Hucksters Room Reservation Request

If you want to apply for space in the Boskone Hucksters room,
complete online or print the form, fill it in and mail to:
Boskone 49, NESFA, PO Box 809, Framingham MA 01701
or fax it to: 617-776-3243.

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Include site URL so we can link your site to the Boskone 49 Huckster List; here's the Boskone 48 Huckster List.
Please keep us on the Boskone Hucksters mailing list, but we do not wish a table this year.
Briefly describe your merchandise and any special items you carry:
List any special requests or additional information
(displays, power needs, travel plans) when assigning your table(s)
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Table Space Reservation

Tables can be in different tiers, but each table is charged at the highest tier rate of any merchandise on it.
Tier Description
  • Tier A: Low-priced (no more than 1/2 cover price or $3) books, magazines fanzines
  • Tier B: All other SF/F books, magazines, fan publications, filk and related art (prints)
  • Tier C: Everything else (jewelry, clothing, sculpture, buttons, video, games, etc.)

If space is not immediately available, please
DO NOT add me to the waiting list; refund my table payment and cancel my reservation.

also refund my membership(s) if I'm not assigned a table.

Select desired tables and then to proceed to enter your billing information.

1st Table2nd Table3rd Table
Tier A:
Tier B:
Tier C:

Don't forget to reserve your room at the Westin Waterfront! Please email questions to