Gaming Room—Gaming needs you! If you are planning on volunteering for Boskone, please consider running a game. We need volunteers to demo games and to run the video games. Please contact for more info.

Game Room Schedule


There will be two tournaments held this year in gaming.

You can be the Guru of the Game Room by winning the traditional tournament held on Saturday. The games are:

Please note that Munchkin will follow a different format this year. The decks will be split into two sets
with each group using a different set. Scoring is based on a point system with first place earning 10 points, second earning 9, third earning 8, etc.

The player with the most points at the end of the game wins the grand prize. Prizes are also awarded to
second, third, and fourth place finishers. Every participant will receive a small prize for entering the

The video game tournament will take place on the Wii at 1pm on Saturday. The game is Super Smash
Brothers Brawl.

Tounament format will be round robin, with all players being randomly placed within the brackets. This
is a single elimination tournament with one winner receiving a $50 gift certificiate to GameStop.

And, as always, do stop in to check out the best games from WizKids, SJ Games, Rio Grande Games, Cheapass Games, Pair-Of-Dice Games and many more.

Game Room Rules

General room rules:


  1. All players are encouraged to sign up for the tournaments. Walk-ons will only be allowed if space is
    available at the start of the tournament. Sign up sheets will go up Friday at 4pm.
  2. Anyone can enter but all participants under the age of 10 must be accompanies by a parent at all times whilst in the game room.
  3. You must be in the game room by 12:45 for both tournaments.
  4. You must know the basics of the game(s) you are playing. If you don't know how to play any of the games in the tournament, attend a demo (if there is one before the tournament) or ask the room manager for a quick overview of the rules.
  5. There will be a 10 minute break between the second and third game in the traditional tournament.
  6. If at any time you need help during the tournament with rules, you can ask other players for help, but
    they do not have to help if they don't want to.
  7. Absolutely no cheat codes of any type allowed for the video game tournament.
  8. You may bring in your own controllers for the video game tournament, however, you are responsible for your own equipment. Gaming will not take any responsibility for any damages or theft that may occur if you use your own controller.

Video Game Rules: