) are limited to one panel or ½ table. These limits may be increased with sufficiently good reasons (we're not terribly hard to convince). If you wish to reserve more space or need a mixture of panel and table space, please contact us.
    • The Print Shop will have room for about 130 different items of flat art (3-D items can not be handled). No artist may submit more than 10 different items to display, with 1 to 10 identical copies per item. Each copy must be matted or otherwise mounted, with an overall size between 8" x 10" and 20" x 30". One copy of each item will be displayed; other copies will be sold at a fixed price, with the display copy usually being sold last. The Print Shop handling fee is $1 per copy stocked in the Print Shop, to a maximum of 100 pieces or $100 for any artist.
    • We do allow a limited amount of mail-in art. If you cannot find any other way to get your artwork to and from the show, write us and explain the problem. We will try to help. Mail-in, if permitted, will require an additional $20 fee, and you must pay all shipping costs in both directions for your art. If you mail art without our prior written agreement, we will return it immediately.
  2. Entry Fees and Procedures
    • Boskone 44's Art Show and Print Shop charge no commissions, but do charge a space fee. The basic unit of space for flat work is the panel, which is made of pegboard and is 4' high by 6' wide. For 3-D art, the basic unit is the table, which is 6' long by 30" deep. Please remember that the space you reserve must include any clearance between pieces, including space for their attached bid sheets. Your artwork may not extend beyond the edge of any panel or table; it may not interfere with any works displayed by other artists.
    • You are not limited to buying full panels or tables. The available amounts are:
      1 Table .... 6' x 30" .... $44 *   3 Panels .... 4' x 6' ea. .... $132 *
      ½ Table .... 3' x 30" .... $22 2 Panels .... 4' x 6' ea. .... $88 *
      ¼ Table .... 18" x 30" .... $11 1 Panel .... 4' x 6' .... $44
        ½ Panel .... 4' x 3' .... $22
      * if allowed. ¼ Panel .... 2' x 3' .... $11
    • Each returning artist may request any combination of panel and table space which totals one or less and includes no more than ½ table. Each new artist may request up to ½ panel or ¼ table. Requests for additional space will be granted if they benefit the show. Approval of the Art Show Director is required but is not terribly difficult to get; please feel free to try.
    • If you need floor space for large, free-standing artwork, write us for a quote (please include all the details of what you need). If the space is available, the cost will be similar to that for the same amount of table space.
    • Entering the Show. If you wish to enter the Boskone 44 Art Show and Print Shop, fill out and return the enclosed form as soon as possible. Advance reservations are required—do not count on the possibility of getting space at the door. At our discretion, some or all of the space you request may be wait-listed rather than being immediately granted or rejected. We intend to resolve most wait-listed space in mid-January, just before sending out the Bid Sheet Mailing, so requests which arrive before then have a better chance of getting space. Entry forms received without full payment will be returned immediately. However, if paying in full now causes you difficulty, please send us an explanation with your entry form—we may be able to help. Payment of entry fees is by Visa, MasterCard or a check or money order drawn on a U.S. bank and payable in U.S. funds to Boskone 44.
    • Within two weeks after we receive your entry form, we will send you confirmation of space or notification that your request has been fully or partially wait-listed. Contact us if you don't receive a timely confirmation.
    • Fees will be refunded in full for cancellations received by February 1, 2007; after that time half of the fees will be refunded; no-shows at the convention will receive no refund.
    • Proceeds from sales. We will mail you a check within a month after the convention for all sales at the Boskone 44 Art Show and Print Shop less any fees still owed. Sales tax, credit card fees, etc. will not affect the amount you are paid.
    • Copyright information. (1) We inform buyers that purchase of art does not include any reproduction rights. (2) Only the official convention photographers and supervised press will be allowed to photograph the Art Show.
    • Auction Sales and Awards. (1) All artwork from the main Art Show with four written bids will go to a voice auction on Sunday afternoon. (2) All original artwork is eligible for awards for exemplary artwork by a panel of judges. A Best Artist ribbon will be awarded by popular vote.
  3. Additional Information
    • If your entry is accepted, you will receive additional information regarding Art Show and Print Shop hours, hanging instructions, etc., in January 2007.
    • Remember: if you plan to attend Boskone 44, you must purchase a convention membership. We have included space to purchase memberships on the Art Show Entry Form.
    • Since many artists prefer to print their own Bid Sheets, we will be providing a PDF of the Bid Sheet on our website. If you can't conveniently print your own Bid Sheets, please mark the check box on the entry form and we'll send blank Bid Sheets as we have in the past.
    • Many artists are reading the information in this mailing from our website and printing a copy of the entry form from there. If you prefer, in future years, to be notified by email when the Art Show information becomes available on our website (at the same time that any paper mailings are sent out) rather than being sent a paper mailing, please mark the check box on the entry form.
  4. Art Show Schedule (Preliminary)

    Thursday, Feb. 15   7 p.m. until done   Set-up of hangings
    (everyone is welcome to come and help)
    Friday, Feb. 16 Noon to 6 p.m. Artist Check-in
      6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Art Show & Print Shop open
    Awards voting
      10 p.m. until done Boskone Reception
    Saturday, Feb. 17 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Art Show & Print Shop open
    Awards voting
    Sunday, Feb. 18 10 a.m. to Noon Art Show & Print Shop open
      Noon to 1 p.m. Close-Out & Sales set-up
      1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Pick-up & Pay; Print Shop open
      1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. Auction
      1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Artist Pick-up