Boskone welcomes volunteers of all kinds; from newbies to veterans; from sitting down to weight lifting.

For the third year Boskone has a membership carryover policy for those working the convention. If you work enough hours (tentatively set at 16) including setup and teardown (which count double), you will earn a non-transferable membership in Boskone 45. We will also have some interesting freebies for all volunteers.

All volunteers are always welcome to use the volunteer/staff lounge for a quick snack or something cool or hot to drink; please remember to check at Information for its location.


Boskone 44 Meetings & Worksessions will be announced here as they are planned.
Please see NESFA's Calendar or home page for any updates. All locations are at the NESFA Clubhouse unless otherwise indicated.

January 7, 2007 1 pm Meeting
February 4 1 pm Meeting
February 11 1 pm Worksession Badge making, etc.
February 14 6 pm Worksession Truck loading; Food provided afterward
February 15 5 pm
at the Westin Waterfront
Worksession Truck unloading
February 15 after Truck unloading
at the Westin Waterfront
Worksession SBOF; Art show hangings setup, etc.
February 19 6 pm Worksession Truck unloading; Food provided afterward
March 4 1 pm Debriefing