Friday Night

The Zombie Casino will open in the Galleria Ballroom at 8:30PM—we will rot you! Dress in your worst—if it's too decrepit for the Salvation Army, wear it Friday night as part of our Damnation Army.

The Boskone Reception immediately follows the Zombie Casino in the Galleria Ballroom and starts at 10PM and will feature live music by Sonic Explorers.

Saturday Night

Note: if you're interested in dropping by Boskone to see the Filk Concert and the Play on Saturday night, you can buy a membership at-the-door after 5pm on Saturday for just $20. Stop by the Registration area on the second floor of the Westin to buy a Saturday-only membership.

The Featured Filk Concert with Mary Crowell will open the evening at 8PM, followed by the annual awards ceremony at 9PM. Yes, Jane Yolen will retell the dramatic story of how her Skylark Award nearly brought destruction to a small Massachusetts town and how the current Skylark winner can prevent this from happening in the future.

The main event of the evening begins at 9:30PM and is the world premiere of Roger Zelazny's “Godson,” with original music by David G. Grubbs, Jerry Sabatini and Debra Lebrun. “Godson” is a play in three acts and is not to be missed! Zelazny based the play on his short story “Godson,” which was based on the Grimm fairy tale “Godfather Death.”

The cast of the play includes: Larry Seiler, David G. Grubbs, Pat Lawrence, Chip Hitchcock, Bruce Coville, Tony Lewis, Suford Lewis, Chris Kovacs, Laurie Mann.

Throughout the weekend, Boskone will have mini-musical events in the Galleria Ballroom.

Higgins Armory will present demos of fighting styles, ranging from medieval dagger displays to light saber duels!

Kunstbruder will present informal training in swordsmanship.

Parties will run every night. Be sure to reserve a room in the party block if you plan to throw a party (see Hotels on Page 7 for more information). You can list your party on the party board in the Galleria. You can also publicize your party with a notice in the convention newsletter, Helmuth.