Magic The Gathering $1,000.00 Sealed Deck Tournament

Sunday, February 19, 2012
Boskone 49
Westin Waterfront, Boston MA

Tournament entries can only be purchased at Boskone Registration, the online store is closed over Boskone. Cost to enter the MtG tournament is $20 than a Boskone membership, except it cannot be combined with a Friday-only or Saturday only membership.

If you buy your tournament entry before the con, you'll get your entry information when you pick up your badge.

Ask about the tournament when you Register for the convention on Friday or Saturday; there will be a special line for Game Tournament entries at Registration on Sunday.

Pre-registered players with tournament tickets must check-in with the Tournament staff (9am-10am Sunday, Registration) to get an assignment in the pairing matchups.

Registration Starts 9 AM
Tournament Starts 10 AM (Harbor I, on second floor room near Registration - signs will be posted)

Featuring Innastrad and Dark Ascension.

The Sealed Deck event is a Grand Prix Trial; TCG involvement and the top 8 players qualify for a $50,000 tournament.

This is also a Planeswalker Points x 2 Multiplier.

Free playmats for top players.

Each Participant get 3 packs of Innastrad and 3 packs of Dark Ascension to build a 40 card deck to use in the tournament.

Deck Registration / Deck Swap
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