The Galleria - the Hub of Boskone

The Galleria Ballroom, on the lower level of the Westin, is the hub of the convention. To find the Galleria, take a left past the City Bar, near M. J. O'Connor's Irish pub on the left side of the lobby and take the escalator to the lower level. Free Wifi will be available in the Galleria Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Art Show * * Hucksters Room

Information will be inside the door of the Galleria. Information is your place to find answers to your questions. We don't know the ultimate meaning of life, the universe and everything (unless it really is "42"), but we can help you find your way around Boston and Boskone. You'll also be able to drop off items for the convention newsletter, Helmuth. Find something? Drop it off at Information. Lose something? Check with Information first. Stop by the Information desk and see what we can do for you! We also offer sardonic wit, and if we don't know the answer, we'll help you find someone who does!

Con Suite is our hospitality area, and it's between the Art Show and Hucksters Room. Stop by for some soda and munchies, to meet new and old friends and have fun!

Viable Paradise will again sponsor a Sunday morning brunch in the Con Suite.

The Program Desk is between Information and the Office in the Galleria. Stop by to sign up for a Kaffeeklatsch or a Literary Beer.

Gaming will be located in the Galleria Ballroom near the Hucksters Room. Did a swashbuckler steal your gold? Did Batman divert your nuclear strike on your estate? Not to worry, gaming has you covered. Both tournaments are back and, because you asked for it, the video games have been updated and Call of Duty will be on the Xbox 360. We've even got zombie games for the zombie party, so come on in and play, but please don't fall to pieces. Check the Gaming page for more information.

DragonsLair is a place for kids activities and programming. Any child between the ages of 7 and 12 with a membership may attend. Story-telling, sing-a-longs, sessions with Higgin's Armory people, crafts and reading are among our activities. Note that DragonsLair does not take responsibility for keeping kids from wandering off, so we aim it at somewhat older/presumably more "free range" kids. A younger child (ages 5 and 6) could probably be in DragonsLair on his own. If not, a parent could stay with the child and do Dragonslair together with him.

Newsletter The convention newsletter, Helmuth, Speaking for Boskone features updates and changes to the program as well as lists of parties and other news. Copies of Helmuth will be distributed around the hotel: Art Show, Hucksters Room, Con Suite, et al. Helmuth is always looking for line art—bring contributions to Information at-con.

The Boskone Restaurant Guide will be available online before Boskone. We've got great seafood restaurants in the neighborhood of the hotel and Chinatown is less than a mile away.