Mark Olson & JoAnn Cox

Updated schedule and program participant list are up.

Boskone Program offers panels, talks, discussions, demos, and workshops on many aspects of the science fiction and fantasy field. We include items about hard SF and fantasy, science and art, fandom and movies, literature and TV, horror and comics, music and singing, and heaps of related topics! Program also includes interviews with our Guest of Honor, slide-shows and demos with our artists, and individual presentations. These are the types of presentations and settings you can expect at Boskone—since many panels run concurrently, it will be your tough decision as to what to attend! Complete schedule is up!

In addition to a variety of Program, Boskone runs parties and entertainment Friday and Saturday night:

Throughout the weekend, Boskone will have mini-musical events in the Galleria.

Higgins Armory will present demos of fighting styles, ranging from medieval dagger displays to light saber duels.

Kunstbruder will present informal training in swordsmanship.

Types of Programming

Highlighted Program Items

Besides highlighting our guests, here are some of the items we're working on:

A Child's Garden of Dystopias
Cads, Bounders, Seducers and Other Ladykillers
This is the Way the World Ends (Media Edition)
Fun with Genetics!
Small Wonder—Reading SF/F/H on Tablets, E-books and Phones
Why there Is No Jewish Narnia
Steampunk and the SCA
What Books at What Age?
The Zombie Phenom—Staggering Yet?
The Spirit of the Place