Guest of Honor: Charles Stross

Charles Stross burst on the SF scene less than ten years ago as an extraordinarily inventive storyteller equally at home with hard SF, and Lovecraftian fantasy.

Official Artist: Gregory Manchess

Gregory Manchess is a painter's painter with a repertoire ranging from SF to fantasy to pirates, adventure, and even postage stamps. Watch Manchess's video on painting Above the Timberline.

Special Guest: Charlaine Harris

Charlaine Harris is the acclaimed author of the "True Blood" paranormal series, as well as many other mysteries. She is neither a vampire nor a telepath. The Boston Phoenix interviewed her just before Boskone.

Featured Filker: Erica Neely

Erica Neely is known for both her powerful voice and (usually) serious songs: those who do not die are made to suffer tragically and mercilessly.

NESFA Guests

NESFA Press Guest: Karen Anderson

Karen Anderson is a longtime filker and a founder of the SCA who's been in fandom for over sixty years. Several collections of her late husband's work have been published by NESFA Press.

Hal Clement Science Speaker: Joan Slonczewski

Joan Slonczewski is a biologist and a science fiction writer, whose novel A Door into Ocean won the John Campbell Memorial Award for Best Science Fiction Novel.