Boskone 46 Program Schedule

Note: This is an almost final schedule. Times, participants and places are subject to change!


Friday 5pm Dragonslair:
Letterboxing for Kids

Sort of like a treasure hunt, sort of like and easy!

Friday 6pm Burroughs:
Art Appreciation, by and for Artists

Our panel of accomplished artists will reveal which masters—in the genre or out of it—they admire and/or emulate. And...why?!

Alan F. Beck, Stephan Martiniere, Margaret Organ-Kean (m), Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Robert K. Wiener

Friday 6pm Carlton:
Naval Metaphors

Space is not the ocean, so why is it always a "space navy"? Why is "Starfleet" a fleet? It's basically how to think about the concept of a "ship" and how ships work with each other. However, are we talking more about an aircraft carrier here or a battleship? Find out how these models differ, and which might make more sense when thinking about combat in space.

Christopher Weuve

Friday 6pm Dragonslair:
Fun and Games

Bored? We'll teach you some new board and card games!

Walter H. Hunt

Friday 6pm Griffin:
The Children of Hurin

Faye Ringel

Friday 6pm Harbor 2:
Science on TV: Good or Evil?

Is science on the tube portrayed as being a source of salvation or satanic destruction. Looking at the treatment of science on TV (Eureka, Heroes, Dr. Who, Fringe, Primeval, Stargate.....yeah, you know the drill...) and what it says about the networks' (and public) attitudes towards science in this modern age...

Greg Bear, Yvonne Carts-Powell, John Farrell, Anthony R. Lewis (m), Jim Mann

Friday 6pm Harbor 3:
Foreshadowing and How to Do It

What works....what doesn't? Besides having mysterious runic poems, intriguing omens, palsied prophets, or other such fantastic expository tricks, how can you pre-set the stage for what is coming next? Is it sometimes better just not to foreshadow? When?

Darlene Marshall, Greer Gilman, Alexander Jablokov (m), Mary A. Turzillo

Friday 6pm Independence:

Shane Tourtellotte

Friday 6pm Lewis:
Appreciating Anderson

With more than 100 novels and story collections, Poul William Anderson (1926- 2001) was the most prolific of SF and fantasy grandmasters. (NESFA Press is issuing his short fiction; check out the first volume in the Huckster's Room.) We'll discuss his fondness for themes such as the shrewdness of primitives and the blindness of moderns, the anguish of moral choice and the joy of a good joke. Also how the same guy could write "The Man Who Came Early," The High Crusade, Tau Zero, Midsummer Tempest, The Boat of a Million Years, "Uncleftish Beholding," and half of Hoka!—while inspiring friendly tributes from Douglas R. Hofstadter, Robert A. Heinlein, and Philip K. Dick.

Astrid Anderson Bear, David G. Hartwell, Rick Katze, Mark L. Olson (m)

Friday 6:30pm Independence:

Sonya Taaffe

Friday 7pm Burroughs:
Graphic Novels

What's good—what's bad—and how do you tell the difference? With Anticipation's experimenting with a Graphic Novel Hugo category, what should we be reading? Were five or more Hugo-worthy SF, fantasy, or horror graphic novels or comics produced in 2008? In most years? Let's name names. If you're a slobbering comix fandroid, a discerning champion of an innovative mixed-media artform whose time has come, or somebody who thinks they're the same thing, join this sure-to-be-lively discussion. Have graphic novels continued to grow in popularity, even among us old folks?

Christopher Golden, John Langan, Stefan Petrucha, Alisa Kwitney Sheckley (m), Rene Walling

Friday 7pm Carlton:
The Business of Writing (a Conversation)

Being a writer is a job like any other. There are revenues and expenses just like any business. Find out more in this conversation about the personal economic realities of this glamorous (!?) career.

S. C. Butler (m), Melinda Snodgrass, Ian Tregillis

Friday 7pm Dragonslair:
Filk for Kids!

It's tunes you know, and words you don't: we'll use well-known tunes, and lyrics from the NESFA Hymnal, to poke fun and sing a few songs. An old filk pro will be on hand to explain some of the lyrics. Then you can annoy your parents with such classics as "Banned From Argo!"

Erwin S. Strauss

Friday 7pm Griffin:
Myths of Fandom

Fans are slans. All fans want to become pros. No filkers can sing well. Fans are anti-religion. Fans accept everyone. Etc. What are some more such myths (assuming the aforesaid are myths, that is!)? How did these myths come into being—why does the fannish community create and foster this mythology anyway?

Darlene Marshall (m), Astrid Anderson Bear, Edward James, Margaret Organ-Kean, Joe Siclari

Friday 7pm Harbor 1:
Fear of Fairy Tales

The sanitized versions of fairy tales leave out what matters: the scary parts. The Grimms took out the sex, and the Victorians took out the horror (and the rest of the sex), so what's left? And why do we care? What is it about "fairy tales" that really make people uncomfortable—and how can this be effectively used in the modern genre?

Greer Gilman, Theodora Goss (m), Mary Kay Kare, Josepha Sherman, Sonya Taaffe, Jane Yolen

Friday 7pm Harbor 2:
Cyteen and Regenesis

Cyteen, which was published by C. J. Cherryh in 1988 and won the Hugo Award for best novel the following year, has been termed by our Guest of Honor Jo Walton "the second best book in all the world." Its sequel Regenesis finally came out last month. Was it worth the wait? Taken as a whole, what do these books have to say about ethics, cloning, psychogenesis (mind cloning), psychology, genetic manipulation, slavery, and the true nature of identity?

Chip Hitchcock, Matthew Jarpe, Robert I. Katz (m), Katherine Macdonald, Jo Walton

Friday 7pm Harbor 3:
Inventions We're Waiting For

What sort of stuff do we really wish existed, but probably won't within our lifetimes? (Y'know—like negative calorie food, cat translating machines, cures for sinusitis, etc.) Have some fun, and see if you can actually come up with something wonderful, (potentially) useful, that might even be invent- able!

Tom Easton, Jordin T. Kare, Steve Miller, Mary A. Turzillo (m)

Friday 7pm Independence:

Daniel P. Dern

Friday 7pm Lewis:
The Hugo Awards: Dramatic Presentations

Hurry: Those Hugo nomination ballots are due in Montreal by March 1, people! Join us to help make up your mind about the best genre movies, TV shows, theatrical productions, and more of 2008.

Bob Devney, Vince Docherty, Daniel Kimmel (m), Jim Mann

Friday 7:30pm Galleria:
Behind the Scenes: A Boskone Tour

David G. Grubbs

Friday 7:30pm Independence:

Rosemary Kirstein

Friday 8pm Burroughs:
Absent Friends

Edd Cartier, Chris Cooper, Janet Kagan, E. Gary Gygax, Arthur C. Clarke, Lois Mangan, Algis Budrys, Stan Winston, Thomas Disch, David Foster Wallace, and Forrest J Ackerman are no longer with us. Other writers, artists, fans, and well-recalled members of our community have also died since last we met. Let's remember a little of what they did, and what they meant to us.

Gregory Feeley, Jane Jewell (m), Anthony R. Lewis, Joe Siclari

Friday 8pm Carlton:
The Depiction of Women in Fairy Tales and Myths

A slide show about how different illustrators and painters over the years have approached painting the same female characters in myths and fairy tales.

Ruth Sanderson

Friday 8pm Dragonslair:
Poe's Birthday Party

Complete with a cake and maybe some spooky poetry, all in honor of birthday....

John Langan

Friday 8pm Galleria:
Evolution of a Drawing (1.5)

Performing live, top artists in the book cover field share their techniques, knowledge, and approaches to producing skillfully drafted drawings. The aesthetic and technical decisions made will be laid bare for observation and comments, giving a wonderful insight into the foundations laid for book illustration in the genre today.

Daniel Dos Santos, Donato Giancola, Omar Rayyan

Friday 8pm Griffin:

Jo Walton

Friday 8pm Harbor 1:
YA Matters More

Expanding on a remark by Cory Doctorow, Scott Westerfeld recently said: "The teen years are a time of irrevocable first experiences. Not just your first drink or sexual experience, but the first time you tell a significant lie, stand up to a bully, or betray a friend. The consequences of our actions are huge in those years—or at least feel that way—so it's not surprising that YA lit reflects that intensity. A fantasy where a protagonist has to save the world is fundamentally more believable to a teen. Adults don't think they can save the world anymore, and they rarely feel their setbacks as acutely." Discuss, with feeling.

Ellen Asher, Suzy McKee Charnas, Bruce Coville (m), Ann Downer, Christopher Golden, Sharyn November

Friday 8pm Harbor 2:
Faith in the Future

It's 300 years since the Enlightmenment, and religion hasn't vanished from the planet. What is the forecast for religions in the future? Will there be more fundamentalist or more atheist types? (Will it matter?) How has SF portrayed future faiths? Will we find gods, demons, nothingness, or ourselves among the stars?

Jeffrey A. Carver, John Farrell (m), Dan Keohane, James D. Macdonald, James Morrow

Friday 8pm Harbor 3:
What's So Cool About the Middle Ages, Anyway?

The European Middle Ages lacked flush toilets; racial, gender, class, or practically any other sort of equality; and the potato. Plus armor was really sweaty, castles were drafty, and life expectancy at birth was about 30. Why are we so drawn to this epoch again and again?

Debra Doyle, Michael F. Flynn, Edward James, Faye Ringel (m)

Friday 8pm Independence:

Theodora Goss

Friday 8pm Lewis:
Has Filk Become a Victim of Its Own Success?

The Dandelion Conspiracy has won. From its start in stairwells and hotel lobbies, filk has risen to become a respected part of con programming. But have we lost something along the way? Has the rise of filk "stars" damaged the "anyone can sing" principle which is at the heart of filk?

Jordin T. Kare, Priscilla Olson, Paul Shuch (m)

Friday 8:30pm Independence:

Elaine Isaak

Friday 9pm Burroughs:
Really Good Non-Series Fantasies

Some of the best fantasy novels on the shelves are singletons, never extended into sequels or series. Some are well-known, some not. What elements do they share? What can you do in one book that you can't do in a nice fat trilogy? Let's all bring lists of our favorite fantasy one-offs.

Don D'Ammassa, Gregory Feeley, Fred Lerner (m), Farah Mendlesohn, Davey Snyder

Friday 9pm Carlton:
Friday Films

Friday 9pm Galleria:
Jane Yolen's Birthday Party

The New York Times called her "a modern equivalent of Aesop"....though there's no truth to the rumor that this Boskone favorite's career is so long and distinguished (317 books and probably more awards) that she once dated Aesop. However, Jane does have a birthday this week. Let's help her celebrate with treats, games, singing, and maybe even a little dance. And - there will be chocolate too!

Jane Yolen

Friday 9pm Griffin:
Filking (Begins!)

Friday 9pm Harbor 1:
The Day Hollywood Stood Still

Between remakes like The Incredible Hulk and The Day the Earth Stood Still, and sequels such as Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Saw V, 2008 was not exactly the most original of cinematic epochs. Nor, despite Iron Man and The Dark Knight, is "Hey, let's make a movie out of a comic book!" the freshest idea in town anymore. Is creativity in Hollywood dead? Why, and what can be done about it? Would enough of us actually show up to see something truly fresh? And while we're at it, what are our exciting new movie ideas?

Bob Devney, Daniel Kimmel (m), James Morrow, Melinda Snodgrass

Friday 9pm Harbor 2:
The Uncanny Valley

Do people prefer robots to look either human—or just kind of human? The Uncanny Valley is a supposed dip in the curve of our approval inhabited, for instance, by certain creepy Japanese robots or by the not-quite-right "people" in CGI movies such as The Polar Express or Beowulf. If valid, what does this say about us? Any relationship to racism? Should designers try to make robots more not less humanoid?

Muriel Hykes, Robert I. Katz, James Patrick Kelly, Paul Melko, Allen M. Steele (m), Charles Stross

Friday 9pm Harbor 3:
What do you read for Pleasure?

Cheap romances. Yaoi manga. Archeology journals. Sword and sorcery. Cookbooks. What's your secret pleasure? Why? Does it affect your writing? (How?)

Patricia Bray (m), Mary Kay Kare, Juliet E. McKenna, Lawrence M. Schoen, Paul G. Tremblay, Ann Tonsor Zeddies

Friday 9pm Independence:

Joshua B. Palmatier

Friday 9pm Lewis:
Hymnal Singing

Sing along with classic songs from the NESFA Hymnals. Loaner hymnals will be provided. Vocal skills are optional.

Erwin S. Strauss

Friday 9:30pm Independence:

Jennifer Pelland

Friday 10pm Burroughs:
Trivia Bowl!

The questions, from insultingly easy to ridiculously recondite, fly thick and fast on topics taken from science fiction, fantasy, and horror books, movies, TV, and comics. So when it comes to ending the evening with the most chocolate prizes, there can be only ONE! (Usually.) [Quick, who said that?]

Jim Mann, Mark L. Olson

Friday 10pm Galleria:
Art Show Reception

It's open to all! Feast your eyes on the wonders of the Boskone Art Show while enjoying refreshments and refreshing conversation.

Friday 10pm Harbor 2:
Keeping Your Series Fresh

If you're lucky enough to create a long-running series, how do you stave off staleness? Have your protagonist take a new case, trip, job, or lover with every installment? Preplan a mega-story arc, building in new expansion joints, trapdoors, and maguffins as you go? Or just keep killing off everybody's favorite characters....?

Patricia Bray, Michael F. Flynn, Juliet E. McKenna, Steve Miller (m), Joel Shepherd

Friday 10pm Harbor 3:
Why I Write Horror's not because you're crazy (is it?) So, why? How does creating this very darkest of the genres help you (or—one hopes!—your readers) make sense of the "real" world? To create understable connections with the BAD things around them? And, where—and how—does horror fail?

Christopher Golden, Dan Keohane, Sarah Langan (m), Paul G. Tremblay

Friday 10pm Lewis:
In Memoriam Filk Circle

Songs in memory of, by, loved by, or otherwise appropriate to Greg McMullan, Lois Mangan, and other filkers we've lost in recent years.

Friday 10:30pm Independence:

Chris Howard

Friday 11pm Galleria:
Music Jam

Rock, blues, jazz, folk - separately and in combinations....a music jam modeled after the "Minnesota Music Parties"....we thik you'll enjoy it here in the east too!

Alan F. Beck, Peter J. Heck, Rosemary Kirstein, Elise Matthesen, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Faye Ringel, Jon Singer, Adam Stemple, Sonya Taaffe

Friday 11pm Harbor 3:
More Braains—Zombies, Part II: The ReResurrection!

A favorite fun panel from last Boskone comes back from the dead. Again. We'll discuss past, present, and future zombiemania in books, movies, TV, comics, and maybe even real, uh, life. Why not stagger by and let us ea—that is, pick your braaiiins?

John Langan (m), Paul G. Tremblay


Saturday 9am Galleria:

Jo Walton, Jane Yolen

Saturday 9:30am Independence:

Mary A. Turzillo

Saturday 10am Autographs:

Yvonne Carts-Powell, Melinda Snodgrass

Saturday 10am Burroughs:
Physics: What We Don't Understand

In 1999 John Cramer wrote a column in Analog describing seven big unsolved problems in physics (including the nature of dark matter, the origin of ultra- high energy cosmic rays, and the origin of the arrow of time). Today, in 2008, three of these problems have been solved. We'll talk about the seven problems, the three which have been solved, our current understanding of the rest, and perhaps add some new problems to the list.

Geoffrey A. Landis, Mark L. Olson (m), Chad Orzel, Karl Schroeder, Ian Tregillis

Saturday 10am Carlton:
The Restoration and Care of Original Art

Original art—watercolors, oils, acrylics, whatever—is a unique physical artifact as well as being art. How do we protect a piece of original art? What damages different media and how best to protect them? And if an original artwork is damaged, what can be done about it? What kinds of damage can be restored and what damage is permanent?

Irene Gallo, Joe Siclari (m), Jerry Weist

Saturday 10am Dragonslair:
Making Clay Dragons

Work with an artist to make a dragon out of Crayola Model Magic.

Saturday 10am Galleria Art Dem:
Art Demo (1.5)

Ruth Sanderson

Saturday 10am Griffin:
Music and Science Fiction

Not focusing on filk, per se, this is about how music interacts with science fiction/fantasy in the widest sense. How can one enhance the other?

Vince Docherty

Saturday 10am Harbor 1:
Future Terrorism

Terrorist technology that's recently killed civilians includes chemical explosives, anthrax, box cutters, and bullets. What's next? What new threats arise from ubiquitous computing, truly efficient battery power, routine spaceflight, teleportation, or time travel? What scenario wouldn't you publish? (Or discuss?) Is terrorism a fad, or a feature of rising societal complexity/vulnerability?

Greg Bear, Jeff Hecht, James D. Macdonald, Allen M. Steele, Christopher Weuve (m)

Saturday 10am Harbor 2:
Men Writing Women

What is it about "strong female protagonists" that appeals to so many male authors? (And what do they think is "stong?") ((And, why don't they ever write about "weak female protagonists", huh?) Does gender (of author or character?) make a difference, anyway?

Chris Howard, Paul Melko (m), Joshua B. Palmatier, Alisa Kwitney Sheckley, Joel Shepherd

Saturday 10am Harbor 3:
Why Quests?

From the Grail stories to The Lord of the Rings, Ringworld to Anathem, fantastic literature often tells of an adventurous journey in search of a mysterious goal. What are the quest's advantages, for both writer and reader, over family sagas, revenge dramas, or other forms? What new turns might a 21st century quest take?

Ann Downer, Rosemary Kirstein, Paul Park (m), Ann Tonsor Zeddies

Saturday 10am Independence:

Darlene Marshall

Saturday 10am Galleria:

Nina Harper, Adam Stemple

Saturday 10am Lewis:
Workshopping Dos and Don't

Screaming "this is crap" is somewhat impolite. Sleeping with the instructor (unless really cute) breaks the rules. Our panelists, who have been there and done that (well, maybe....) when it comes to writers' workshops, offer similar and sometimes even more practical tips for workshop selection and survival.

Theodora Goss, Alexander Jablokov, James Patrick Kelly, Juliet E. McKenna, Steven Popkes (m)

Saturday 10:30am Galleria:
Boskone for Newbies! (Tour)

Never been to a science fiction convention before? Or a Boskone? Join this tour to find out more about what we do and who we are!

Priscilla Olson

Saturday 10:30am Independence:

Greer Gilman

Saturday 11am Autographs:

David G. Hartwell, Geoffrey A. Landis, Charles Stross

Saturday 11am Burroughs:
Horror and Humor

Bestselling YA author R. L. Stine claims "There's a very close tie between humor and horror." True? Examples? Theories why or why not? Are there more instances of this in young adult than in adult genre fiction? What is "funny" anyway...?

Craig Shaw Gardner, Daniel Kimmel, John Langan, James Morrow (m), Stefan Petrucha

Saturday 11am Carlton:
Stupid Art Tricks

There may be some shortcuts to take—but they also include traps to avoid. Learn from the pros what not to do when creating a masterwork.

Daniel Dos Santos, Bob Eggleton (m), William O'Connor, David R. Seeley

Saturday 11am Galleria Discus:
Move Your Butt

Writers shouldn't neglect their bodies. How do you force physical activity into your otherwise sedentary working and writing life, despite the fact that it will eat up your free time?

Jennifer Pelland

Saturday 11am Galleria Geek's:
3D Printer Technology

Tom Easton

Saturday 11am Griffin:
Quantum Physics: Many Worlds?

Chad Orzel

Saturday 11am Harbor 1:
When is a Thriller SF?

And, when is SF a thriller? The fact is, mainstream writers often borrow SF elements for their technothrillers. More recently, however, some SF authors have co-opted mainstream strategies for works such as Greg Bear's Quantico, Nancy Kress's Oaths and Miracles, Kathleen Ann Goonan's The Bones of Time, and Melinda Snodgrass's Reason. Are these kind of stories still satisfactory as SF? Does a thriller or detective structure help writers avoid the usual difficulties of crafting convincing near-future extrapolations?

Greg Bear, Don D'Ammassa (m), Robert I. Katz, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Melinda Snodgrass

Saturday 11am Harbor 2:
Alternate Alternate History

So many alternate histories spin off "battles that went the other way?" Or, important kingpins that get killed? Why is that? Why don't more people use non- military turning points? We'll discuss more obscure—and possibly more interesting—branch points that might make for cool alternate history stories. What if Ann Boleyn's son had grown up? If Jesus were a woman? If the Greeks had phonograph records? If Titanic hit a warm spell? If Shakespeare wrote novels? If chocolate stayed inedible?

Beth Bernobich, Michael F. Flynn, Peter J. Heck, Edward James (m), Jo Walton

Saturday 11am Harbor 3:
Why Adults Read YA

Isn't YA literature for kids? Why, then, do adults read and enjoy it? Simplicity? Solace? Familiarity? Is it more than just second childhood? What makes YA distinctive and is that distinctivness what attracts adult readers?

Ellen Asher, Bruce Coville, Paul Melko, Sharyn November (m), Adam Stemple

Saturday 11am Independence:

Darrell Schweitzer

Saturday 11am Galleria:

Debra Doyle, Elaine Isaak

Saturday 11am Lewis:
Con-Going on a Budget

Besides cramming ten in a room and living on stale potato chips all weekend, how can you get through a convention as cheaply as possible? Participants share tales from the good old days, and offer some strategies to help you stay a fan in these difficult financial times.

Steve Miller, Margaret Organ-Kean, Edie Stern (m), Rene Walling

Saturday 11:30am Dragonslair:
Arming a Knight

Have you ever wondered how a knight got into his armor? It wasn't easy! Come watch as the demonstrators of the Higgins Armory Sword Guild harness a knight for cambat and explain how his armor works.

Saturday 11:30am Independence:

Juliet E. McKenna

Saturday 12noon Autographs:

John Langan, Sarah Langan, Stefan Petrucha

Saturday 12noon Bar:
Literary Beer

Paul Melko, Josepha Sherman

Saturday 12noon Burroughs:
New Publishing/Marketing Technologies

Ebooks. Print-on-demand. Podcasts. What else? A discussion of what kinds of new technological break-throughs are available to authors today, their advantages and disadvantages—and why bother with them?!

Darlene Marshall (m), Chris Howard, James Patrick Kelly, Dani Kollin, Eytan Kollin, Shane Tourtellotte

Saturday 12noon Carlton:
Extra-solar Planets

Once upon a time there were n/i/n/e/ eight planets, but now there are over three hundred scattered through hundreds of solar systems. What do they tell us about planets that we didn't know before? What do they tell us about our own Solar Syetem? Is it typical or is it a freak? How common are planets, anyway? The Solar System has one habitable planet, one margially habitable (Mars) and several more (Europa, Titan, possibly Enceladus) than might bear life—does it seem likely that habitable planets are common in the universe? Talk about the interesting oddities—what are we finding out there? What are the prospects for the future?

Jordin T. Kare, Geoffrey A. Landis, Paul Shuch

Saturday 12noon Galleria Discus:
Knitting and Knit-along

Astrid Anderson Bear, Priscilla Olson, Edie Stern

Saturday 12noon Galleria Art Dem:
Art Demo (1.5)

Alan F. Beck

Saturday 12noon Galleria:
Tour of the Art Show

Join two major art collectors as they case the art show—find out what criteria they use when buying art, and which artists are hot prospects.

Robert K. Wiener, Jerry Weist

Saturday 12noon Griffin:

Allen M. Steele

Saturday 12noon Harbor 1:
The Appeal of Military SF

Military SF has a bit of a bad reputation since at its worst, it's war porn. But some of it is more than that. Discuss the best of contemporary and classic military SF. Why do people enjoy it and why is it an enduring theme in SF? Does it ever rise above being purely entertainment?

Ellen Asher, Walter H. Hunt (m), James D. Macdonald, Christopher Weuve

Saturday 12noon Harbor 2:
The Evil Temptress

From Circe to the beautiful wicked stepmother in Snow White, and from Grendel's (movie) mom to the Baroness Ceaucescu, she fixes us in her fascinating gaze. She is a (ahem...."wicked") powerful image! Why does she resonate through the ages? Is the evil temptress fun to write? Does she represent female villainy or female power? Can there be such a thing as a good temptress? Give some further examples of this archetype in the modern sf/f genre.

Mary Kay Kare, Rosemary Kirstein, Elise Matthesen (m), Paul Park, Jane Yolen

Saturday 12noon Harbor 3:
Redux: If you liked that, read this....

If you enjoyed our similar panel last year, you'll love this one! We'll talk again about how favorite stories or authors lead us to others, alike in interesting or unexpected ways. Like Stephen King? Try Richard Laymon. Hornblower? Temeraire. Iain M. Banks? Alistair Reynolds. The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress? Growing Up Weightless. Bruce Sterling? Paolo Bacigalupi.

Daniel P. Dern, Alexander Jablokov, Nina Harper, Steve Miller, Faye Ringel (m)

Saturday 12noon Independence:

Craig Shaw Gardner

Saturday 12noon Galleria:

Katherine Macdonald, Sharyn November

Saturday 12noon Lewis:
Filk Concert

Sassafrass; Paul Estin

Saturday 12:30pm Galleria Geek's:
Geek Corner Presentation

Tom Easton, Allen M. Steele

Saturday 12:30pm Galleria:
Jedi Lightsaber Techniques of the Sword Masters

Many of the lightsaber techniques we see in the Star Wars movies are based on Japanese katana and European longsword traditions. Watch as the HASG presents a lightsaber demonstation based on historically accurate longsword techniques used by knights during the Middle Ages. May the Force be with you!

Saturday 12:30pm Griffin:

Charles Stross

Saturday 12:30pm Independence:

Matthew Jarpe

Saturday 1pm Autographs:

Suzy McKee Charnas, Craig Shaw Gardner, Karl Schroeder

Saturday 1pm Bar:
Literary Beer

Jeffrey A. Carver, Jeff Hecht

Saturday 1pm Burroughs:
The Fragmented Genre

All the King's horses and all the King's men, couldn't put SF together again! Once upon a time, SF was simple—it was about spaceships and the occasional odd fantasy didn't count. Now there is quest fantasy and war porn and paranormal romance and novelizations of games and magical realism and fantasy hardboiled detectives and who knows what else. Is SF fragmenting? Is this likely to be a good or bad thing for the genre? Will it bring in new readers? Provide new markets for the writers? Or will it sap our precious bodily fluids?

Peter J. Heck, Fred Lerner (m), Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Jon Singer, Eleanor Wood

Saturday 1pm Carlton:
The Appeal of Audio

There was a time when radio shows were one of the chief ways many got their fixes of entertainment. And then there was television. And cheaper books. However, more and more people are (re-)discovering the advantages and enjoyment of hearing the written word. How is this playing out? What enhances the fans' audio enjoyment? What directions is audio entertainment taking?

Bruce Coville, Michael McAfee, Jennifer Pelland, Joe Siclari (m), Adam Stemple

Saturday 1pm Dragonslair:
Magic Show

Be amazed! Be amused! And maybe learn some magic feats yourself!

Daniel P. Dern

Saturday 1pm Galleria Discus:
Non-Flat Art

Elise Matthesen

Saturday 1pm Galleria Geek's:
Geek Corner Presentation

Mark L. Olson

Saturday 1pm Galleria:
Armored Combat

See the clash of fully-armored knights as they would have fought in the Middle Ages! Hollywoods images of armored combat rely on made-up moves and special effects. Watch as the HASG presents the actual techniques, as described in medieval manuals, that knights used in battle.

Saturday 1pm Griffin:

Paul Park

Saturday 1pm Harbor 1:
Jo Walton Interview

Our Guest of Honor is interviewed by Rene Walling, co-chair of the upcoming Anticipation Worldcon and Jo's Montreal neighbor. Topics may include writing her alternate-history Small Change series (about a fascist Britain) with applicability but not allegory; why being from Wales and living in Montreal make you a better writer; whether her LiveJournal and the new Tor Web site are distractions or key to a public writing life; her novel-in-progress about an alternate ancient Mediterranean; her favorite great works of British literature and cool SF/F stories; her dislike of fascism, television, and Microsoft Windows; and her love of reading aloud, dragons, poetry, cooking, cracking good war yarns, tea, and trains.

Rene Walling, Jo Walton

Saturday 1pm Harbor 2:
Sending the Wrong Message

Stephanie Meyer's bestselling YA vampire romance books have been described as handing teenage girls the following life lesson: "Love means staying with your guy forever, even though he may injure or kill you at any minute." Any other genre works possibly sending undesirable signals? If so, so what?

Beth Bernobich, Ann Downer, Josepha Sherman, Wen Spencer, Ann Tonsor Zeddies (m)

Saturday 1pm Harbor 3:
Mining the Bible

No question about it—there are some terrific tales in the Bible. What are some that are particularly interesting to you, as a storyteller? How can you extract and use this material, while still showing some respect for its source (if that matters)?

Dan Keohane, James Morrow (m), Sonya Taaffe, Jane Yolen

Saturday 1pm Independence:

Debra Doyle

Saturday 1pm Galleria:

Juliet E. McKenna, Joshua B. Palmatier

Saturday 1pm Lewis:
The Pharmacy of the Future

What will the drugs of the future be? Where will they come from? How will they be produced? Tested? Will we have a cure (or, treatment) for everything—OK, why not?

Tom Easton, Muriel Hykes, Matthew Jarpe, Robert I. Katz (m)

Saturday 1:30pm Galleria:
German Dagger Combat

Fighting in the Middle Ages could be brutal, and never more so than when combatants faced each other armed only with daggers. See the skills needed to survive a medieval knife fight, as taught in contemporary combat manuals and presented by the HASG.

Saturday 1:30pm Independence:

Paul Melko

Saturday 2pm Autographs:

Greg Bear, Steve Miller, Alisa Kwitney Sheckley

Saturday 2pm Bar:
Literary Beer

Matthew Jarpe, Dani Kollin, Eytan Kollin

Saturday 2pm Burroughs:
Why Did They Do That to the Cover?

Does great art always make a great cover? Must it always both tell and sell? What (if any) do the best covers share? How do you make a decision, as an artist, editor, art director (etc.) what really belongs on a cover? Talk about truly outstanding (and/or horrific) covers that have adorned science fiction, fantasy, and horror books. Can a once-great cover go out of fashion?

Irene Gallo, Stephan Martiniere, Sharyn November, Joel Shepherd, Jerry Weist (m)

Saturday 2pm Carlton:
Present and Near-Future Issues of the European Economic Community

A look at how on-going changes in the European Economic Community affect politics, economics, and even book publishing in the present and near-future.

S. C. Butler, Vince Docherty (m), Glenn Grant, Edward James

Saturday 2pm Galleria Discus:
Mental Illness and Artistic Endeavors

Adam Stemple

Saturday 2pm Galleria Art Dem:
Art Demo (1.5)

Margaret Organ-Kean

Saturday 2pm Galleria:
Boskone Tour!

Find out more about what makes Boskone different from other science fiction conventions, with one of NESFA's founders.

Anthony R. Lewis

Saturday 2pm Galleria:
Burgundian Halberd Line

Learn to be a soldier in a medieval army! Members of the Higgins Armory Sword Guild will demonstrate the use of the halberd, a late-medieval polearm, and then teach participants battlefield drill with the weapon.

Saturday 2pm Griffin:

Michael F. Flynn

Saturday 2pm Harbor 1:
AIs and Angels

If an artificial intelligence is powerful enough, might it just as well be an angel? A god? (Can we worship something we ourselves create—or is that all we've ever done?) What light do Banks's Minds, Vinge's Transcended Powers, Clarke's Third Law, or our panelists' work shed on the boundary area between machine and deus ex machina? And in story terms, don't advanced AIs suffer from Superman Syndrome? (The more superduperness, the less suspense.) At a certain level, is there a (firm?) border between the technological and the numinous?

Jeffrey A. Carver (m), Walter H. Hunt, Karl Schroeder, Charles Stross, Shane Tourtellotte

Saturday 2pm Harbor 2:
The Inclue and Other Smart Writing Tricks

Its inventor, our Guest of Honor Jo Walton, defines "incluing" as "the process of scattering information seamlessly through the text, as opposed to stopping the story to impart the information." What other tactics do good writers get up to? We'll discuss fresh ways of looking at how working writers do what they do

Greer Gilman, James D. Macdonald, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Mary A. Turzillo, Jo Walton (m)

Saturday 2pm Harbor 3:
Stories That Changed Everything

Not necessarily the best, or your favorites. But which works of science fiction, fantasy, or horror changed the paradigm? For better or worse, which actually took the genre—or the world—in a new direction? How? Why? How have they influenced your own work?

Theodora Goss, David G. Hartwell, James Patrick Kelly, Sarah Langan (m), Farah Mendlesohn

Saturday 2pm Independence:

Nina Harper

Saturday 2pm Galleria:

Lawrence M. Schoen, Allen M. Steele

Saturday 2pm Lewis:
Featured Filker in Concert

Paul Shuch

Saturday 2:30pm Galleria:
German Longsword from the Starhelmberg Fechtbuch

Do you think a strong arm is all you need to use a sword? Well, it just isn't so. Experience the subtleties of the medieval German tradition of longsword combat, in this demonstration by the HASG of techniques from a 1452 fight manual.

Saturday 2:30pm Griffin:

Bruce Coville

Saturday 2:30pm Independence:

Yvonne Carts-Powell

Saturday 3pm Autographs:

S. C. Butler, Paul Melko, Adam Stemple

Saturday 3pm Bar:
Literary Beer

Gregory Feeley, Paul Park

Saturday 3pm Burroughs:
Game On!

Board and role-playing games seem to be more popular than ever. Sales of videogames recently surpassed those of both movie tickets and DVDs. Shared worlds flourish on the web. Why are they so popular? Additionally, many of these games have SF, fantasy, or horror themes. What are the most common and/or effective? What similar itches do reading, writing, and gaming scratch? How do writers use their gaming experiences in their work?

Muriel Hykes, Eytan Kollin, Juliet E. McKenna, Christopher Weuve (m)

Saturday 3pm Carlton:
Sketch to Finish

Enjoy an entertaining and comprehensive look on the processes and techniques used by some modern masters. A roller coaster ride of images will trace their work from abstract sketch to final drawing to finish in oil paint/photoshop/acrylics. This presentation bares the working secrets or these artists, and reveals just how similarly they all work, regardless of media.

Daniel Dos Santos (m), Donato Giancola, Stephan Martiniere, David R. Seeley

Saturday 3pm Galleria Discus:
The Work of Robert E. Howard

John Farrell

Saturday 3pm Galleria:
NESFA Press Book Launch - Anderson and Zelazny

A celebration of two of NESFA Press' most recent publications. And there will be cake!

Astrid Anderson Bear, Greg Bear, David G. Grubbs, Rick Katze, Christopher Kovacs

Saturday 3pm Galleria:
Italian Rapier of Giacomo di Grassi

Watch the most romantic of swords in action! The rapier is the best-known of swords, appearing in everything from Shakespeare to swashbuckler movies. In this presentation, the HASG revives the lost art of its use as described in one of the earliest systematic manuals of the rapier.

Saturday 3pm Griffin:

James Patrick Kelly

Saturday 3pm Harbor 1:
Lord Dunsany's Grave

In a discussion of Lord Dunsany's grave, Denny Lein posted: "He is not dead, but only sleeps. Prophecy of the once and future stylist says that when Fantasy hath need of him in the drear days when the Dark Lord, Terry Brooks, shows up regularly on the bestseller lists, he shall wake, return, and sic the gnoles on him." Fair or unfair or hope for the future?

Debra Doyle (m), Theodora Goss, David G. Hartwell, Darrell Schweitzer, Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Saturday 3pm Harbor 2:
The Year in Astronomy and Physics

So what happened in astronony and physics in 2008? Old mysteries solved? New mysteries found? Join us for the annual panel on the wonders of our universe!

Jeff Hecht, Geoffrey A. Landis, Mark L. Olson

Saturday 3pm Harbor 3:
Exploring the Other? - Gay Themes in Science Fiction and Fantasy

What do gay characters say to gay readers? To nongays? How do gay characters/gayness speak to everyone, and elucidate themes hard to express in other ways. For example, do stories wherein gay characters are metaphors for "the alien"/"the other" (hmmm, or vice versa?) work for you? What are some of the most interesting and important examples of the GBLT world in the modern genre?

Katherine Macdonald (m), Elise Matthesen, Joshua B. Palmatier

Saturday 3pm Independence:

Ann Downer

Saturday 3pm Galleria:

Farah Mendlesohn, James Morrow

Saturday 3pm Lewis:
Ten Mistakes I've Made in My Writing Career...(.5) that you don't have to.... Listen and discuss....

Elaine Isaak

Saturday 3:30pm Galleria:
Massachusetts Bay Colony Militia Pike Drill

When the first English colonists came to America, they expected to have to fight. Muskets and pikes dominated the battlefields of Europe, and would soon decide Britain's fate in the English Civil Wars. See the HASG demonstrate how the colonists brought this military techniques to the New World.

Saturday 3:30pm Griffin:

Jane Yolen

Saturday 3:30pm Independence:

Steve Miller

Saturday 3:30pm Lewis:
On the Language of Fantasy (.5)

Greer Gilman

Saturday 4pm Autographs:

Bruce Coville, Ann Downer, Jo Walton

Saturday 4pm Bar:
Literary Beer

Daniel P. Dern, Robert I. Katz

Saturday 4pm Burroughs:
Beyond Darwin

It's 200 years since Darwin's birth, and 150 years years after he published Origin of Species. Why are people still having problems with the concept? How much did Darwin get right—and wrong? Where do we apes go from here? (in fact, what strange species could evolve in the future? On other worlds?)

John Farrell, Jeff Hecht (m), James Morrow, Priscilla Olson, Steven Popkes

Saturday 4pm Carlton:
Sing a Song of Seti

H. Paul Shuch ("Dr. SETI")'s multimedia presentation, with sing-along songs, on the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, and how you can participate in it.

Paul Shuch

Saturday 4pm Dragonslair:
Reading for Kids

Jane Yolen

Saturday 4pm Galleria Discus:
Vampires are Red, Zombies are Blue?

There is a theory that zombies were the characteristic monster of the Bush years, while vampires are the favorites of the Democrats....should it be the opposite? Does this explain the most recent upsurge of interest in vampires?

Faye Ringel

Saturday 4pm Galleria:
Kunstbruder Exhibition and Tournament

An invitation longsword tournament, with steel swords and period rules. Demonstrations of dagger vs. longsword, and sword and buckler combat will be included.

Saturday 4pm Griffin:
When the Clutter Hits the Fan

Is your place too tightly packed with discs, tapes, and tomes? Art, action figures, fabric, and fanzines? There's no time like today for a little downsizing and decluttering. Come share tips and sympathy with other over- stuffed fans....(but, can you stop yourself from collecting again?)

Anthony R. Lewis, Joe Siclari, Jon Singer (m), Davey Snyder, Robert K. Wiener

Saturday 4pm Harbor 1:
Is Setting in SF Limited?

Is the near future mined out? (Is it even possible, anymore, to write exciting SF about a trip to the moon?) Have all the exciting things in the universe already been overused? How can fresh and exciting backdrops for fresh and exciting fiction be created? Give examples!

Michael F. Flynn, Glenn Grant (m), Geoffrey A. Landis, Karl Schroeder, Allen M. Steele

Saturday 4pm Harbor 2:
How Underwear Reflects Sexuality in Cultures

From boxers to bikinis, girdles to corsets, what does our underwear—or lack thereof—say about our culture? Is it wrong for senior citizens to sport G- strings under their pantsuits? For pre-teens to invest in push-up bras? A (somewhat) light-hearted look at what out unmentionables (and why, we ask you?) mention about us.

Beth Bernobich, Katherine Macdonald (m), Elise Matthesen, Josepha Sherman, Edie Stern

Saturday 4pm Harbor 3:
Alternate Worlds of SF

What if Frankenstein hadn't been published? If Star Wars came out the day the Challenger exploded? If Heinlein had been a woman? What other interesting branchpoints can we imagine in the history of our genres themselves, and what would the alternative SF, fantasy, or horror scenes look like today?

Don D'Ammassa, Jane Jewell, Fred Lerner, Farah Mendlesohn, Lawrence M. Schoen, Darrell Schweitzer (m)

Saturday 4pm Independence:

Adam Stemple

Saturday 4pm Galleria:

Theodora Goss, Melinda Snodgrass

Saturday 4pm Lewis:
Books of Love

Today is Valentine's Day. Would you rather get chocolate, flowers, or (hint hint) the latest NESFA Press book? (If Loverlips doesn't "get" your favorite, is the relationship over?) More generally, what genre works should one bestow, with hope and trembling, on a new or prospective sweetheart? Must the content or themes of these stories be explicitly romantic? In fact, is there a future for romantic love.....and, if so, what is it?

Darlene Marshall (m), Nina Harper, Paul Park, Jennifer Pelland, Wen Spencer

Saturday 4:30pm Galleria Art Dem:
Art Demo (1.5)

Bob Eggleton

Saturday 4:30pm Independence:

James D. Macdonald

Saturday 5pm Autographs:

Walter H. Hunt, Paul Park, Allen M. Steele

Saturday 5pm Bar:
Literary Beer

Patricia Bray, Yvonne Carts-Powell

Saturday 5pm Burroughs:
A Review of Horror

A look back at material produced in the field over the last year. What was good.....what was great! Recommendations??? Where is horror heading?

Craig Shaw Gardner, John Langan, Sarah Langan (m), Paul G. Tremblay

Saturday 5pm Carlton:
Galileo: Guilty as Charged!

What exactly were the charges? And what was going on behind the curtain? Why did Huxley later say that the Church has the better case? What was the role of the Aristotelians? The Jesuits?

Michael F. Flynn

Saturday 5pm Dragonslair:
Designing Dragons

Ann Downer

Saturday 5pm Galleria Discus:
Long Live the Legion!

No, it's not over. It can't be over! Help!!

Priscilla Olson

Saturday 5pm Galleria Geek's:
Geek Corner Presentation

A close-up hands-on look at some fascinating antique tech!

Tom Easton

Saturday 5pm Galleria:
Irene Gallo's Special Exhibit - a Tour

Irene Gallo

Saturday 5pm Griffin:
Concept Art Workshop

Exercsies and hands-on lessons for students of all ages. This workshop/demo will explore some of the finer points of the art of concept art for games, films, etc.

William O'Connor

Saturday 5pm Harbor 1:
The Destruction of Hope

When Pandora let the ills out of the box, hope was left. If you destroy hope there will be nothing....true/false? So, how/why if you take away everything from a character would anyone care about the character? What can be salvaged (or learned) from the wreakage of an individual or society when nothing remains? Why bother writing about such desolation....doom....gloom...
darkness....and despair....?

Suzy McKee Charnas, James Morrow, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Mary A. Turzillo (m), Jo Walton

Saturday 5pm Independence:

S. C. Butler

Saturday 5pm Galleria:

Bruce Coville, Rosemary Kirstein

Saturday 5pm Lewis:
Song Sequitur

A performance circle in which each of the participants, armed with binders or laptops full of songs, must follow the previous song in some way—tune, subject, or whatever excuse they can think of.

Gary Ehrlich, Paul Estin, Gary D. McGath (m), Benjamin Newman

Saturday 5:30pm Independence:

Beth Bernobich

Saturday 8pm Carlton:
Saturday Night Film Festival

Saturday 8pm Griffin:
Saturday Night Filking

Saturday 8:30pm Harbor 3:
Cast of Characters

Improvisational performances (and you can try out too!) by characters in search of roles in an epic fantasy.....a hilarious introduction to Saturday Night (live!) at Boskone this year.

Bruce Coville, Dan Keohane, Michael McAfee, Jennifer Pelland, Josepha Sherman, Jane Yolen

Saturday 9pm Harbor 3:
Saturday Night Award Presentations

Astrid Anderson Bear, Greg Bear, Bob Eggleton, Irene Gallo, David G. Grubbs, Geoffrey A. Landis, Stephan Martiniere, Paul Shuch, Charles Stross, Jo Walton, Jane Yolen

Saturday 9:30pm Harbor 3:
Tam Lin: A Play

Presenting a dramatic presentation, written by Guest of Honor, Jo Walton.

David G. Grubbs, Chip Hitchcock, Alexander Kay, Anthony R. Lewis, Julia Liberman, Michael McAfee, Faye Ringel, Davey Snyder, Jane Yolen

Saturday 10pm Burroughs:
The Hugo Awards: Written Works

What were the best science fiction or fantasy novels, novellas, novelettes, short stories, and related books of 2008? Bring your favorites and your strong opinions to this stellar discussion. Heck, bring your Hugo nomination ballots too—they're due in only a couple of weeks!

Claire Anderson, Vince Docherty, Jim Mann (m), Mark L. Olson

Saturday 10pm Lewis:
Filking Contiues

Saturday 11pm Galleria:
Monster Mash-up

A celebration in honor of Forry Ackerman, one of the true BNFs in the history of science fiction. Party as you explore your inner monster! Join the Midnight Voice of Horror Contest - let us hear your werewolf howl, robotic drone, alien ultimatum, ghoulish gloat, or other eldrich utterance.


Sunday 9:30am Independence:

Lawrence M. Schoen

Sunday 10am Autographs:

Juliet E. McKenna, James Morrow

Sunday 10am Burroughs:
Ah, Distinctly, I Remember.... - The Influence of Poe

Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) was born 200 years ago last month (in a rooming house a few blocks south of the Boston Public Gardens). Eventually he invented the detective story and wrote some early SF, but he's recalled worldwide as a giant of fantastic literature because of his mastery of the macabre. Are works such as "The Raven," "The Fall of the House of Usher," and "The Pit and the Pendulum" still worth reading? Why? Does he have anything to teach 21st century horrormongers? And, although his influence on horror is indisputable; he also touched on the fields of mystery and perhaps even science fiction. We'll discuss how Poe has resonated with, and reshaped, his literary followers.

Edward James, John Langan, Fred Lerner (m), Darrell Schweitzer

Sunday 10am Carlton:
Clothing Design in SF and Fantasy Art

Can you be an artist and not care about clothes? Which artists shine at depicting fabrics, textures, and modeling? How have TV and movies influenced genre costume depiction? How much research goes into medieval couture for a high-fantasy piece? What's the well-dressed man, woman, or alien of the future wearing these days?

Alan F. Beck, Chris Howard, Elaine Isaak (m), Margaret Organ-Kean, Ruth Sanderson

Sunday 10am Dragonslair:
Storytelling (for Kids)

Bruce Coville

Sunday 10am Galleria Discus:
The Future of Health Care

Robert I. Katz

Sunday 10am Galleria:
30 Years of Eggleton Exhibit - tour

Bob Eggleton

Sunday 10am Griffin:
Famous Never-Finished Novels

Gregory Feeley

Sunday 10am Harbor 1:
Star Biz: Great SF about Economics

Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman says becoming an economist was the closest he could get to becoming Asimov's Hari Seldon. Plus the dismal economy has the dismal science on everyone's mind lately. Has SF paid sufficient attention to the subject? (Forget the less-than-convincing economic model presented in, say, "The Trouble with Tribbles.") What SF works have offered convincing descriptions of how a real business might be conducted in space? More broadly, what might a futuristic economy look like? Can you describe one without putting the reader (or the audience) to sleep?

S. C. Butler, Dani Kollin, Mark L. Olson (m), Karl Schroeder, Charles Stross

Sunday 10am Harbor 2:
How Not to Edit Yourself

Pitfalls. What? Why? How to avoid them.....

Michael A. Burstein, David G. Hartwell, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Josepha Sherman (m), Eleanor Wood

Sunday 10am Harbor 3:
Cool Britannia: Why We Love British TV SF

Dr. Who. Primeval. Torchwood. Etc. Just what is it about (modern?) British SF on TV?

Patricia Bray, Yvonne Carts-Powell (m), Vince Docherty, Jim Mann, Jennifer Pelland

Sunday 10am Independence:

Melinda Snodgrass, Ian Tregillis

Sunday 10am Galleria:

Greg Bear, Michael F. Flynn

Sunday 10am Lewis:
Science Fiction/Fantasy Poetry

Readings and discussion by our selected group of personable poets....

Geoffrey A. Landis, Sonya Taaffe, Mary A. Turzillo (m), Jo Walton, Jane Yolen

Sunday 10:30am Independence:

Katherine Macdonald

Sunday 11am Autographs:

Michael F. Flynn, Josepha Sherman, Jane Yolen

Sunday 11am Burroughs:
The Ideal of the English Countryside

Tolkien modeled the Shire on it, of course, but what other "ideal" representations of the English countryside are there? Panellists will dissect examples of same. Why is it a particularly appealing setting for such a variety of works? ((Why not downtown Leeds instead?))

Ellen Asher, Greer Gilman, Jo Walton

Sunday 11am Carlton:
Roger Zelazny, in Retrospect

Roger Joseph Zelazny (1937-1995) won six Hugos and three Nebulas with highly literate work such as his early masterpieces Call Me Conrad/This Immortal (1965/6) and Lord of Light (1967). (NESFA Press is issuing the Collected Stories; check out the first two volumes in the Huckster's Room.) With his later wildly popular 10-novel Chronicles of Amber, was he cashing a paycheck or broadening his audience? What were his innovations, themes, obsessions, and influences? Whom has he influenced? What stuff still stands up? What's unjustly overlooked?

Jeffrey A. Carver, David G. Grubbs (m), Christopher Kovacs, Melinda Snodgrass, Charles Stross

Sunday 11am Dragonslair:
Drawing With Kids

Ruth Sanderson

Sunday 11am Galleria Discus:
Shadow Unit

Sunday 11am Griffin:
Writing the First-Person Point of View

What are the plusses and minuses of writing in the first person? Sure, you may gain a sense of immediacy, but what might you lose? How is it done well? Badly?

Darlene Marshall, Debra Doyle, Joshua B. Palmatier (m), Paul G. Tremblay, Ann Tonsor Zeddies

Sunday 11am Harbor 1:

Are there any superpowers left that we haven't seen? That we'd rather not see? Participants will explore these themes, and more.

Michael A. Burstein, Yvonne Carts-Powell, Daniel P. Dern (m), Matthew Jarpe, Alisa Kwitney Sheckley

Sunday 11am Harbor 2:
The Art Department Interviews Irene Gallo

Fellow professionals will engage in a raw (or heated) discussion with Irene Gallo,the most popular and respected art director in the field today. What does she have to say about the state of the industry? How has she advanced the appreciation of the arts in the illustration field—from book publishing to conventions to board memberships to gallery exhibits? Find out how she serves up the best—in art.

Irene Gallo, Donato Giancola (m), Stephan Martiniere, David R. Seeley

Sunday 11am Harbor 3:
Is Science Addicted to Randomness?

Well, is it? If so, why? And when is "random" not so??

Greg Bear (m), Jeff Hecht, Geoffrey A. Landis, Chad Orzel

Sunday 11am Independence:

Don D'Ammassa

Sunday 11am Galleria:

James D. Macdonald, Stefan Petrucha

Sunday 11am Lewis:
Breaking Into the Ghetto

Why is it important for professionals to make connections within the science fiction community? How can having an "in" with fandom help one's career? How do you develop such rapport? (And can you damage your career by doing it all wrong?)

Jane Jewell, Dani Kollin, Eytan Kollin, Priscilla Olson (m), Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Eleanor Wood

Sunday 11:30am Independence:

Dan Keohane

Sunday 12noon Autographs:

Michael A. Burstein, Joshua B. Palmatier, Darrell Schweitzer

Sunday 12noon Bar:
Literary Beer

Geoffrey A. Landis, Steve Miller

Sunday 12noon Burroughs:
Breaking Out of Stereotypes

Do writers ever get typecast? Is this exclusively because of what they've done in the past, but are there other (gender, whatever?) biases? What are some of the ways professionals can get out of the mold into which they're cast, and build a new identity?

Nina Harper, Juliet E. McKenna, Lawrence M. Schoen, Melinda Snodgrass (m), Wen Spencer, Mary A. Turzillo

Sunday 12noon Carlton:
Drawing With a Mouse

In brief, two main questions: (1) Is it really art? (2) How is it done?

Alan F. Beck, Chris Howard, Stephan Martiniere, David R. Seeley (m)

Sunday 12noon Dragonslair:
Lady Bear Sings

Sunday 12noon Galleria:
Art Show Auction and Sales

Sunday 12noon Griffin:

Walter H. Hunt

Sunday 12noon Harbor 1:
Twilight? Huh??

Stephanie Meyer has created a teen phenomenon, cute fuzzy vampires that hunt wild animals instead of humans. Why is her vampire romance so appealing to teenagers? How come adults don't get it (we liked Harry Potter. ) How has the "Twilight" phenomenon changed the way the culture looks at vampires? Or—how publishers look at the YA audience?

Suzy McKee Charnas, John Langan, Sarah Langan (m), Sharyn November, Faye Ringel

Sunday 12noon Harbor 2:
10 Over-rated SF/F Books

It's list-making time, as we decide what books really don't deserve their reputations. Hate Heinlein? Couldn't stand the Silmarillion? Got bored with Jack Vance? Dhalgren? Argue for—and against—your list.

Don D'Ammassa, Tom Easton (m), Gregory Feeley, Glenn Grant

Sunday 12noon Harbor 3:
Treachery For Fun and Profit

Backstabbers we love to hate range from Herbert's Dr. Yueh to Vinge's Skroderiders, Rosemary's husband to assorted Cylon skin jobs. Any other noted examples in the genre? The friend who subsequently betrays our hero or heroine is often among the nastiest villains on any writer's enemies list. Why? How do you write this kind of character effectively? Why would you want to?

S. C. Butler, Elaine Isaak, Rosemary Kirstein, Steven Popkes (m), Karl Schroeder

Sunday 12noon Independence:

Dani Kollin, Eytan Kollin

Sunday 12noon Galleria:

Greer Gilman, Ann Tonsor Zeddies

Sunday 12noon Lewis:
Global Warming: Facts and Myths, (and all that jazz)

Last year the sea ice grew, reversing a trend. Global warming is proven, but how bad can it be, really? And would it be so terrible to someday have no snow for Boskone?

Vince Docherty, James Morrow, Mark L. Olson, Chad Orzel (m)

Sunday 12:30pm Griffin:

Greg Bear

Sunday 12:30pm Independence:

Alisa Kwitney Sheckley

Sunday 1pm Autographs:

Jeffrey A. Carver, Rosemary Kirstein, Jo Walton

Sunday 1pm Bar:
Literary Beer

Walter H. Hunt, Charles Stross

Sunday 1pm Burroughs:
Inside NESFA Press

Someone once described a small press as an organization devoted to turning cash into garages full of unsold books. NESFA Press has been relatively successful, having published over a hundred books without going broke, and is now one of the leading publishers reprinting short SF. How does it work? What makes it successful? Are there lessons to be leared for other small presses? Why do we do this? (For the sake of the trust?)

David G. Grubbs (m), Anthony R. Lewis, Jim Mann, Mark L. Olson

Sunday 1pm Carlton:
Quest for the Death Ray

It's been 50 years since the military first tried to build a laser. So, where are all the laser guns and laser cannons? A discussion and brainstorming about the history of laser technology, and where it might go from here.

Jeff Hecht

Sunday 1pm Dragonslair:
Reading for Kids

Daniel P. Dern

Sunday 1pm Galleria Discus:
First Aid for Fen

What should you actually do in a disaster?

James D. Macdonald

Sunday 1pm Griffin:

James Morrow

Sunday 1pm Harbor 1:
Disease and Pestilence and Population

Most people are familiar with Thomas Malthus' depressing theories: as population increases, food and other resources decrease, and the likelihood of disease increases, resulting in a population crash. How true are his theories today? Is population increase inevitable? What about disease, in this age of medicine?

Debra Doyle, Matthew Jarpe (m), Robert I. Katz, Jon Singer, Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Sunday 1pm Harbor 2:
Marketing Your Book

From business cards to blogging, advertising to authors' tours....what works? What is dismally disappointing (or even definitively damaging)? The panel discusses interesting ways to become famous (OK, well known?......make a living?) that won't turn people off!

Michael A. Burstein, Elaine Isaak, Dani Kollin, William O'Connor, Shane Tourtellotte (m)

Sunday 1pm Harbor 3:
When Editors Vent

Crazy writers. Weird artists. Demands from above and below. What do you really want to say about all this?

Peter J. Heck, Sharyn November (m), Patrick Nielsen Hayden

Sunday 1pm Independence:

Ann Tonsor Zeddies

Sunday 1pm Galleria:

Sarah Langan, Mary A. Turzillo

Sunday 1pm Lewis:
Filk Concert

Gary Ehrlich, Benjamin Newman

Sunday 1:30pm Griffin:

Suzy McKee Charnas

Sunday 1:30pm Independence:

Geoffrey A. Landis

Sunday 2pm Autographs:

Chris Howard, Ann Tonsor Zeddies

Sunday 2pm Bar:
Literary Beer

Karl Schroeder, Jo Walton

Sunday 2pm Burroughs:
Write a Story Now

The audience will be led through a flashfiction writing exercise. Based on the program leader's prompts, individuals will write a short short story, and discuss the experience.

Yvonne Carts-Powell

Sunday 2pm Carlton:
Master Class in SF Art - Amherst

Find out about an amazing week-long immersion course in art held this past year. What is it like to work 15 hours a day for a full week—and still want more? Images of what transpired, as well as how to get in on the next experience, will be shared.

Irene Gallo, Donato Giancola

Sunday 2pm Dragonslair:
Karate for Kids

Watch an Isshin-Ryu yellow belt in action - and maybe he'll teach you a few moves, too.

Sunday 2pm Galleria Discus:

Astrid Anderson Bear, Priscilla Olson, Edie Stern

Sunday 2pm Griffin:
What's Jewish about Jewish SF? - a Dialog

So nu? What makes you think you've written a yiddische yarn? Or are you kvetching because the thing is vormischt? What make a tale uniquely Jewish? Do you have to be a Jew to write it? Can you have a Jewish story without a single Jew or drop of Yiddish? (And yes, Superman is Jewish.)

Fred Lerner, Anthony R. Lewis

Sunday 2pm Harbor 1:
Stealing Folklore

How can you use folklore to fill in plots and create easily familiar (but not necessarily recognizable) structure in a story? How to do it right - and how to recognize when it's done wrong? What works, and why? When you try to filch a little folk magic, how do you know which detail the devil is in? Is there any remaining obligation to be wise and tell a truth? Do today's kids know any folklore anyway?

Greer Gilman, Theodora Goss (m), Katherine Macdonald, Farah Mendlesohn, Adam Stemple

Sunday 2pm Harbor 2:
The Ghost Story

Ghost stories have a long history. Do the novels and short works being written about ghosts today differ from those of the past—explain how and/or why (and give examples: you may be graded on this...) And why write about ghosts—aren't the living interesting enough?

Gregory Feeley, Elise Matthesen, Stefan Petrucha, Faye Ringel (m), Darrell Schweitzer

Sunday 2pm Harbor 3:
Space Propulsion: a Dialog

See just how many ways there are to leave the planet....and find out which ones are feasible and/or under development. (And why the other ones aren't....yet?)

Jordin T. Kare, Geoffrey A. Landis

Sunday 2pm Independence:

Jeffrey A. Carver

Sunday 2pm Galleria:

Beth Bernobich, Ann Downer

Sunday 2pm Lewis:
Animation for the Aficionado

Rene Walling

Sunday 2:30pm Independence:

Joel Shepherd

Sunday 3pm Galleria:
Eye of Argon (attempted) Reading

How far can you get while reading this unbelievable awful manuscript?

Shane Tourtellotte

Sunday 3pm Griffin:
Gripe Session (+ Lis Carey)

The Boskone Gripe Session is your chance to help us make next year's Boskone better. If you see something we can improve, c'mon by and tell us about it. (n.b., we already know about the weather and are promising 70 degrees and sunny next year...)

Jim Mann, Priscilla Olson

Sunday 3pm Independence:

Michael A. Burstein

Sunday 3pm Lewis:
M.A.S.S.F.I.L.C Meeting