New! The Boskone 44 Gaming Schedule is now online.

Gaming Room—Gaming needs you! If you are planning on volunteering for Boskone, please consider running a game. We need volunteers to demo games and to run the video games. Please contact for more info.

Gaming is getting an upgrade this year. Look for scheduled demos in the consuite as well as the main gaming room.

Video games will return, and this time there are two systems. The PS2 will be back, and it's got some hot new games to go along with it in Rez, Guitar Hero II, and Lego Star Wars II. The Wii will make its debut at Boskone 44. You've never played a video game like this before. If you haven't played it, stop in and give and see how full motion interaction works in video games. If you have a Wii, don't forget to store your Mii on your wand and bring the wand with you. That way, you can use your own avatar to play and won't lose your progress like you will if you use a generic character.

This years' King of Boskone tournament has a special prize for 1st place. The winner of the tournament will receive a complete set of Munchkin. That's right, every set ever released. 2nd, 3rd, and fourth place winners will also receive prizes, including games from WOTC. The tournament starts at noon on Saturday and sign-up sheets will go up at 4 p.m. on Friday in the game room. Please sign up to guarantee a spot in the tournament.

And, as always, do stop in to check out the best games from WizKids, SJ Games, Rio Grande Games, Cheapass Games, Pair-Of-Dice Games and many more.

Game Room Rules

General room rules:

Tournament rules:

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