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Laurie Mann Laurie Mann has been reading SF since 1973 and attending cons since 1975. She spent most of the '80s and '90s working for high tech companies as a technical typesetter and tech writer. Laurie has worked on many Boskones, Worldcons, and Confluences. With her husband, Jim, she co-ran the Services division for Noreascon III and the Program Division for MilPhil. She was the Assistant Division Director for Program for Reno and is on the committee for the 2012 Smofcon. She's also managed the Boskone website since late 2009.

Aside from her fannish hobbies, she runs Websites like Dead People Server, AwardWeb and the Worldcon Schedules Archive. She's done a little movie extra work, but not in any science fiction movies. Well, except for the stadium scene of The Dark Knight Rises.

Laurie and Jim enjoy traveling and have a living room that looked like the set of The Big Bang Theory well before the show appeared on TV.

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