Boskone 51, NESFA's Regional Science Fiction Convention

DragonsLair (Childrens Activities) Schedule

DragonsLair is open all children (ages 7-12) who have Boskone memberships, or kids under 10 (Kids-in-Tow) whose parents accompany them at all times.

Fri 6:00 PM 50 minutesOPEN
Fri 7:00 PM 50 minutesOrigami
Fri 8:00 PM 50 minutesMaking Kids' Choice Art Show Awards
Sat 9:00 AM 50 minutesCostuming and Mad Hatter Hats
Sat 10:00 AM 50 minutesWriting Fan Fiction for Kids with Mur Lafferty and Max GladwellCampbell Award winning authors Mur Lafferty and Campbell nominee Max Gladstone introduce kids to writing fan fiction for children.
Sat 11:00 AM 50 minutesKids' Concert With Featured Filker Bill RoperBill Roper entertains Boskone's children with a fun-filled set of music.
Sat 12:00 PM 1 hourDragonsLair: Closed for Lunch (Noon-1:00 pm)
Sat 1:00 PM 50 minutesStorytime with Persis Thorndike
Sat 2:00 PM 50 minutesKids Design Their Own Game with Fran Wilde
Sat 3:00 PM 50 minutesKids' Choice Art Show Tour
Sat 4:00 PM 50 minutesKids' Concert with Talis Kimberley
Sat 5:00 PM 2 hoursDragonsLair: Closed for Dinner
Sat 7:00 PM 50 minutesKids' Flash Fiction (short-short stories) with Daniel DernAuthor Daniel Dern reads and discusses flash length (short-short) fiction with kids.
Sat 8:00 PM 50 minutesPaper Castle Building
Sun 9:00 AM 50 minutesMarbleWays and Legos
Sun 10:00 AM 50 minutesFun and Games with Walter Hunt
Sun 11:00 AM 25 minutesKids' Concert with Lady MondegreenMerav Hoffman, Batya "The Toon" Wittenberg
Sun 11:30 AM 25 minutesOpen
Sun 12:00 PM 50 minutesGet Started Learning Magic Tricks with Daniel DernAuthor and magician Daniel Dern shares the trick of the trade and teaches kids some fun and easy magic tricks.
Sun 1:00 PM 50 minutesOPEN