New! The preliminary Boskone 45 Programming Schedule is now online.

The Boskone 45 Program offers panels, talks, discussions, demos, and workshops on many aspects of the science fiction and fantasy field. We include items about hard SF and fantasy, science and art, fandom and movies, literature and TV, music and comics, and heaps of related topics! The full schedule will be in the Pocket Program, and posted on the website about a week prior to the convention.

Our planned events include:

Confirmed Program participants as of February 9, 2008

Ellen Asher
Judith Berman
Beth Bernobich
Patricia Bray
Ginjer Buchanan
Tobias Buckell
Michael A. Burstein
S. C. Butler
James Cambias
Jeffrey A. Carver
Guy Consolmagno
Bruce Coville
F. Brett Cox
Kathryn Cramer
Don D'Ammassa
Daniel P. Dern
Bob Devney
Vince Docherty
John R. Douglas
Debra Doyle
Jennifer Dunne
Sarah Beth Durst
Tom Easton
Bob Eggleton
Gary Ehrlich
John Farrell
Gregory Feeley
Stephen C. Fisher
Michael F. Flynn
Esther Friesner
Gregory Frost
Craig Shaw Gardner
Greer Gilman
Gavin Grant
David G. Grubbs
David G. Hartwell
Jeff Hecht
Merav Hoffman
Walter H. Hunt
Aron K. Insinga
Elaine Isaak
Alexander Jablokov
Matthew Jarpe
MaryAnn Johanson
Jordin T. Kare
Mary Kay Kare
Robert I. Katz
James Patrick Kelly
Joseph Kesselman
Daniel Kimmel
Rosemary Kirstein
Ellen Kranzer
Robert Kuhn
John Langan
Sharon Lee
Fred Lerner
Shariann Lewitt
Timothy Liebe
Ernest Lilley
Kelly Link
James D. Macdonald
Darlene Marshall
Susan Martin
Elise Matthesen
Gary D. McGath
Seanan McGuire
Beth Meacham
Paul Melko
Farah Mendlesohn
Steve Miller
Mark Millman
Dean Morrissey
Benjamin Newman
Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
Mark L. Olson
Priscilla Olson
Chad Orzel
Joshua B. Palmatier
Paul Park
Jennifer Pelland
Tamora Pierce
Steven Popkes
Omar Rayyan
Faye Ringel
Roberta Rogow
Bob Rosenfeld
Pamela Sargent
Lawrence M. Schoen
Karl Schroeder
Joe Siclari
Wen Spencer
Edward L. Stauff
Allen M. Steele
Edie Stern
Charles Stross
Michael Swanwick
Sonya Taaffe
Cecilia Tan
Amy Thomson
Paul G. Tremblay
Eric M. Van
Howard Waldrop
Lawrence Watt-Evans
David Weber
Mary Ellen Wessels
Peter Weston
Christopher Weuve
Trish Wilson
Batya Wittenberg
Eleanor Wood
Jane Yolen
George Zebrowski

Anime & Video—We strive to present worthwhile features that are not readily available on cable or broadcast TV. Also, we try to integrate our offerings with the “live” Boskone program. Above all, we want to provide an enjoyable experience for any attendees who decide to spend time watching anime & video at Boskone.

Autographing—Get an autograph from your favorite writer, editor, or artist. Check your Pocket Program for times and locations.

Readings—Hear writers read and discuss their own works; as before, the Pocket Program tells all...

Discussion Groups—This year, we’re setting up individual presentations and focused discussions by a variety of our program participants. We’ll also have some space available for you to form your own last-minute groups (“Birds of a Feather”) at-con. Sign up for these at Information (or email us ahead of time at

Filksinging—Filksongs are fandom’s folk songs, with themes of SF, fantasy, and fannish interests. Planned items include two hours of concert sets, and NESFA Hymnal singing.

Kaffeeklatsches/Literary Beers—Are you interested in participating in an informal discussion with one of our program partic-ipants over coffee, tea, or beer? Sign up for these at Information at the convention.