In addition to the Westin Shuttle that Westin guests can use, Boskone will be running a 29-person shuttle every half hour between 5pm and 10pm on Saturday evening. The Boskone shuttle will start from the hotel main entrance, stop at South Station (en route to Quincy Market) and Quincy Market (near the North End). When returning to the hotel, get on where you got off. Show your Boskone badge to ride the shuttle.

Boskone will be updating the Restaurant Guide for 2010. But, to help you with your planning, here's a link to the 2009 Restaurant Guide.

Reminder: St. Valentine's Day is Sunday, so you might want to make reservations well in advance.

Restaurants That Deliver Food...or You!

My Diner in South Boston has free delivery (Mon-Sat 5am-2pm, Sun 6am-2pm) so you can have breakfast or lunch delivered!

J Pace and Son has opened on the corner of Pace St & Northern Ave. This Italian market has a grocery store and a take out area including hot prepared foods, full bakery and salad bar. They also do catering if you wanted to share with a group of friends.

Yes, Boston does have a 24hr diner. (Well at least on the weekends...) So if have a car or cab and need late nite food, you can drive to Victoria's Diner. I hear there is also Chicken & Waffle open late on Mass Ave.

Amrheins Restaurant in South Boston has a new free shuttle service. For a free ride both ways (Mon-Sat starting at 5pm and starting at Sundays at 10am) you would need to make arrangements with the restaurant.